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With Frozen Orb already cast, I don’t see the frozen A2 Merc as a viable option.

For those who remember me from the 1.09 Era, I am a veteran player who has returned. When I first started playing PVP, I stuck exclusively to using A1 Merc. Would this be a workable solution for PVM? Is a level 2 Aura mercenary a better option? Since player versus player combat appears to be a minor interest on Bnet, it’s understandable if an A1 merc isn’t useful.

Although it seems that the A2 Merc is the vehicle of choice for most people.

I’d appreciate any input you can give me on this matter.

Best Act 2 Merc For Sorc 

I regret to inform you that a2mercis the most potent because of the auras it emits. Unfortunately, I’ve grown tired of constantly running into them. If only the other options were as good.

There was a time when I carried an A5 merc. Having the traits of a Lawbringer, a Traitor, and a G Face combined made him formidable. The ability to Ctc Decrepify from Lawbringer greatly increased his utility as a melee fighter. The calming effect of the sanctuary’s aura was impressive.

Sorceress Build Guide Diablo 2 Resurrected | Frozen Orb Sorc - Fextralife

However, in my opinion, a caster character would benefit less from having an a5 merc.

You should try out different mercenary construction methods. This urge to make an a3 and load him up with FCR and skills gear keeps coming back. However, I can’t decide which personality would be ideal for this task.

As a general rule, an a2 merc is the most popular choice due to their high tankiness and the utility of the auras they provide. As a result of the merc’s increased durability, I find myself favoring Defiance over the competition. I get why holy freeze is a good idea, but having my barbarian merc have around 25k defense after Shout is fantastic.

Due to holy freeze’s ability to shock even those immune to cold, I’d have my mercenary team field one.

Insight is cheap and provides infinite mana, so rock it.

Invest in a helm that steals life and you’ll be good to go.

A sorc’s defense is so low that your merc’s defiance won’t do them any good. Both of you can stay alive thanks to the power of holy freeze.

Thanks. Hm true. And it’s not like I’ll be staring anything in the face, anyway, unless I port into it, in which case you’re probably right that it’s better to have them chilled. But I’ve heard that the chill doesn’t work with bosses, so maybe I should just leave them alone.

I employ a standard issue mercenary of Ability Level A2 for combat. A combination of prayer and Insight medicine has saved my life on multiple occasions.

Due to their abundance of powerful options (insight/infinity are obviously strong as fuck, making A2 mercs incredibly popular), they are also extremely prevalent.

To save time, you could hire a mercenary with the Might aura who is immune to the effects of cold and fire.

Depending on the class or build, I think the other act mercs are vastly underrated.

My advice in this case (if you don’t like meditation aura from insight) is to hire some A5 mercenaries because they can dish out some serious damage.

The power of A2 mercenaries is greatly enhanced by the auras they bestow and the auras that can be equipped on polearms. This is not to say that other mercenaries are undervalued. For the Fanaticism aura, I’d recommend looking into other mercenaries besides fighters; for instance, you could give Faith to an a1 merc instead of equipping it yourself.

The mercenary utility is the feature I would most like to see improved in a remade or remastered version of d2.

Exceptional quality:

A weapon with infinity’s potential, a helm with Andariel’s Visage, and armor built to withstand infinity’s wrat

On the low end:

Stone/Treachery/Guardian Angel/Duress/Durials chest; Insight weapon; Tals/Vgaze/Kiras helm;
For LL and str, I equipped my merc with Andy Visage and a sorc with a sorc orb/ball; an alternative that is slightly less expensive is the crown of thieves. If you want to keep your mercs alive, try the Treachery runeword, or use Stone armor (cheaper than infinity but still effective). My weapon, Insight, grants me practically limitless mana. This setup is both cheap and efficient.

How about a defiance aura with a norm def of A2? However, the holy freeze aura makes your merc more aggressive, and defiance makes him more resilient to damage. A2 is the only letter grade that will be allowed to use Insights, and all other classes will not.

In my experience, A1’s only real use in PvM is as a source of level-10 vitality if you give her Harmony.

Get yourself an A5 with Lawbringer if you need something different.

It’s much appreciated. If I may say so, I think your responses to my questions were comprehensive and satisfactory. Just starting on Friday, and I’m already around level 65. Just started Hell, did a few magic find runs, and the best drop I got was a shaftstop, so I think it’s time to hire a Merc and I can definitely make a harmony, too. Thanks, I’m definitely going to run Defiance.

It seems to me that the holy freeze aura has an effect on the generic slow spell/effect cap (decipify, slow on weapons), and that your freezing effect on your sorc is in a different category, so they should stack to increase the slowing effect.

Considering how long it’s been since I last played a sorc (back when mercs were still a novelty), I can only assume that the increased slowing is beneficial for ensuring the safety of your merc. If you teleport him out of harm’s way before he runs in to commit suicide, you can nuke the dangerous group and slow them down. In hell difficulty, slow from freezing spells and effects are less effective, while slow from all other sources remains unchanged, making merc slow even more advantageous.

Andariel/Treachery/Reaper’s Toll are the ones I’m currently using. Previously, I relied on Insight, but now that I have Treachery and Reaper’s Toll, the merc dies much less often, and I can tolerate using mana potions without issue. Having an eth Thresher that can be Larzuked to 5 sockets has made me think about making the switch to Obedience.

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All three acts of Diablo 2 feature a unique roster of mercenary options. This article will discuss the top gear for each act.

ACT 1 The Javazon is the top mercenary to use in the first act. The ability to temporarily paralyze foes is a huge help in the game’s early stages, which is why she’s so popular.

ACT 2 The Necromancer is the most useful mercenary in Act 2. This is because the merc will engage in spirit summoning. As a bonus, these specters have the ability to curse foes, which comes in handy when facing off against Act 2 bosses.

ACT 3 The Paladin is the top mercenary to hire in Act 3. As a result of using Holy Shield, he can heal himself and may have infinite life.

ACT 4 The Barbarian is the most useful mercenary in the fourth act. He deals significant damage, has a high life leech, and can cleave (dealing additional damage to multiple enemies).

ACT 5 Due to his ability to cast potent spells that deal substantial elemental damage, the Druid is the best mercenary to hire for Act 5.


It’s recommended that you hire a Succubus for Act 2. When facing off against Act 2’s powerful boss monsters, her ability to summon skeletons comes in handy. The reason she is superior to your average necromancer is because her skeletons are more active and powerful.

Diablo 2 Sorc Merc gear

Here is a list of recommended pieces of equipment for a level 40 or 99 sorcerer that you can use to outfit your mercenary.

You need a weapon that can deal significant fire damage. The best choice is the Balrog Spear, which can only be obtained after spending a considerable amount of time in the labyrinth. Windforces are also a good choice because of their high damage, 1 sorc skills, and rapid cast time. A good rare or unique flamberge or battleaxe will also do the trick if you can’t find either of those options.

You should use fire-resistant materials for your armor. The Blackoak shield, which is extremely resistant to fire, is the best choice. It is dropped by the Countess. Duriel’s Shell (set armor), which offers massive fire resistance and a 1 bonus to sorcerer abilities, is another option. A Shaftstop (set armor), an Arreat’s Face, or a Skin of the Vipermagi are also viable alternatives.

What you need in a helmet is a combination of skills and maximum possible resistance. The Guillaume’s Face is an excellent choice for a rare or unique helm due to its 10% Crushing Blow, 1 to all skills, and high resistance. Andariel’s Visage (set helm), which offers protection from fire, a reduction in the duration of poison, and a 10% increase in deadly strike, is another good choice.

If you need gloves, look for Hellmouths. Rare or unique gloves with beneficial attributes such as increased cast speed, life leech, crushing blow, open wounds, or increased res are also a good choice.

Crushing Blow, Faster Cast Rate, Open Wounds, Magic Find, and Resist Poison are all desirable traits in a pair of boots.

A rare leather belt with skills, life leech, poison resistance, and cold resistance is what you should be wearing around your waist.

You should seek out rares and uniques for your rings and amulet, seeking out those with skills, life leech, fire and poison resistance, mana leech, faster cast rate, and magic find.

That wraps up the equipment! Keep in mind that these are merely guidelines; feel free to combine and modify them as you see fit to create the optimal set of tools for your individual mercenary. Go forth with your formidable sorceress companion, and begin the slaughter of demons.

FAQs about Best Act 2 Merc For Sorc 

1. What type of act 2 Merc is the best?

If you ask different people this question, you’ll get different responses. Since the succubus can call forth skeletons to aid the sorc in battle against the more formidable boss monsters of Act 2, I believe she is the best mercenary for the sorc in that phase. Her skeletons are more animated and devastating than those of a regular necro.

2. Which Merc has holy freeze?

A holy freeze and fire aura are both available to the mercenary in Act 2. Both abilities become usable once you raise their levels to 3.

3. Does might help sorc?

Because it increases the sorc’s damage, might is useful to her. As her power grows, so does her destructive potential. At level 3, or possibly even level 4, might’s damage output could potentially increase by as much as 100 percent.

4. What weapons can act 2 mercenaries use?

The act Your two mercenaries will expertly wield any firearm you provide them. They can use bows, swords, axes, and maces.

This article discusses the top mercenary classes in Act 2 from the perspective of a sorcerer. It’s a complex topic, and hopefully this article will help you understand the basics so you can play with or compete against your friends with confidence. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Act 2 mercenaries.