Updated at: 14-08-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Follow your words with action. In Battlefield Hardline, these are the top weapons for each of the four classes.


Best firearms for every Battlefield Hardline class

As a disclaimer, keep in mind that you should experiment with different weapon and ammo combinations early in the game to find the one that works best for you and your play style. However, after a lot of time spent in multiplayer, we’ve come to the conclusion that the following weapon combinations are the safest bet for each class.

If you want to branch out from your usual class (which you should!) but aren’t sure what weapon to bring into battle with, these suggestions can help you out immensely.

M416 The Operator


According to the numbers, this is the best gun available to Operators. The issue is that you can’t use it with the Cop faction until you complete the M416 License Assignment. As the Criminal, you need to rack up 1,250 kills, which shouldn’t take long at all.

The M416 is a great all-round gun and is more accurate than the default R0933. It has a faster rate of fire, does more damage, has a better range and is more accurate. Fit a surpressor to this the first chance you get and it’s a reliable gun for the majority of situations.

MP5K or MPX: The Mechanic


Our suggestion of two firearms is a bit of a cheat, but in all honesty, they’re pretty much interchangeable. To obtain the MPX for the Criminal faction, you must first earn the License Assignment, which requires 1,250 kills for the Police faction. The MP5K excels in confined spaces. Similar to the MPX, but with a higher rate of fire and a shorter range, making it excellent for close quarters combat in buildings filled with numerous opponents. Put a quality suppressor on it as soon as you can afford one, as is the case with most firearms.

An 870p Magnum or SCAR-H, The Enforcer


To what extent you favor one over the other as an Enforcer is a matter of personal preference; both are effective. Both armies can get their hands on the excellent 870p Magnum shotgun right off the bat. As a shotgun, it has respectable range and can deal a lot of damage, making it useful for destroying the map’s interior structures in The Block. The 870p Magnum is dependable if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on other firearms.

If you’re looking to add some tactical depth to your Enforcer gameplay, the SCAR-H and medium-range attacks are your best bet. You’ll lose close-quarters battles because of its low rate of fire, but it deals good damage and is accurate at longer ranges. It’s designed for those who prefer to take cover outside of structures and fire from a distance rather than charging in to do battle. Get out there and rack up 1,250 kills as a Cop to unlock the License Assignment and use it with the Criminal class.

R700 Long Tail Professional Edition


We always use Bolt Action sniper rifles because we believe that one well-placed shot is all it takes to kill an adversary. While Semi-Auto sniper rifles are available, they lack the destructive power of Bolt Action models and typically require more than one shot to kill. To me, that defeats the purpose of long-range sniping, where the goal is to kill with a single shot.

The Police can freely use the R700 LTR, but the Criminals need the License Assignment to use it. Even though the Scout Elite isn’t the worst option if you need a sniper rifle immediately, you should hold out for the better options.

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