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Area of Costa Brava is a stretch of Catalonia’s coast that begins in the town of Blanes and continues all the way to the border with France, where the Mediterranean Sea laps at the shore.

Visitors and locals alike spend weekends outside of Barcelona exploring the region’s breathtaking natural scenery, quaint towns, and stunning, one-of-a-kind beaches and coves.

It’s not always easy to get to Costa Brava, especially when compared to the convenience of visiting any of Barcelona’s stunning beaches. Traveling to your destination can take a long time and cost a lot of money depending on the path you take to get there.


Calella de Palafruguell, Spain – Image Courtesy of Miquel Fabré on Visual Hunt

Locales in the South likeBlanes and In the Bay of Loret de Marfrom Barcelona via train in a short amount of time. Other coastal communities, however, are in a muchrestricted in its availabilitynot having access to a vehicle

In addition, you can take a bus from Barcelona to any of the major Costa Brava towns, but transportation between the cities is limited. This means that you will have a very difficult time reaching the closest town. We advise that you do the following in order to get the most out of your time on the Costa Brava:Hire a vehicle.

There are a lot of amazing places to visit on the Costa Brava.places to visit villageshere is a list of the most stunning beaches in Costa Brava that you simply must see for yourself.

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1. Cala Pola in Tossa de Mar

Cala Pola close to the heart ofThe Seaside Resort of Tossa de Mardistance of about 4 kilometersCala Bona and The Cove of Giverola. Between Tossa and SantFeliu de Guixols, there are numerous stunning coves to explore.

Because of its breathtaking scenery, this cove is among the most popular on the entire coast.


Beach of Cala Pola, Tossa de Mar

Because of its remote location, the area is inaccessible by both public transportation and private vehicles.strictly for camping use onlytravelers between the dates of July 21 and August 26.

Those who aren’t camping can still reach the cove by crossing the campsite on foot.

The natural beauty and cozy atmosphere will blow your mind, even if it is busy during the peak season.

2. Cala del Senyor Ramon

In the Bay of Senor Ramon Among the Costa Brava’s finest gems. Location: It’s close toLocation: Santa Cristina d’Aroto the towns ofSaint Feliu of Guxols and Location: Tossa de Mar.

The GI-682 road will lead you there (32 km), and just getting there will be an adventure wonderful sights that will unfold as you drive along the Mediterranean.


Photograph by ccespanarusa.com of Cala del Senyor Ramon

The “cala” has a rugged appearance thanks to its 800-meter cliffs and clear water that is ideal for snorkeling.

In addition, the beach is a classified as a nudist so that everyone who visits will feel at home.

Placed in this indentation is Quite Inaccessible If you park where you can see the sign for the cove, you still have a ways to go on foot before you reach the actual cove. There aren’t that many people there even on the busiest days of the year; how many you encounter depends on the day you choose to visit.

3. Platja de Sa Conca in Cadaqués

That place whereCadaqués one of the most charming locations on the Costa Brava. It’s also famous for the festival that takes place every August. Although it is somewhat remote from Barcelona, the region has more to offer than just its distance from the city an occasion for leisurely beachgoing.

It also has some of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the Costa Brava.

Here’s a stunning image, courtesy of redcostabrava.com:


Cadaqués’s Playa de Sa Conca (Photo Credit: http://redcostabrava.com)

About 1.2 kilometers from the downtown area, this beautiful beach is easily accessible by car.

Because of this and the substantial beach services that are readily available Produce the Specifically, the Sa Conca Beach.one of the top places to take the kids.

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The inlet is a split in half areas, one of which is a 400-meter stretch of golden sand beach, and another, less sandy but more renowned, stretch of rock.This is the famous Cala dels Oriços..

4. Cala S’Alguer

The Bay of S’Alguerneighboring community ofPalamós. To be honest, the pristine water and sandy beach aren’t the main reasons we adore this little cove so much as the quaint vibe it exudes.

When you get there, you’ll see a cluster of historic cottages where fishermen once lived.


Image courtesy of brabik.com

In addition to that, the cove is a remarkably tranquil place because of its convenient location You’ll have to leave your car at the lot and walk the final 200 meters through the woods to get there.

The Palamós beach known as Platja de Castell, number five

Just a short walk along the sand will take you to the charming town of Castell.

The fine sand beach is about 300 meters in length, and the water is pristinely clear.

Although there are no nearby structures, the beach itself provides a wide range of services and amenities. Included in this group is a Kayak instruction center in addition to a wheel-in doorways for those who are unable to walk long distances.


Playa To El CastellTo use this image, please credit wikiloc.com.

In addition to swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling, we suggest exploring the area on foot and Go on an adventure and discover the stunning surroundings..

There are many people on the beach, and it’s not too difficult to get to because a Help with Parking close at hand and easily accessible.

6. Platja Canadell

Putatively situated inCaella de PalafrugellThat is a stunning beach, big enough to be considered “one of the big ones” in addition to the presence of Sandy here. With its 250 meters of length, this beach has everything a family needs for a fun day at the beach.

There’s a huge rock on the beach’s right side that’s been given the name “La TronaThis beach is geographically distinct from the beach of Port Bo.


Credited image via Fotopedia/Horrabin.

People of all ages seem to enjoy jumping off the rock into the deep water, making it a popular spot. A little floating pier floats in the middle of the beach, and from there you can access the water or the center of the beach. Hire some kayaks and Outrigger canoes.

El Canadell Beach or Playais ideal for those in search of a lively setting in which to unwind and soak up some rays.

7. Cala d’Aiguablava in Begur

As a preface to discussing the cove itself, it is worth noting that the town in which it is situated is itself one of the most visually appealing places in all of Costa Brava.

Despite the attractive locale, a long way from Barcelona There’s plenty to see and do in the surrounding area, so plan on spending at least a few days there.


Image courtesy of comfortvilla.com

A a castle from the Middle Ages, cliffside walkways, sheltered inlets, sandy shores, Parks for Hiking, etc… Without a doubt, the cove is one of the most picturesque parts of theLocation: Cala Aiguablava.

The tropical atmosphere, white sand beaches, and clear blue waters will instantly transport you to a tropical island paradise.a beach with pure white sandand the clarity of its placid waters.

8. Platja Fonda in Begur

In addition to the beautiful beach in the picturesque city ofBegur is the Fonda Playa.

To get to the beach, you’ll have to travel walk down the stairs Those clues will help you find this place, which is a real gem hidden from plain sight.


Image courtesy of redcostabrava.com

The nook is still there barely touched given the degree of difficulty involved in getting there.

But if you have the guts to venture there, you’ll be relieved to find the cove is surprisingly tranquil.