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Learning how to dribble inNBA 2K17is crucial to getting points on the board, putting the opposing team under duress, and producing memorable plays.

The art of dribbling in NBA 2K17is so complex that mastery of the right analog stick’s subtleties is necessary for effective off-ball play. Having command of a player who can pull off the most complex techniques is also a big help.

In MyPlayers, if you want to break your opponent’s ankles, you need to know at least five different dribble moves.

NBA 2K17“s best dribble moves: Elite 2 — ISO Crossover


NBA 2K17

When customizing your MyPlayer, you have access to a wide variety of elite crossovers, but few are as fast or as difficult to counter as the Elite 2. In this game, as in real basketball, the advantage comes from quick starts and stops.

With the Elite 2, top performance is achieved at maximum velocity. If your player needs more room to take a jump shot or switch directions while driving, a quick crossover is the way to go.

NBA 2K17“s best dribble moves: Elite 5 — ISO Behind the Back


NBA 2K17

The key to the success of the chicken wrap dribble is that the ball is wrapped around the dribbler’s back. That means the defender won’t have much time to react to the attack. With the Elite 2 ISO Crossover around your ankles, you could get a reputation as an abuser of ankles.

NBA 2K17“s best dribble moves: Elite 8 — ISO Spin

When it comes to spin moves, speed is not always a plus. The ball handler loses too much control of the situation when the spin rate increases.

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Keep your spin moves under control when driving. Your player will lose the ball far too frequently while attempting this move.

If you’re looking for a spin move that maximizes both ball security and speed, look no further than the Elite 8. It’s trim and lean without the aggression of some other choices.

NBA 2K17“s best dribble moves: Elite 5 — ISO Hesitation

Any hesitance on the part of the Elite 5 hurts their chances of making a pull-up jump shot or a crossover. When a defender is caught off guard, the defender’s opponent has a window of opportunity to either change course or get blown away.

NBA 2K17“s best dribble moves: Elite 5 — Basic Size-Ups

The Elite 5 basic size up is similar to the Elite 2 crossover in that it relies on a hard bounce to separate the ball handler and the defender. In order to make a jump shot or continue a sequence of spins or crossovers, the ball handler must first hop.

With practice, these five dribble moves can transform you into a mini-Kyrie Irving.NBA 2K17.

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