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With the anticipation of Kingdom Hearts 3 still strong, here is a rundown of the best Keyblades in KH2.5 ReMix in terms of performance, style, and stress management.

With Final Mix of Kingdom Hearts‘s E3-debuted trailer, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even see yourself in it!The Kingdom Hearts Series They can’t wait to save the Disney worlds from the Heartless and do battle with the heroes of those worlds. No other option is more viable thanFinal Mix for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5and in particularFinal Mix of Kingdom Hearts 2Similar to anyKHgame, Sora can wield a number of different Keyblades, but only some of them are worth his time. To what extent do various options guarantee a more relaxed gaming experience?

In any case, I’ll tell you which Keyblades I think you should always have on hand, as well as which ones are worth the extra effort and can boost your Drive Forms, to answer your questions. You have been warned that there will be spoilers. Let”s start using those awesome Keyblades, shall we?


Keyblades Gained as the Game Progresses:

Kingdom Key



Power: 3 Magic: 1 Ability: Fixing the Damage Obtained: Take the fight to the “Mysteries Enemy” at The Old Mansion.

The original Keyblade, right here. Although simple, it provides a moderate enhancement to magic while also having a respectable strength stat. When Sora’s health is low, its ability halves the damage he takes. You should be able to use this Keyblade throughout the tutorial and the first two worlds.

Star Seeker

Power: 3 Magic: 1 Ability: An Enhanced Air Bundle Obtained: Find the Tower of Mystery for the Valor Form.

Most players avoid using this particular Keyblade. Since Sora starts the game with Star Seeker as his Keyblade for Valor Form, he will be unable to use it as his primary weapon until he obtains another Keyblade. A trip to one of the early worlds, like The Land of Dragons, will yield adequate Keyblades that can serve as a suitable substitute for Star Seeker. Star Seeker has the same stats as Kingdom Key, making it a viable main Keyblade, but its ability is more offensive, granting Sora an additional Air Combo Attack. It’s been used extensively because it looks great in all kinds ofTo Have a Baby While You SleepMickey’s Keyblade is always in Mickey’s hands.

Rumbling Rose



Power: 5 Magic: 0 Ability: Successful Completion Plus Obtained: Meeting up with the Beast again at his castle.

While this Keyblade may be lacking in the magical department, it more than makes up for it in terms of raw physical power. It’s ideal for dispatching tough early-game foes thanks to its high power stats and the fact that it grants Sora an extra finishing attack.

Hero’s Crest

Power: 4 Magic: 0 Ability: Multi-Air Booster Obtained: First-ever full Olympus Coliseum

Besides being an excellent decoration, a hero’s crest is usefulKingdom Hearts IIthe first few minutes of the game. The power stat of Heroes’ Crest is lower than that of Rumbling Rose, but it still ties with it. While both have comparable health and attack, Hero’s Crest has an ability that increases the damage of air combos, which may be preferable to some players.

Guardian Soul

Power: 5 Magic: 1 Ability: Enhanced Reaction Obtained: Get past the second round at Olympus Coliseum.

The Guardian Soul is a solid keyblade that significantly improves Sora’s physical strength and magical prowess. In comparison to other Keyblades, its Strength ratings are among the highest. Its reaction boost ability can help in battles against multiple bosses, such as the MCP, by increasing the damage of reaction commands. Beyond all this, the Guardian Soul has a cool and stylish design, and the Keyblade is linked to one of the bestEnding Fantasyactors, Auron.

Sleeping Lion



Power: 5 Magic: 3 Ability: Compound Plus Obtained: Please consult with Leon before your return to Space Paranoids.

Providing a boost to your magic power, Sleeping Lion is essentially an improved version of the Guardian Soul. Combo Plus allows Sora’s ground attacks to deal more damage. Finally, the icing on the cake is that with this Keyblade, Sora can effectively wield Gunblade, the legendary weapon fromThe Eighth Final Fantasy.

Decisive Pumpkin

Power: 6 Magic: 1 Ability: Combination Boost Obtained: This time, you must rid Halloween Town of its inhabitants.

Even though the benefit is delayed,Sequence of the Kingdom Hearts seriesDescisive Pumpkin is definitely a good buy. Its stats are on par with the game’s two strongest Keyblades, Ultima Weapon and Oblivion. The ability makes things even better by increasing the damage done to enemies by Sora’s air and ground combos. In addition, the Christmas-Halloween style adopted by Decisive Pumpkin is both novel and ingenious.




Power: 6 Magic: 2 Ability: Power Up Obtained: Explore the World That Never Was and find Riku again!

Unlike the Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade, this one doesn’t show up until much later in the story.KH2and it has a marginally higher magic stat to boot. Among the series’ most iconic Keyblades, Oblivion is a dazzling, imposing weapon with a reputation for devastating attacks. It shares the same ability as its “twin,” Oathkeeper, which slows the depletion of the Drive Gauge. Simply put, this improves things for all Drive Forms.

Top-Tier Keyblades for the Brave of Heart:

These Keyblades can only be obtained by going above and beyond the story’s established parameters. This usually involves participating in the Olympus Colliseum Tournaments or collecting synthesis items.

Ultima Weapon

Power: 6 Magic: 4 Ability: Deputy Speaker Hastega Obtained: Products of Synthesis

Every final battle has an ultimate weapon.A Kingdom Heartsgame, and they are usually very hard to obtain. In KH2 FMA total of 13 Orichalcum , 1 Orichalcum, 1 Mythril Crystal, 1 Dense Crystal, 1 Twilight Crystal, and 7 Serenity Shards are required. To reduce the number of Orichalum s needed for the Ultima Weapon in half, the Moogle Shop must be upgraded past Level 2. The Ultima Weapon provides the best all-around boost, with significant Power and respectable Magic. Sora’s Magic regeneration is boosted by its ability, which can be a game-changer in tougher challenges and boss fights.

Winner’s Proof

Power: 5 Magic: 7 Ability: Insufficient Work History Obtained: Get through the No. 13 Challenge on Mushroom XIII.

In addition to the other Keyblades, the Winner’s Proof is unlocked after the player has overcome a significant challenge by defeating all 13 Organization XIII Mushroom Heartless. Its Magic enhancement is the strongest of any Keyblade inKH2 FM…and possesses passable bodily qualities as well. Though useful in some situations, its ability, No Experience, can be counterproductive because it prevents Sora from leveling up.

There’s a Frequently Asked Questions page I found that should be useful for those who want or need some guidance completing all of the Mushroom Challenges.

Fatal Crest

Power: 3 Magic: 5 Ability: Frenetic Advance Obtained: Olympus Coliseum’s Goddess of Fate Cup must be finished.

The Fatal Crest Keyblade is strange in and of itself, but the lengths the player must go to in order to obtain it make it even stranger. As a result of its magical enhancement, Wisdom Form can make better use of your character. However, its ability removes a boss’s finishing move, requiring Sora to use magic or a limit to defeat them. The Magic bonus it provides is second highest amongKH2 FM, only surpassed in difficulty of acquisition by Winner’s Proof.




Power: 7 Magic: 1 Ability Combination of Bad Things Obtained: Take down Sephiroth (An Extra Boss Option).

In order to obtain this Keyblade, one must first defeat Sephiroth, making it a weapon best suited for the ambitious. It’s important for Sora to react quickly to Sephiroth’s first attack, or he’ll be killed outright. Because its Strength stat is higher than that of Ultima Weapon, a Keyblade considered to be “above all others,” Fenrir is undoubtedly worth the cost of admission. Its “ability,” Negative Combo, shortens Sora’s aerial and ground combos, which may seem like a drawback at first, but it actually works out well because most bosses can only be defeated with finishers, and this weapon makes them happen faster.

Keyblades for “Drive Farming”

Last but not least is a group of Keyblades that aren’t the strongest but can help Sora advance in his Drive Forms. This will allow Sora to access treasure chests he would have trouble reaching otherwise.

Follow the Wind

Power: 3 Magic: 1 Ability: Draw Obtained: First-time Port Royal clearance.

Follow the Wind is a serviceable Keyblade; it shares stats with Kingdom Key, but Sora doesn’t get it until much later in the game, reducing the weapon’s effectiveness. Draw, however, improves Sora’s ability to draw in orbs, which is necessary for progressing in Master Form.




Power: 3 Magic: 3 Ability: Refinement Boost Obtained: In Twilight Town, the Gate Must Be Unlocked.

Since Oathkeeper is a copy of Keyblade of Oblivion, its power is identical. When comparing the two, Oathkeeper is the earlier of the two stories, even before Oblivion.KH2 FMworries about This Keyblade has a well-rounded set of stats and can help with Drive Form advancement by making them last longer.

Sweet Memories



Power: 0 Magic: 4 Ability: Transformer Driver Obtained: To finish “The Expotition” in the 100-Acre Wood.

This Keyblade doesn’t do anything by itself, but its Drive Converter ability can turn any dropped orbs into Drive Orbs. Since Master Form can only level up by collecting Drive Orbs, this can be very useful.

Two Become One



Power: 5 Magic: 4 Ability: Day and Night Obtained: In The World That Never Was, Beating Roxas

The Two Become One is a beautiful weapon with a fantastic ability that can speed up the process of obtaining Final Form, making it a decent and well-balanced Keyblade. Light & Darkness causes an instant transformation between Final Form and Anti-Form whenever Sora uses a Drive Form. When Sora tries to transform into one of his other forms, he occasionally triggers a random event that allows him to access Final Form, which can be a useful tool. The ability has both positive and negative aspects, as there is an equal chance that Sora will be forced into Anti-Form, where he will take double damage from any attack and have no allies to help him.


I see Keyblades like those in KH2 FMthat I think can help you have a more pleasurable gaming experience. How about that Keyblade you love so much? So, you don’t agree with the option I picked? Leave a comment and keep checking lisbdnet.com for all your gaming news and information needs.