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I’m curious to know who everyone’s favorite male is. Skills MU Assets/Flaws Characteristics? It’s open to be interesting or OP or both. Whatever you think would be a great time to construct.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much content there was. I’m going Hero with Speed and -Luck. I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions.

So, I’ll be playing as my usual character, F! MU. Let’s hope that’s okay with you!

When I’m playing with a Robin on the level of Seth, I usually go for speed and -luck. When Peg reaches level 10, I want her to switch to Knight, and then I want her to promote to Dark Flier so she can use galeforce. I’m going to force her into random skills since I don’t care about the others.burnt signRobin wakes up and takes the best classes available to her.

Even though it may sound absurd, I enjoy having her play the role of Bride at the end/postgame because I am actually a disguised jellyfish. A group of bridesmen once formed an army that I am still very proud to have commanded.

Robin Fire Emblem Guide - FE Fanatics

There’s something extremely gratifying about having a monstrous amount of HP as my fire emblem awakening’s greatest strength. There was an increase of 110% in that time as well.

I make it a point to make my weakness one of my best skills in fire emblem awakening, reducing the frequency of any procs I gain from reclassing (usually just Astra-fire emblem awakening astra and Ignis). It’s so shockinglynotIt’s great when your skills keep rolling on the regular. …and roflstomp whole armies.

I haven’t settled on a favorite yet. Because of the things I’ve done, most likely. True/False: Def/-Lck M! MU Sorcerer. Tomefaire,Vantage,Ignis,LB,Armsthrift

That’s what I’ve got my first Apotheosis squad running right now. The fact that this is my first Lunatic file is a major plus. Magic and -Lck is what I’d go for if I had to choose.

However, for my new Apotheosis fire emblem awakening best team, I’m interested in trying out a Berserker MU. Still in the planning stages (hoping to come up with a novel pairing that doesn’t totally bomb).

I frequently use Def/-Lck Galeforce/Sol/Armsthrift/Ignis/Limit Breaker builds. While I always reach Sorcerer or Grandmaster at the end of a game on Lunatic or Lunatic , I prefer to reach Dark Flier on Hard because I enjoy having access to tomes and riding a pegasus.

Sorcerer with forged Aversa’s Nightblade and the magical abilities of vantage, galeforce, armsthrift, luna, and limit breaker

Males Only! MU

Equating Skill and Magic

The highest tier, Grandmaster.

Ignis, Vengeance (trust in me; it goes off frequently), Lifetaker,,

How much time I dedicate to improving my MU and MU child’s in-class abilities depends on how much I enjoy playing the game.

The final class I use is Hero, who has Strength and -Magic. My primary file, Lunatic Classic, served as inspiration for this.

What I’m doing right now has a huge impact on what skills I prioritize. For my StreetPass team, I’ve got a guy with the skills Limit Breaker, Aggressor, Tome Breaker (to make up for my subpar RES), Luna (heroes wielding lunas as weapons are too cool), and Renewal.

Substitute Armsthrift for Tome Breaker in regular play.

The goal of each game is to have me try something new. The ones that I enjoyed the most included:

First Robin I’ve ever seen, F! Robin, a Griffon Rider with a Skill and a -Mag, is married to Gaius. Even though GR is terrible, I enjoyed myself because griffins are cool.

To prove that my taste is truly dreadful, I’ve just married Gangrel off to a Def/-Res bride.

Consequently, I’d have to say that both of my favorite
Robin females were the best of fire emblem awakening class.

Even though he’s a minority, he’s everyone’s favorite male! Having Skill as my strength and Luck as my weakness, MU maximizes Ignis activation with a slight boost to Defense and a lower Magic cap, both of which I can live with. My Lucky Seven/Anathema and Limit Breaker Grandmaster skills are Ignis, Lifetaker, Aggressor, and Limit Breaker.

It’s possible I’m the only one of my kind in this room. Every time I play F! MU, I plan out who I will marry and adjust their asset/flaw to give my morgan the best possible statistics from the pairing. In terms of my skill set, I always have galeforce, army thrift, Ignis, and limit breaker active. The final skill slot is open to any healing ability, such as lifetaker or renewal, or any other ability that complements my current class.

Bride, Dark Flier, Swordmaster, and Hero are frequently used (primarily due to the cool appearance of their armor sets).

On the side, I once created an F! MU of the mature body type who looked strikingly like Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. I laughed out loud a few times.

For Mag -Luck, advance from merc to myrm to swordmaster to grandmaster. By the time I get to Valm, I’ll have vantage, Astra, ignis, and army thrift, but no grind. I find Mag more useful than spd because it improves my ability to use Levin Swords while leveled in sword-locked classes, and because reaching level 30 in such classes grants an enormous surplus of speed regardless. In theory, I could just stay like that for the rest of the game and finish things off smoothly, but in practice, I’d swap Astra for wrath and add LB as the final skill for postgame tasks.

Our Wellspring of Truth crew has passed away.

No longer do I spend much time in Awakening, but when I did, I typically reclassed into a Myrmidon or Mercenary with a Str -Mag build.

Since I don’t have an exhaustive list, I’ll just run down his current set of abilities (I never finished grinding, so the ones he doesn’t use are in parentheses): Veteran, Armslinger, Limit Breaker, Sol, Luna, (Patience), (Solidarity), (Rally Spectrum), (Axebreaker), (Astra), (Ignis), (Axebreaker), (Patience), (Ignis), (Axe

For the most part, I play with MaMU, and when I do, I use the settings Spd -Lck. The Myrm line is great, and I also enjoy using most magic-based classes.

Celica’s Gale is a fantastic ability, and I enjoyed using it very much because it reminded me of Petal Dance, one of my favorite Pokemon moves. To best utilize it, one must:

With FeMU and Chrom, you get a Dark Flier with Mag/(-HP or -LUK/RES) as their support skills. When in Lunatic mode, I would switch Tomefaire and the flex slot to Vantage or Vengeance and use Galeforce, Armsthrift, Limit Breaker, and the attack skill of my choice (usually Luna or Ignis).

Recommended Classes for Robin | Fire Emblem: Awakening

Tactician -> Grandmaster

School Knowledge


  • When working with a partner, you can level up faster.


  • Improves the Critical Hit and Critical Miss Chance by 10 for nearby allies.

Branding with the IgnisFa flame symbol

  • There is a chance (Skill/2)% that your physical attack will deal 50% more damage than normal, or that your magical attack will deal 50% more damage than normal.

Spread Spectrum Rally

  • The Rally command raises the statistics of friendly units within three tiles by four. Consists of 1 round of play.

Dark Mage -> Sorcerer

School Knowledge


  • Effect that weakens nearby foes Reduce by 15 the risk of.


  • Both the Avoid and Critical Avoid of all enemies within a three-tile radius are lowered by ten.


  • There is a chance (Skill/2)% of dealing additional damage equal to (Max HP – Current HP)/2.


  • Your Avoid and Hit values improve by 50 when the adversary is armed with a Tome.

Thief -> Trickster

School Knowledge

Lock in contact

  • The ability to open locked containers and doors without the need for a key.

Alteration 1

  • A 1 boost to your speed, I guess.

Succeding with Seven

  • There will be a 20 buff to Hit Rate and Avoid for the first seven turns of combat.


  • Impairing effects of terrain on movement are nullified, making all tiles behave as if they were on flat ground.

Chron became like a machine gun, discharging a barrage of pink petals and spear/sword/arrow strikes in between each dual attack proc-ing after each doubled Celica’s Gale attack. The only way to make the build better was to use the same setup with Lucina/Morgan, which was a necessity when using the Vantage Vengeance set. However, I discovered that it’s a waste to bind Lucina and Morgan together for such a small boost in efficiency when Chrobin did just as well while also making excellent use of Chromas MU’s best pair up partner (since he tends to be good but lackluster otherwise).