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Right now I’m specializing my captain in all the secondary perks, equipping my ships with the secondary build modules, and flying the secondary flag as I grind through the German BB technology tree.

And so, my inquiry: which vessel provides the finest complement of tertiary capabilities?

As far as I’m aware, these are among the top ones:

All of Germany’s BB Guns Georgia, USS Tirpitz, a French BB player, is in the 7-10 bracket.

Besides that primary ship, what else would you recommend as a good secondary ship? Which do you think is the best, and why?

Formerly (around 4.5 km), I recall.

The BEST Secondary Battleship in the Game!!! Schlieffen - YouTube


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Arkansas has 21 127 mm guns on IV tier, with a range of 6.7 km, penetrating everything without IFHE and with buffed dispersion, and it works in stock like Massachusetts’s manual secondaries.



There are 3,399 commanders who have posted 27,136 battles. Where: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?!


I am currently leveling up the German BB tech line, and I have already specialized my captain with all of the secondary perks, equipped all of the ships with the secondary build modules, and mounted all of the secondary flags.

Which ship do you think has the best secondary capabilities, and why?

As far as I’m aware, these are among the top ones:

in general the german BB line HMCS Georgia / USS Georgia French BB Tirpitz, tier 7-10

If you have to have a secondary ship, what else would you recommend? Which one do you think is the best, and why?

In conclusion, there is no “best,” and that is all there is (besides the previously mentioned ” massa”).

who does struggle as lowtier may want to evaluate his performance. Personally, I enjoy being on the lower social scale. in larger ships like the tirpitz and fuso. I’m looking for the best cruiser possible, and you’ve got it! Only when it’s on non-heal cruisers do I not like it, but I don’t like those ships in general, so……

Despite my undying affection for the Bay State, I’m going to have to start treating Massachusetts as if he were a secondary player in my arsenal’s missions.

Because of its superior healing ability, this captain can take 400 secondary hits before succumbing to death, making all other options redundant.

It would be great if the guy who yelled “MUH CV SECONDARIES!” was still around. It’s likely that he’d suggest some excellent options.


There are 3,399 Commander Players who have posted 27,136 battles. Exactly where are you trying to get to and why are you running away from me?!

Aww, if only that guy who shouted “MUH CV SECONDARIES!” were still around. Maybe he can give you some advice that you can trust.

I adore a well-posed follow-up inquiry.

Both the Bay State and the Peach State have a high rate of success when firing. Manual seconds will earn you the enmity of DDs. No battleships with a T8 shield can be penned by them.

Battleship plating can be pierced with IFHE from a Tirpitz, Bismarck, or FDG 100mm, but long range increases travel time and targets are more likely to be the superstructure. Saturation of damage quickly puts a cap on how much can be done.

Even though the Grosser Kurfurst uses IFHE to pen all battleship plating, if the proposed HE pen changes are implemented, the ship will no longer require IFHE and will be the best secondary ship available. Current advantage over other german”s is shorter shell travel time, which allows more shells to land on the hull of the enemy ship and deal maximum damage.

All of these vessels can fire between 500,000 and 540,000 secondary dpm.

When it comes to brawling, the German ships’ armor profiles really shine.

The Alsace and Jean Bart have significantly higher dpm (800,000 ), but they cannot write without IFHE and are unarmored for brawling.

Read on for more information: Xem thême journal

While GK is the best secondary ship in general, those US secondary ships are very effective due to their pinpoint accuracy.