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In Destiny 2, Fusion Rifles have surprising firepower. Everyone, whether their primary focus is on PvE or PvP, should have a few Fusion Rifles in their arsenal.

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The Fusion Rifle is Destiny’s version of energy weapons, capable of unleashing a powerful blast of energy after a brief charge up period. While Fusion Rifles may have greater range than Shotguns, you won’t find them very often in either PvE or PvP.

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Although Fusion Rifles may not be as user-friendly as other Special weapons, they allow for a unique play style that is unavailable with any other firearm. Fusion Rifles are excellent weapons to use against majors and most bosses, and they also serve as reliable holdout weapons in Crucible thanks to their special perks and Exotics. This article will cover the best Fusion Rifles that players can acquire in Destiny 2.

5 best Fusion Rifles to use in Destiny 2 PvP (2022)

A new version, dated May 28, 2021, was uploaded by Charles Burgar.Fusion Rifles’ effective range has been significantly increased thanks to Season of the Splicer. They’ve matured into a reliable tool for fending off Shotgun rushers in PvP and wiping out waves of foes in PvE. The fan-favorite perk Reservior Burst, first introduced in Loaded Question and later reintroduced in Fusion Rifles, returned as well. The ten weapons listed here are great for both PvE and PvP vooping.

Where to find:Attempt at a dying wish.

You can only use Techeun Force with Kill Clip and Rampage at the same time, making it unique among Destiny 2’s Special weapons. With both bonuses active, this weapon becomes a monstrous killing machine, capable of tearing through majors and even bosses with ease.

Although it may sound exciting, maintaining both benefits for more than a few seconds at a time can be challenging. This weapon is a great PvP Special weapon due to its Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves abilities. While Techeun Force may not be among Destiny 2’s most powerful Fusion Rifles, its ability to roll with two damage perks at once sets it apart from the pack and makes it a blast to use in PvE. Both the High-Impact Frame and the Telesto are popular choices among Crucible players.

Quality Suggestions:

First column:Pressure-Based Kill Shot (PvP)To continue with the second column:Reserves of High Impact (PvP), Rampage (PvE), and Rangefinder (PvP).

9 Vex Mythoclast

Methods of AcquiringAttack on the Vault of Glass.

The first Exotic from the raid in Destiny has made its way to the sequel. The Vex Mythoclast, obtained through the Vault of Glass raid, is a Primary-ammo-using Fusion Rifle/Linear Fusion Rifle hybrid.

The charge system in Vex Mythoclast is similar to that in Tarrabah, in that killing enemies earns you powerups that can be used in a burst of destruction. To transform into a Linear Fusion Rifle for the next three shots, Vex’s gun requires six stacks of Overcharged. The LFR mode’s damage is shockingly high, only slightly lower than Arbalest’s. Vex Mythoclast is now a reliable workhorse weapon, especially against those with a red or orange bar. An excellent Primary/Special weapon for PvE, if you can get a Charged with Light build for this gun. Just be aware that, like Tarrabah, Vex Mythoclast causes you to lose all stacks whenever you switch weapons.

Unfortunately, most players in PvP should stay away from Vex Mythoclast. It has an appalling effective range of only 21.5 meters, making it about on par with good SMGs and most Auto Rifles in terms of that statistic. Vex’s kill time is inadequate in comparison to those firearms. A successful use of this weapon in 6v6 modes depends on the player’s ability to reliably score two kills with it, triggering its Overcharge mode. Vex Mythoclast is not powerful enough to compete in competitive PvP at the moment.

Where to find:Found in the final raid encounter chests during the Last Wish. Potential for a decline is rising rapidly.

Do you ever wish you could send an explosive beam straight at your foes? If that’s the case, you can count on the voices of One Thousand. The only Heavy Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, it packs a serious punch.

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After firing an energy beam for a split second, this weapon detonates multiple times. This weapon has an absurd amount of add clear because players can switch targets mid-beam and quickly adjust their aim. Guardians with a bit of ingenuity can use the Wrath of Rasputin mod to turn this weapon into one that drops Warmind Cells. After a certain number of kills, Fusion Rifle Finder add-ons can spawn Heavy bricks for One Thousand Voices.

When compared to other options, why isn’t One Thousand Voices our top choice? Just consider that it’s a Heavy weapon, for starters. For a weapon with excellent add clear but subpar single target DPS, players must give up both an Exotic and a Heavy slot. Heavy ammunition is rarely used in PvP, so this weapon isn’t worth the Exotic slot in that arena. One Thousand Voices is a hidden treasure of PvE.

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7 Trinary System

Where to find:Exchanging a gambit for a match or an Engram.

The Trinary System is a rare non-sunset Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, and it can only be obtained through Gambit matches. Neither in PvE nor PvP has this archetype ever been particularly strong, but Trinary System isn’t one to follow the rules.

Trinary System is one of the most flexible Fusion Rifle perk pools, with 24 possible traits to roll from. If you can get used to sliding, this weapon is a beast in PvP thanks to Firmly Planted and Tap the Trigger. The only other Fusion Rifle besides Coriolis Force that rolls with One for All, greatly increasing its damage output, is this one if you only play PvE. The combination of One for All and Feeding Frenzy creates a devastating workhorse weapon. This weapon supports every possible perk combination that enhances the utility of a Fusion Rifle.

Quality Suggestions:

First Column:Killing Wind (PvE), Firmly Planted (PvP), and Feeding Frenzy (PvP)In the second column:For PvP, use “Tap the Trigger,” while Swashbuckler and “One for All” are good for group activities.
The Procedure for AcquiringTests of Engrams and Osiris pairs.

Note that the Exile’s Curse referenced here is the one found in Season of the Chosen, and not the one found in Worthy to Hunt. This new perk pool gives this version of Exile’s Curse its own distinct flavor.

Don’t let Exile’s Curse’s low basic statistics fool you. Exile’s Curse has some of the strongest perks a Fusion Rifle can roll with for PvP, despite the fact that the weapon’s raw stats make it seem unusable.

The absurd combination of Slideshot and Kickstart greatly improves your stability, range, damage, and charge speed whenever you slide. For all intents and purposes, Exile’s Curse is a Shotgun with a moderate delay before firing, capable of disintegrating targets at great distances. Guardians who like to use Fusion Rifles as a defensive tool against aggressive players can roll benefits such as Quickdraw and Backup Plan on this weapon. For PvE, there are better Fusion Rifles, but it’s unusual to find one that allows you to be this aggressive.

Quality Suggestions:

First Column:Assault Rifle, Killing Wind (PvP) SlideshotSecond Column:Vorpal Weapon: High-Impact Reserves, Starter, and Launcher

Destiny 2: Top 10 Best Fusion Rifles in 2023 - GameRiv

5 Jotunn

Finding a way to:Grabbing something from the Tower’s Exotic Kiosk. You’ll need an Exotic Cipher, 125,000 GL, 200 icrophasic Datalattice, and an Ascendant Shard to do this.

The Exotic Jotunn Fusion Rifle can be used to deal instant death to both Guardians and most PvE enemies with its tracking Solar projectiles. This weapon may look more like a toaster than a Fusion Rifle, but don’t let that fool you; it packs a serious punch.

After a lengthy charge, this weapon can unleash a slow-moving projectile that deals lethal damage to almost every enemy in the game except for the boss. For as long as the target is still alive, a burn DoT will be applied. Though Jotunn may lack the damage needed for use in endgame PvE content, its accessibility has made it a go-to Exotic for many players in the Crucible. Aim at your intended victim, release the projectile, and sit back to watch the fireball of death explode. Jotunn is a devastating pick in all game modes, from 6v6 Control to Trials of Osiris.

Methods of ObtainingGain rewards as The Dawning progresses.

This gun is just an Erentil FR4 with some decorations affixed to the barrel, so Bungie has failed to fool the community. It shares many of the same statistics as Erentil, belongs to the same High-Impact archetype, and even rolls with some of the same notable perks.

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Even though Glacioclasm isn’t compatible with scopes, it’s just as accurate and deadly as the version from Year 2. This weapon’s ability to kill enemies at ridiculously long ranges while under pressure and with a high impact reserve makes it a joy to use in competitive play. Consider a roll with Killing Wind and Swashbuckler if you are a more aggressive player. With enough kills under your belt, this weapon can put an end to Supers in no time. As a PvE weapon, it holds its own.

Quality Suggestions:

First Column:Death Blow, Under Fire, and Slideshot (all PvP)Separated by a column breakReserves for Heavy Attacks (PvP), Swashbuckler

3 Plug One.1

Where to find:A bonus at night (which changes every week)

One of Destiny 2’s best PvE Fusion Rifles, Plug One.1 is a must-have. Unique among Fusion Rifles, it features the Reservoir Burst upgrade, which was first seen on Loaded Question. To clear red bars and majors, the Fusion Rifle is an excellent choice due to its first shot’s increased damage and the subsequent explosion of defeated targets.

Bottomless Grief allows you to continuously use Reservior Burst after each kill, unlike Loaded Question. You can chain Reservior Burst with this weapon as long as you are the only member of your fireteam, as it will automatically reload after each kill. Feeding Frenzy is another option.

Against Guardians, Plug One.1 performs surprisingly well in player versus player matches. You can play aggressively while still maintaining great accuracy thanks to the weapon’s ability to roll with Heating Up and Kickstart. If a Shotgun user rushes you, Killing Wind and Backup Plan are both good choices for a last-ditch defensive weapon. Once you’ve mastered the art of farming Nightfalls for a good roll, Plug One.1 is one of the best Fusion Rifles in all of Destiny 2.

Suggestions for Characteristics:

Row 1:Bottomless Grief (PvE), Killing Wind (PvP), Feeding Frenzy (PvP), and Heating Up (PvP).Second Column:Backup Plan (PvP), Reservoir Burst (PvE), and Kickstart
Procedures for ObtainingRare Engrams acquired from Xur or discovered in the wild.

Indeed, Telesto aficionados are correct when they label it the “besto” of Fusion Rifles. The Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto is, when it’s not breaking Destiny 2 in some arcane way, one of the best Special weapons in the game.

That’s because the Void projectiles fired by Telesto, thanks to an Exotic perk, stick to whatever they hit. Not only is it a reliable Fusion, but it can also be used to set traps in PvP and turn a player into a walking bomb in PvE. Its destructive power is so great that it merits the Exotic tag. Using the Decree Artifact mod for Warmind from this season, Telesto can now spawn Warmind Cells, making it a potent S-tier PvE weapon.

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1 Bastion

Where to find:Bought at the Tower’s Exotic Kiosk. For the price of 1 Exotic Cipher, 100K Glimmer, 150Etheric Spirals, and 1Ascendant Shard, you can have this.

Numerous Destiny 2 players the people in this community severely undervalue Bastion. Saint-14 claims that Bastion is the player’s favorite weapon in Destiny 2, and it’s easy to see why.

Even at distances significantly greater than those required by most Fusions, Bastion’s damage begins to drop off significantly at around 20 meters. Bastion doesn’t just fire a single burst; he fires three in rapid succession. This weapon’s per-shot damage is sufficient to incapacitate Supers and any Shotgun rusher. To make this weapon truly terrifying, players should equip an Empowering Rift with Lunafaction Boots and use it to defend a point. The Crucible and Trials of Osiris are no match for it. Even though it’s not necessarily the best Fusion Rifle for PvE, this weapon’s PvP performance is so high that it deserves to be ranked first.