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In Xenoblade Chronicles – Definitive Edition, this is a list of the best armors you can equip. Here, you can find a complete inventory of armor, broken down by weight class and location.

Best Armor


Flexibility is always a major factor when deciding on the best armor. Consequently, the armor we will detail below is going to be primarily focused on pieces that haveslots not in useand one-of-a-kind armor is less important (though there are some notable exceptions).

Best Light Armor

Set of Sleek Armor*Set of Hierax Armor

This item can be looted from enemies in Agniratha, the Central Factory, and Mechonis Field.

Modern, Stylish Armor

Do not pass up your chance to own the Sleek Armor Set. You can barter with the people of the Hidden Village to acquire it. Nonetheless, you can only get the armor from them if your affinity with the village is at 5 stars. As with the Bold Armor Set, the Sleek Armor Set’s defense stat is lower, but it weighs nothing. It’s unnecessary to have weight-loss abilities now.

Protective Gear for the Hierax

When compared to the other forms of light armor in the game, the Hierax Armor offers the highest defense. They can be found pretty much anywhere, as high-level enemies frequently leave them as loot.

Best Medium Armor

ArmorType What You Need to Do to Get ItAn assortment of Rafaga GearPutting on the Armor of LancelotArmor of HonorStraps of RafagaJeans with a Lancelot PatternTo put it simply, these are some Rafaga Boots.Found Boots* and Retrieval!

Helm The Sonicia Gogols left it in Tephra Cave.
Plate Aora Telethias dropped them in the Alcamoth and Eryth Sea.
Gauntlet A Slobo, possibly Final Marcus, has been dumped in Valak Mountain’s Three Sage Summit.
Gauntlets You can get this from Temptest Vang in the Bionis” Leg’s Windy Cave.

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Leggings Found in the Eryth Sea and Alcamoth, with the help of Asara Telethia.
Greaves Phoenician Telethia in the Bionis Sequence
Greaves Experienced Tristan dropped in on Agniratha

I’ve Got Your Boots!

Mechons in Agniratha are your only source for the boots you need to retrieve. Missing Boots are impossible to find once they’ve been cut off from the rest of the Mechonis.

Best Heavy Armor

Let Us Bid Farewell to the Ledios Armor GroupKit of M100 Body Armor

Can be taken by using Yoink to trick the Demon King, Dragonia. The Colony 6 Defense – Demon quest is what summons the demon king, Dragonis.
Tephra Cave’s Enemies

The Ledios Set of Armor

When it comes to heavy armor, none compare to Ledios. The lack of a slot in the Ledios Helm and Greaves is their only real drawback. This armor should be swapped out for something else, preferably from the M100 Armor set or the Rex Armor set.

Protective Gear for the M100

When it comes to heavy armor with available slots, the M100 Set is second best. You can find Dorsair Lizards for the helm, Sonicia Gogols for the plate, Protective Torquidons for the legs and arms, and Dazzling Tolosnia and Fireworks Geldesias for the greaves, all of which are quest-exclusive monsters.

Best Mechonis Armor

The V-set assault

The Slobos of Valak Mountain’s Three Sage Summit are the source of these.

This outfit is the ultimate in protection for Seven. The Gem slot that comes with them allows Seven to further enhance her abilities and strengths.

Excellent Unparalleled Metal Armor of Mechanized Striking

How Fast Is Your Frame?

Obtainable after finishing the quest “Battle Brutes.”

This armor, like the Glory Gauntlets, contains a haste gem that boosts your attack speed by 45%. Speed V Frame allows you to equip the powerful Haste gem in a slot that isn’t normally reserved for weapons.

Best Drones

Partitioning Drones

The Last Rhogul’s Leg, Found in Bionis

When it comes to Seven slotted drones, Segment Drones is your best bet. That lets her use “Sword Drones II,” which is her second-best talent art. Since Sedna Drone doesn’t have a slot, Seven can only equip 10 gems instead of 11, even though Sword Drones X is significantly more powerful than Sword Drones II. Because of this, Segment Drones are superior to their Sedna counterparts.

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