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The Third Borderlands focus on amassing the largest collection of firearms in the universe, but that won’t mean much without highest quality character development You might as well be armed with a pea shooter as an explanation. After the game has been out for a while, players can start to experiment with unique builds for their characters.


Even though Borderlands 3 is at its best when played in co-op with a group of friends, where you can build a posse that compensates for each other’s weaknesses, your starting class still defines a lot of your experience.

New vault hunters on the hunt for new vaults make up the plot of Borderlands 3, the latest installment in Gearbox Software’s original looter-shooter series. If Borderlands 2’s longevity is any indication, this game is built to last.LilithDLC earlier this year; despite ongoing controversy, it has the makings of a major release in 2019.

As with previous installments, Borderlands 3’s base game offers four different professions:

Gearbox has released a fun tool on their official website where you can assign skill points to each character’s tree that will appear in the final game, allowing you to create your own build before you play. It’s possible to create many different builds of the formidable Lilith in Borderlands. This article delves into one of Lilith’s most common builds.

Borderlands 3 Character Builds

Action Skills, Action Skill Augments, Passive Abilities, and Beastmaster Pets make up the three main categories (four if you’re Fl4k) of Borderlands 3’s skill trees.

There are three distinct skill trees for each playable character. You can choose to invest all of the Skill Points you earn at each level into a single specialized set of abilities or divide them up among several different trees.

Focusing on a single end-game Action Skill is how I approach the game, and then I invest in any passive skills that will help me out in the long run, such as damage increases for my guns.

As you level up your character, more Action Skills become available, and as you spend more Skill Points, more powerful variants of your base skill become available. You should prepare in advance and aim for a certain aesthetic.

The starting character class you select will determine a great deal of your play style, as different characters have different sets of skills and abilities.

Definition of Characteristics Openings for the use of Action Skills Add-on slots Infrequently used slots

Siren 1 1 Slot for Selecting Elemental Damage
Gunner 2 2 None
Operative 2 4 None
Beastmaster 1 2 Acquaintance animal

Are you a fan of having a wide variety of skills and abilities, each of which can be improved in its own way, under your control? Go with the Operative.

Do you like having options, but dislike having to worry about how to slot in various Augments? You should pick Gunner.

Rather than learning a bunch of different skills, why not focus on mastering just one or two that you’ll use frequently? Pick the Siren if you dare.

Do you, instead, wish to acquire a companion whose abilities complement your own? Pick the Beastmaster.

Lilith The Siren: Borderlands 3 Siren (Amara) Builds

Attack of the Mystics

Only the Siren has appeared in all three of the Borderlands main series games. To manipulate and disadvantage their enemies, they typically employ ethereal telekinetic abilities, a form of space magic.

Amara, unlike Lilith and Maya, possesses more natural offensive power in Borderlands 3. Her Action Skills are designed to zone out enemies by either dealing damage to everything in a certain area or isolating and immobilizing specific foes.

The main attack ability in Mystical Assault is called Phasecast, and it consists of Amara projecting an astral version of herself that deals damage to anything in its path. This tree’s augments and additional Action Skills primarily focus on making this attack more powerful, whether by making it heal Amara, making it phaselock enemies that are damaged by it in place, or making enemies that are defeated by it explode.

This is the best tree to take if you want your offensive strategy to revolve around a single, spectacular special ability because the Avatar passive at the very end of the tree allows you to spam it more than once every 30 seconds.

Fire rate, reload time, and weapon swap time are all improved by Mystical Assault’s useful passives, with the latter being especially important in Borderlands.

What’s up, y’all?Best lilith construction in Borderlands

Check out the video on YouTube

In addition, Amara benefits from this tree’s “Rush” stack mechanic, which increases over time.

This looks like a good option to max out in your Siren build because of its strength and adaptability.


For those who prefer not to rely on their teammates to heal them, Brawl may be the best skill tree for you.

Phaseslam, the first Action Skill learned, mimics Siren by knocking the enemy into the air and limiting their ability to move. If you want to trick your enemies into attacking your allies, you can level this up later at the expense of less damage and a longer cooldown.

In Brawl, melee attacks are given secondary importance, and the player is given access to passive abilities that increase the damage they deal, boost their maximum health, and enhance their shield capacity when in close combat.

With the Blitz passive, Amara is even more pushed in this direction, as it allows for a special melee strike while aiming down sights. The cooldown on this attack is removed if an enemy is killed with it.

This tree could be ideal for you if you prefer to play in close quarters but still value mobility and elemental damage. Root to Rise, Clarity, Helping Hands, and Find Your Center are all significant passives you should have.

An Element’s Hammer

On the other hand, Fist of the Elements combines elements of the two preceding styles. It uses Action Skills based on giant fists to lock down foes, but its primary focus is on increasing damage dealt by guns and melee attacks.

That’s why I think it pairs well with another tree here as a counterpoint. You should take the early-game passives that are generally good and ignore the more specialized ones.

As an added bonus, this tree can be invested in to switch Amara’s damage element to fire, which is generally considered to be a strong damage type.

It is also possible to improve the zoning abilities of superior skills by using the Singularity generating augment.

You can check it out on YouTube.

Amara’s close-range melee potential can be maximized with a build that combines the Brawl and Fist of the Elements skill trees.

The following Passives should be equipped to their maximum in your Brawl tree for this build to function properly.

The first 5 lessons from Root to Rise Score 3 on the Personal Space Scale There are three things that can be said about Samsara. Helping Hands: 5 points The Big Three of Mindfulness You earn one point for the Find Your Center game. Top 5 Reasons to Get Back to Nature Jab Cross, 5 points Guardian Angel, 1 point To score 1 in Blitz

Then, put points into Fist of the Elements’s at least the following areas:

Anima: 5 points In the Tempest, you get 5 points. I’ll give you credit for 1 in the Illuminated Fist.

Then, load up on Phaseslam, Revelation, and the unmodified Shock element. This transforms Amara into a close quarters fighter with the ability to take substantial hits and deal massive shock to large numbers of foes.

You could also use the build demonstrated in this second video if you prefer to specialize in elemental damage.

Borderlands 3 Gunner (Moze) Builds

Dame de Demolition

Moze is equipped with potent mech weapons in her Action Skill slots. That’s the V-35 Grenade Launcher, found in the Demolition Woman genus.

Thus, this tree is highly specialized but excellent for crowd control, as it focuses heavily on increasing splash damage.

After the upgrade, you can replace the launcher Action Skill with a pod of explosive rockets that can be reloaded more quickly. This is the tree to pick if you want to deal massive amounts of damage to a wide variety of foes at the expense of utility.

If you’re looking for some one-on-one wrath, though, you can pick up an augment that increases the power of direct hits.

Protection from Punishment

The Shield of Retribution tree provides a support tank set of abilities, including the long-range Railgun and the powerful Bear Fist attack in close combat.

Moze’s Iron Bear’s passive abilities not only increase her own survivability by increasing her shields and resistances, but they also refresh her allies’ shields and increase their gun damage.

Because of its reliance on group play, Shield of Retribution isn’t ideal for solo players, but the Bear Fist is hard to pass up.


Magnums without a Bottom

Bottomless Mags offers assistance, albeit in a slightly different way: by putting a stop to the enemy’s firing. You can exert constant force from any location thanks to the Minigun Action Skill, which relies on heat to function.

If you’re looking to combine trees, this one is likely the best option because its passives can be used in any situation and benefit any playstyle.

Specialist Bear allows you to equip two of your preferred Iron Bear weapons to increase its damage, while Scrappy, Stoke the Embers, and Rushin’ Offensive are all high-quality buffs.

Check it out on YouTube

One of Moze’s other major advantages is his high rate of splash damage. To take advantage of this and make an area-of-effect monster, run the following build:

A quote from Demolition Girl:

Fire in the Skag Den: 5 points; Means of Destruction: 3 points In the language game Torgue Cross-Promotion, you score 5 points. Pull the Holy Pin: 3 points You get 5 points in Vampyr. Scoring 3 in The number of grenades here is too high; why can’t I carry them all? To the Last and Short Fuse each get 1 point.

So then, from Revenge’s Shield –

5.25 on the scale of selfless vengeance An additional 5 points in the Armoured Infantry category Drowning in Brass, 5 points Punt in the Experimental Weapons category

Put in both the Hammerdown Protocol Augments and the Vanquisher Rocket Pods. When used either individually or in a team, this Gunner build excels at crowd control and makes the most of the Moze’s explosive (best) attributes.

Borderlands 3 Operative (Zane) Builds

Replicated Agent

Since Zane can equip the widest variety of Action Skills and augments, he likely has the most versatile movesets. To make use of more than one of his Action Skills, you will need to train in multiple trees at once, but he only has one per tree.

Digi-clone, a decoy that is sent out to distract the enemy, is the first. This ability can be leveled up to either instantly heal Zane or detonate after a set amount of time has passed. This is highly specialized for his own survival and has many passives that benefit his Clone as well.

Therefore, to fully benefit from the tree’s passives, it is recommended that you play it to maximum level.



The Hitman tree deploys a robotic drone to kill foes instead of a digital duplicate.

While the previous tree focused on specialized abilities, Hitman has a wide variety of passives and “Kill Skills” that become active when he kills an opponent. These enhance his mobility, firepower, and reload time, or grant his weapons a leeching effect on his enemies’ health.

That’s why it pairs so well with other trees.

For the Time Being

The Under Cover tree is the most secure option. Barrier is its most notable ability, and it creates a shield that everyone on your team can use to take cover behind or to fire through.

While this is at its best when used with other players, it could come in handy in solo situations where your character is under attack.

The rest of Zane’s passives improve his survivability by doing things like increasing his maximum shields, replenishing his health under certain conditions, and providing buffs while he is healthy.

Under Cover is a good option if you need help and a chance to survive.

Look at on YouTube

This build, which prioritizes dealing as much damage as possible, allows you to get the most out of Zane in any situation:

Double Agent, from there

Use the Binary System, Digi-Clone, and Schadenfreude. Snychonicity Score of 5 A bonus of 5 points for using “borrowed time” In a Donnybrook, we score 5 points. The Fractal Fragments score is 1 There are five points available in the Duct Tape Mod. The Quick Breather skill is worth one point. 0 points in the New-U system Supersonic Man gets 3 points. Boom, you get a point! Enhance. Light Conjuring Score: 3 Counting the Double Barrel, that’s 1 point.

Quoted from Hitman:

Gear up with SNTNL, a Bad Dose, and a Static Field Boost of 5 in the Aggressiveness of Speed category Five points for the violent momentum A single point in the Drone Delivery category Deadly Acquaintances Earns One Point

This action combines speedy movement with a high damage output, giving you a formidable toolkit for any combat situation. Due to the wide availability of Kill Skills, increasing your kill count will result in a significant increase to your overall strength. The mobility of this build combined with the momentum gained from combat is ideal for the many monster closets found throughout Borderlands 3.

You can also play a support character who increases your team’s damage output by using the build demonstrated in this second video.

Borderlands 3 Beastmaster (Fl4k) Builds


The Beastmaster class is the only one that allows you to choose from a variety of small, deadly companions to fight alongside you.

Each tree has its own unique pets, and you can customize your set with an Action Skill and two augmentations.

Jabber, the Stalker tree’s companion pet, is armed with a pistol and increases your movement rate.

When leveled up, this tree grants a passive that, when activated, allows your pet to revive you during Fight For Your Life, making it a good choice for solo players.

Most of the tree is devoted to restoring and maintaining your health, with powerful healing effects and enhancements to your weapons’ effectiveness and your rate of movement when you’re at full strength.

Also, the headline “Action Skill” is pretty neat. Using Fade Away, you can become invisible and unleash three critical hits. If you prefer high-damage, one-shot weapons, like sniper rifles, this is a good choice.


If you choose the Hunter tree, you’ll gain access to a Spiderant Centurion pet that has a wide variety of interesting passive abilities and constantly regenerates your health.

Many of them only apply in specific circumstances, such as when you kill an especially powerful foe. The powerful Action Skills and augments that increase the effectiveness of your Action Skill (which fires Rakks at the enemy) and your pet more than make up for this, however.

This is the tree to plant your money in if you value a versatile playstyle that excels in specific situations and against specific foes.



The Master tree has an additional Guard Skag pet that boosts Fl4k’s initial damage. However, due to its early access to powerful passives, this tree is likely the best to team up with one of the others.

Fire and determination Hunter, He Bites, and Psycho Head on a Stick are all excellent choices.

However, the Gamma Burst Action Skills let you direct your pet’s movements and provide potent augments to increase its effectiveness if you want more command over it.

Borderlands Build | Lilith Best Skills

In Borderlands Build, players create characters by picking from a wide range of options, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Lilith is a potent character who can aid adventurers in their fight against the forces of evil.

Borderlands 1 Lilith Build Solo?

In a one-on-one encounter, the Lilith build is a potent option that can quickly dispatch its foes. This build only requires a handful of powerful abilities and items to defeat the vast majority of the game’s foes. Using a sniper rifle and a few other potent items will make this build as effective as possible.

Borderlands Lilith build co-op

Playing Borderlands in cooperative mode, as the Lilith Build, is a lot of fun. Collectively tackling foes and finishing quests is possible. All of this ups the ante and makes for a more exciting and difficult game.

Lilith sniper build

Lilith is a potent character who can aid players in their fight against the forces of evil that threaten the world with her many talents and skills. You should consider your play style when deciding on the optimal Lilith build. Try different things out until you find what helps you the most. In order to become a formidable Lilith sniper, you should equip yourself with a sniper rifle and a few other potent items. From now on, dispatching foes in the distance won’t be difficult.

Borderlands Lilith elemental build

The goal of this Borderlands Lilith Elemental Build is to give players a strong and flexible build capable of taking on any challenge the game has to offer. This build employs a wide array of elemental spells to deal damage, shield allies from harm, and keep enemies at bay.

Borderlands Lilith melee build

An effective melee build, the Borderlands Lilith is useful against a wide variety of foes. In order to deal damage quickly and effectively, the build focuses on using a wide selection of melee weapons. This build is ideal for those who want to be able to kill enemies quickly and easily.

FAQs about borderlands lilith build

1. What is the best build for Lilith?

To be honest, there is no one correct answer to this question because the optimal Lilith build is so subjectively tied to the player’s play style and preferences. Popular builds, however, often feature a mix of melee and ranged weapons, as well as a selection of abilities useful for surviving in Pandora’s dangerous environment.

2. How do I build Lilith in Borderlands?

If you’re looking for a strong and flexible class, look no further than the Lilith build. This Borderlands Lilith build guide will teach you how to create a strong Lilith in the game. This build is intended for those who seek out the game’s most challenging content and have the stamina to take it on. If you want your Lilith build to be as effective as possible, you should equip yourself with the best weapons and armor you can find.

3. Is Lilith good in Borderlands?

In Borderlands, Lilith holds a lot of sway. She is versatile and effective due to her many abilities. On the other hand, she is not without her flaws. She’s not as hardy as other characters and can perish with little effort if she’s not careful.

4. Is Lilith good in Borderlands 1?

When playing Borderlands 1, Lilith is a great choice for a playable character. She is a formidable foe due to her speed and high health pool. She’s got some serious firepower in the form of skills, too, so she’ll be an asset on the battlefield.

Fl4k is the ideal sniper or long-range character due to his companion pet’s ability to divert enemy attention. You want each shot to do maximum damage when you have the luxury of picking your target carefully. An optimal implementation of the concept is as follows:

Throw on the Gunslinger Jabber pet, Until you are Dead, and Unblinking Eye. For the Furious Attack skill, you get 5 points. The Overclocked category received 5 points, while the “Eager to Impress” category received 4 points. Score 3 in the game of Turn Tail and Run It’s worth 3 points in the Fast and the Furious Bonus 5 points in the Hidden Machine game Token in The Power Within worth 1 point

Master’s Notes –

For the Hunter’s Persistence skill, score 3 points In the game “Go for the Eyes,” you receive 2 points if you succeed.

Hunter’s Take:

You get a bonus 5 points in the game Interplanetary Stalker. Ambush Predator, 5 points To score 2 points in 2 F4ng

The Beastmaster is an excellent addition to Borderlands 3, and the game’s new pet system is bound to be a hit. If you plan on playing solo, this build will give you a nice balance between high damage and survivability.

This page contains additional information about Borderlands 3, including where to find the best weapons, how to respec your character, and the location of the Rick and Morty Legendary Shotgun. Lilith is a formidable antagonist who can be crafted in a variety of ways. It’s up to you to figure out what kind of Lilith build suits your play style the best. Explore different options until you settle on what helps you the most.

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