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After a brief introduction, you’ll learn that your choices will trigger a chain reaction that shapes the game in unexpected ways. This means that the game’s narrative will shift based on the decisions you make. Any degree of significance is acceptable.

Bigby, the protagonist, will arrive at the Tenement Building where a report of a public disturbance was made when the game begins.

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Biby will approach Toad once they are inside the building and begin conversing with him. When the timer (the red bar) reaches zero, the computer will select an answer at random.

Selecting an answer to the first timed question does not affect the outcome, but the answer to the second question can leave an impression on Toad. In response to the responses “I don’t make the rules,” “Not my problem,” and “Get it fixed,” the message “Mr. Toad will remember that” will appear. If you remain silent (…), a message will appear saying, “Mr. Toad noticed your silence.” Whether you play the strict cop, the good guy, or the bad guy, your choices are limited only by your own imagination.

There will be another question after you answer this one. No matter which you choose, Bigby will still go to the second floor.

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If you decide to climb, Toad will become a jerk. Just say that the player will keep that in mind.

There are three items to check out on the second floor. Get the matchbook out of the way first; you’ll need it. Also, I felt bad about abandoning the payphone on the left side of the hallway, so I fixed it, even though no one would ever use it anyway.

the door, last but not least. You can either kick the door in or open it with care. If you tell Bigby to kick the door down, he’ll do just that. You”ll be allowed inside regardless of which option you choose.

A large man will be thrashing a woman when you walk in on the scene. At that point, Bigby will step in and slam the guy against the wall.

One more timed response from you is forthcoming. Woody will headbutt Bigby regardless of who you choose.

Once you are taken away from Woody, you will see yet another predetermined response. In response to the phrases “This is your last warning,” “You”re drunk,” or “,” the phrase “He”s going to remember that.” will appear.

A timed event will begin in either case. To avoid Woody’s blows, simply press the buttons that appear on the screen.

If a red circle appears, click the left mouse button inside of it.

After you have captured Woody, you will be able to select from several different methods of beating him. You can toss him anywhere, and he’ll find a way to pick up a weapon.

You’ll have to start dodging his blows again, and then, when the red circle appears, subdue him.

The second option gives you the freedom to toss him onto a nearby bookshelf or a bed. It makes no difference which one you pick.

In due time, Woody will reach for his ax. Do not take the initial hit, and a “Q” will appear on the display. Thus, you will need to repeatedly press the Q key. A return of the buttons will occur once the green line completes a square.

Once you have his axe, a good whack should do the trick of calming him down.

Woody will whine, and you can respond to him in a number of ways. It will be significant to who you are as a person, but irrelevant to the plot.

After that, Bigby will turn to the woman and begin asking her questions; however, she will ignore all of his inquiries, resulting in a tense exchange.

As soon as Woody recovers, he’ll be back to explaining his identity and that of his friend Bigby. Bigby will grab him either way and throw him out the window, from which he will also fall.

Bigby will drop in on Toad’s car, which is an absolutely priceless sight. Pick the option that best suits you. Either way, Mr. Toad will be upset that you made things worse instead of better.

Woody will then grab Bigby by the leg and begin to strangle him. To counter him, start pressing the red circles again.

Once the prompt appears, begin mashing Q; the mashing time will be lengthy, but you must persevere.

Eventually, the lady will aid you by burying an axe in Woody’s noggin.

She’ll start beating up Woody, and you can choose to let her or intervene. This option won’t be as significant.

Whenever she tries to light up, either assist her or hand her the matchbook you found in the corridor outside Woody’s apartment.

It’s her strategy to deflect Bigby’s questions by checking to see if her ribbon looks nice. She will put on a sad face no matter which option you choose.

Bigby will remark that she told Woody she needed money, and you’ll have the option of giving it to her or keeping it for yourself. Bigby will say something to the effect of “I don’t have $100,” but he’ll give her everything he has if you choose to give it to her. She may still think you’re a good guy even if you don’t give money to charity.

Now that she has agreed to meet Bigby later for a statement, she is leaving.