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The demographics of game players reflect the expanding availability of the medium. This is most glaring in the strategy game genre, which not only welcomes but encourages players to take a more active role in deciding how to solve problems.encouragesvaried approaches to gameplay.

Specifically, this is true in all of Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer games. There is a wide variety of playable races, factions, and units, and these battles can range from strategic planning on an overmap to intense tactical maneuvering in real time.

You can join the Skaven and bare your teeth as you charge into battle on their side. To raise a massive army of the undead, you could either ignore the Tomb Kings or use their ancient rituals. The Lizardmen, meanwhile, use magic to spread their scaly influence throughout the world.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? We’ve got you covered; we’ve identified the top-tier faction for each of the most common game types, and we’ve even included a backup choice in case you don’t like any of the primary contenders.



Among the most common ways to play the games, this one is a must-try!Total War, after all), those seeking a career in armed conflict have many options among the available factions, but Chaos may be the best.

If you’re looking for a group to constantly pick fights with, look no further than Chaos, one of the horde factions who don’t occupy settlements in the conventional sense. The Chaos faction has some of the most robust melee units in the game, which is essential for any army.

The infantry is the backbone of an army, and they play a crucial role in establishing the battle’s initial shape and pinning down the enemy while the cavalry and monsters strike from the flanks and rear. Some of the best and most adaptable infantry in the game are those of the Chaos faction, who boast excellent stats across the board and an abundance of protection, penetration, and large-scale damage reduction.


Massive amounts of lightly armored, hard-hitting infantry supported by powerful, tank-like elites

Magical might, monstrous majesty, and Hellcannons of devastating firepower

In order to survive, horde armies must regularly conduct sack and raid operations.


As a result, there are fewer options available at longer ranges due to the lack of missile units.

Back-up Team: The Green Bay Packers



Diplomacy has always been fraught in the Total War series. The Warhammer 40,000 setting is no exception; most of the races there actively dislike one another and are often torn apart by centuries-long, brutally violent blood feuds.

For the aspiring diplomat, lizardmen present one of the best options.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t win by using diplomacy; it’s just more difficult and calls for a deft hand (or claw, in this case). Because of their isolation and the possibility that other races simply don’t believe in their existence, the Lizardmen are one of the best options for the aspiring diplomat because they don’t face as many crippling attitude penalties from other races.

In the massive Mortal Empires campaign, it’s relatively simple for the Lizardmen to build an empire without provoking any of the other major powers by simply picking off neutral or minor faction settlements (and unifying their race).


Positive initial reactions from people of other races

Powerful stance for a strategy that doesn’t favor any one group

Supporting a more passive style of play akin to the turtle, the Geomantic Web provides a wide array of potent civic buffs.


Combat with dinosaurs would be awesome.

Second-best option: High Elves



Warhammer provides one powerful and obvious option for those who prefer defensive strategies. Dwarves are masters of hiding in their fortified mountain homes or underground tunnels, waiting for any group to make the mistake of trying to breach their defenses.

While other groups vie for territory and power, the dwarfs enjoy one of the safest starting positions and can focus on building and development without worrying about the affairs of the mortal world.

While the enemy is drawn closer to their carefully chosen defensive positions, the dwarfs can sit back and rain death upon them from great distances thanks to their spectacular array of devastating artillery. Assuming the enemy manages to close the distance and engage a dwarf unit, the heavily armed melee infantry will hold its own against even the most skilled fighters.


Strong economies and stable governments underpin fortifications that can be easily defended.

Tough, well-led infantry that can get their hands on armor right away, backed up by rains of bullets from their unrivaled artillery.

Some of the gaps in their roster are filled by deadly unique war machines.


There are no mounted troops or monsters present.

Second-tier Option: Dark Elves or Lizardmen



The rusher is the antithesis of the hoarder; he or she is a StarCraft veteran who learned to play by the zerg’s fast and furious style, seeking to secure victory (or at least large tracts of territory) while other players are still building and planning their strategy.


New competitions

Both of the campaigns in The Prophet and the Warlock provide intense entertainment for Skaven fans while presenting a substantial strategic challenge to Lizardfolk players. Yes, it’s fantastic; we’re in love with it.

The Tomb Kings’ early game freedom to field massive armies without consequence will make them a good fit for this type of player. The Tomb Kings have a significant early game advantage due to their ability to rapidly produce units and their lack of the crippling maintenance costs that plague the other factions as their ranks begin to swell. Spending money on mid-tier units or a second army will slow your progress, but if you stick to a single army of low-tier units, you won’t have to worry about your progress slowing down due to a lack of funds.

In addition, the Tomb Kings’ early armies have a fair amount of versatility and diversity because, unlike their undead kin the Vampire Counts, they have access to missile and artillery units.


Due to the lack of initial investment and maintenance costs, early-game armies can be quite sizable.

Because of their high unit diversity even at low tiers, they have more tactical options even in the earliest of encounters.

You can unlock some of their legendary Legions early on in the game to help out your rudimentary forces.


In order to maintain your early momentum, you should store canopic jars for a second Lord.

Skaven, the backup option



A man once said, “Money is power,” and it’s easy to see why gold would have such a strong pull. The temptation to hoard is great because a lack of resources, such as a dwindling empire or a weak military, can be compensated for by having enough money on hand to cover any eventuality. The Amber-obsessed Wood Elves are the best at what they do.

Despite the fact that the Wood Elves’ many possible builds cater to a wide variety of play styles, they can be developed with care into an economic superpower with unrivaled cash flow. The secret is in their tech tree, which grants increasingly valuable benefits the earlier in the game you select them. These benefits range from reduced building costs to increased income from the very buildings you constructed for less money.

Have you heard? It’s a no-brainer that Total War: Warhammer 2 is the best strategy game ever made.

Surprisingly for a people who prefer to make their homes inland among the lush, ancient forests of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Wood Elves have proven themselves capable of building some of the game’s most prosperous and strategically important ports.


Several upgrades in the technology tree increase productivity and can work in tandem to create a booming economy.

Choosing the right buildings is one of many avenues to expand and improve your domain.

Ports bolstered by technology create a massive economic corridor.

Amber can be acquired through both peaceful and violent means.


Without Amber, even a robust Wood Elf economy would collapse.

High elves are the backup plan.

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