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Class selection is a crucial part of the gameplay in almost every massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and Tera is no exception. These games typically allow for a variety of play styles and the acquisition of special abilities. Finding the perfect one for you can significantly boost your gaming pleasure.

Many players of MMORPGs have started out with a class they ended up disliking, only to later realize that the ideal option had been in front of them the whole time. All the top Tera Online courses will be discussed here to equip you with everything you’ll need to avert that error.

Current character classes in TERA are as follows: Archer, Berserker, Brawler, Gunner, Lancer, Mystic, Ninja, Priest, Reaper, Slayer, Sorcerer, Valkyrie, and Warrior. They all use different kinds of weapons and have different sets of skills. There’s something for every taste here. Later on in this guide, we’ll go into more detail about each of these identities. Keep in mind that TERA is a fast-paced, skill-based game, so you can expect a thrilling experience no matter which class you choose to play.



To deal damage from a distance, the Archer class is highly mobile. Because of their proficiency with bows, they can inflict significant damage on their foes and quickly shift their battlefield positioning. Moreover, they have superior range to the majority of other classes. The archer relies on his or her light (leather) armor and quick reflexes to get them through battles. The already devastating critical hit chance of this class is further amplified by the class’ passive ability to deal critical damage.

The primary objective of this class’s equipment should be to maximize damage done. The goal is to kill your enemies as soon as possible. Radiant Arrow, a skill that can be charged up to deal even more damage when released, accounts for a significant portion of the damage dealt. After reaching a certain level, Archers can move around while charging this ability (at a slower rate, of course). They have access to abilities such as Thunderbolt, which can be used to deflect incoming attacks, and attacks with multiple targets, such as Rain of Arrows and Penetrating Arrow. In sum, this class provides many benefits, including high DPS, high mobility, and good crowd control.



One of the non-tank classes in TERA is the Berserker. They are heavily armored, so they can take multiple blows before being seriously injured. In addition, their theoretical DPS output is extremely high. Limited range and mobility are two of their primary drawbacks. As their primary weapon, this class employs two-handed axes. If you’re a fan of brutes and juggernauts, this is your ideal class.

When a berserker charges an enemy, they can lock them in place and deal some crowd control damage. They can block blows with their axes and then use Vampiric Blow to steal life. Using their primary ability, Thunder Strike, they can inflict significant damage. In addition, members of this class are protected from the crowd control effects used by foes. With their high defenses, massive damage, and excellent sustain, berserkers are formidable in close combat. Keeping your distance and kiting away while attempting to use CC to slow them down is the most effective strategy for dealing with them. Then, all you can do is pray that your attacks are effective enough.



When it comes to TERA’s tank classes, brawler is a popular option. Powerfists serve as weapons, making for a novel and intriguing design. These heroes have the highest personal DPS of the primary tank classes and can take a lot of punishment without succumbing to it themselves. Rage is a unique resource used by brawlers that increases their defenses against attacks. Taunting ability Infuriate is available to them as one of the primary tank classes. However, Jackhammer and Haymaker are the names of their two primary damage-dealing abilities.

Since many of the Multiple Brawler’s abilities have a frontal block effect, using them while facing the enemy will automatically block a large number of hits. Because of this, they are able to achieve such high DPS values. In place of the usual Block animation, you can keep attacking the opponent while taking significantly less damage. Attacks that hit multiple foes at once result in greater amounts of Rage, making these characters effective in area-of-effect fights. However, when you’re surrounded by enemies, your frontal block becomes less effective.



Another class that deals damage from range is the Gunner. They can’t move as quickly as Archers, but their area-of-effect attacks are much more powerful, and they can call upon turrets and HB constructs to aid them in battle. Heavy armored gunners unleash hell from incredible Arcannons.

With abilities like Burst Fire and Arcane Barrage, this class can quickly wipe out large numbers of foes. They can move to a new location using Point Blank or Rocket Jump, and they have some single-target abilities. While using their Mana, Gunners also draw on a unique resource known as Willpower. The latter will be granted to you as a reward for defeating enemies and making use of certain skills that can charge it.



The Lancer is yet another TERA class that features a fully armored vehicle. They have high health pools and can provide their allies with a variety of potent buffs. Members of this group employ lances and shields in addition to their heavy armor. Through the use of Infuriate, they can mock their opponents, and they have access to other control effects like stunning and staggering.

The Lancer’s toolkit is packed with useful utility abilities. Adrenaline Rush is a buff that improves your and your group’s attack speed and damage. It’s a fantastic skill that boosts everyone’s damage output. Another one of their useful debuffs is called Debilitate. If your target has low Endurance, they will take more damage from your attacks. As a significant damage increase on a single target, it is extremely useful when engaging with bosses. With so many uses, the Lancer is an excellent choice for the group tank.



Heal your allies and call on your minions with the help of a mystic. A healer’s primary role in group content is to maintain the health of the tank and the rest of the team, while also casting potent auras and clearing the group of negative effects. Another ability of theirs, Vow of Rebirth, allows them to revive a fallen ally after a lengthy cooldown.

Auras of the Mystic are powerful area-of-effect buffs. That makes a total of four of them. If your team has the Aura of the Merciless, they will deal more damage. If they’re surrounded by the Aura of the Swift, they’ll be able to run much more quickly. Mana regeneration is boosted by the Aura of the Tenacious. The critical damage you take is lowered by the Aura of the Unyielding. When it comes to providing group support, Mystic is hard to top thanks to their potent heals and the added utility of their auras. When preparing to play as this character, it’s important to prioritize items that decrease cooldowns and replenish Mana.



As a melee damage dealing class, Ninjas are known for their devastating attacks and incredible mobility. Playing them can be challenging due to the fact that they use cloth armors and have to get close to their opponents in combat. Since ninjas are so easily damaged, the player must make good use of their characters’ mobility abilities to avoid harm. In PvP, their massive burst damage allows them to wipe the floor with weak opponents in an instant. There is only one race that can take this class, and that is the Elin.

This character’s arsenal includes both ranged and close combat abilities, as well as a variety of quick movement options. This results in a very exciting and interesting style of play that calls for constant concentration and flawless combo execution. The Ninja uses a huge shuriken, which she employs for both ranged and close combat, to vanquish her foes. Although the emphasis on dodging makes this a challenging class to master, the rewards for mastering it are high, especially in competitive play.



Priests are TERA’s second healing class. It can cast healing spells on a single target or an area, as well as resurrection, protection, and cleansing effects. Energy Stars, Blessing of Shakan, and Triple Nemesis all increase the team’s damage dealt, just like the Mystics’ do. If a priest dies and then casts Grace of Resurrection, he or she will be brought back to life.

Both of TERA’s support classes are essentially the same. It is more common for priests toThe Realm of True Healersbecause their defensive toolset is more robust, providing healing, shielding, and other easy-to-use utility spells. The two of them can progress smoothly through the late-game content with their group. If you’re used to playing healers in other MMORPGs and enjoyed that role, you might enjoy playing a Priest in TERA.



The Reaper is an Elin-only damage-dealing class. They use a pair of scythes in battle and wear relatively lightweight armor. The Reaper is a medium-range DPS character, outranged by classes like the Archer and the Gunner but not required to engage in close quarters combat. They have access to a wide variety of Area-of-Effectiveness (AoE) skills and rely on their speed and agility to avoid damage.

This class’s damage output is directly proportional to its ability to chain attacks together. If players want to maximize their damage per second (DPS), they need to use their abilities in the optimal order (especially for Reaper). They have access to pure damage attacks (both single-target and area-of-effect) as well as crowd control effects such as stuns and knock-downs. It’s a fun alternative for those who want to put equal emphasis on damage and presentation.



Even the Slayer’s damage comes from a series of combos. This persona is armed with a greatsword and leather armor. Slayers must pay close attention to the order in which they use their skills, just as Reapers must. These attacks can only be used as combo finishers, and they are devastating. It’s another entertaining choice, with fast-paced combos and the need to avoid damage keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Knockdown Strike, Whirlwind, and Overhand Strike are three of the most important skills in your arsenal. The high-cooldown combination of Eviscerate and Measured Slide is even more devastating. Backstab, which moves you behind your target, is one of the CC and mobility options available to Slayers. The Slayer is a unique melee DPS class that’s a lot of fun to play and has some gorgeously animated abilities.



The sorcerer is a magical ranged damage dealing class. Cloth armors and disc weapons are what these characters use to channel their magic. Design-wise, it adheres closely to the conventions of other caster classes. Sorcerers rely heavily on the strength of the elements to cast their spells, which give them access to potent damage and versatile abilities. Despite the impressive range of the spells, Archers and Gunners can still outrange them.

Since this class lacks any form of ability combo, the rotation should only concern itself with maximizing damage output while mitigating cooldowns and mana costs. Meteor Strike and Nova are excellent area-of-effect spells that allow them to quickly wipe out groups of enemies, while Arcane Pulse, Void Pulse, and Lightning Strike are excellent single-target spells. A sorcerer’s mobility and arsenal of defensive spells give them an edge over their opponents. However, despite this benefit, these characters still need to be wary of their positioning, as death can come at any time.



The Valkyrie is a close-range damage dealer that uses a Runeglaive and leather armor. The majority of her damage comes from complex combos she executes while employing the Runemark mechanic. These marks are left on her victims by the majority of her attacks. You can use up to seven of them at once against a single foe. Then, these Runemarks can be detonated with a mighty burst of additional damage using special skills like Shining Crescent and Runeburst.

In addition to their high damage output, Valkyries have a wide variety of useful crowd control effects at their disposal. Ragnarok, a form of self-buffing formidable power, is also at their disposal. Their inconsistent playstyle (Ragnarok is strong, but you need to stack it before using it) and lackluster defensive options are their downfalls. However, Valkyrie provides a compelling gameplay experience with a high degree of challenge, decent damage potential, and ample CC. When making your character, keep in mind that only Elins and female Castanic can play this class.



Finally, Warriors are another melee DPS class that don’t require heavy armor. Their twin swords have a very short range, but the high damage and quick movement speed of this class more than make up for it. These people can easily avoid a large number of attacks. A Warrior can take on many roles. They specialize in dealing damage to enemies, but can also serve as the game’s primary tank. Due to their two available stances, Assault Stance for dealing damage and Defensive Stance for tanking, this is entirely feasible. Infuriate is another ability at their disposal. As a result, they contribute greatly to almost any team.

It’s a TERA class that uses combos, like many others. By employing certain abilities in the proper order, warriors can speed up their performance. Furthermore, they have the ability to produce the unique resource Edge, which can be used to strengthen their devastating Scythe. In addition, this class can apply negative effects to their opponents and benefit from a number of buffs for themselves. Playing as a tank or a damage dealer (DSL) is a nice switch to have. Because of this, playing as this class is not only fun, but also very versatile.

Best TERA classes

The Damage Dealer, Healer, and Tank roles are all present in TERA, as can be seen (with the Damage Dealer role having the most class options). Whether you’re more interested in PvE or PvP, or some combination of the two, you’ll find plenty of enjoyable options. There is a decent amount of unique skill expression and abilities for each class. We hope you’ve found our guide to TERA class identities and descriptions to be helpful. As a result, you should have an easier time settling on the best one for your first character.

The Exiled Realm of Arborea, or TERA for short, is a free-to-play, next-generation MMORPG that came out in 2011. The game is well-known for its extreme, anime-inspired visuals, challenging and fast-paced combat system, and superb character designs. In all situations, TERA is the safest bet.


How do I change class in TERA?

It’s just not possible, I’m afraid. You will need to make a new character if you want to switch classes because your old one got boring. However, the time required to progress through the levels is short.

What is the best class in TERA?

All the roles are about equal, and there is no clear best pick. Read up on the various courses available. Also, you can look up gameplay videos and pick the one that best suits your tastes.

What are the classes in TERA?

Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer, Warrior, Gunner, Reaper, Ninja, Valkyrie, and Brawler are just a few of the 13 playable classes in TERA.

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Can I play every class on any of the TERA races?

Inappropriately, no; there are separate courses for people of different sexes and races. The creators of TERA decided to restrict access to certain classes to only a select few types of players. Some speculate that this selection was made to strengthen their sense of individuality. Elins have the advantage in every way because they are the only race to have access to every single class.