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Ranking Every Grim Reaper in Dark Souls 2 These Dark Souls 2 weapons are typically good options for builds that need to out-space opponents due to their long range and high damage. You can see how they stack up here.

They are the Harvesters ofDS2:Dark Soulsrepresent a class of polearms that include heavy sickles and scythes. While their attack speed and hitbox are both unusual and relatively slow, their reach and damage output more than make up for these flaws.

To significantly reduce an opponent’s health bar, the Bearer of the Curse must master the art of consistently landing hits with the bladed portion of a Reaper. Because these weapons are cumbersome and require a good deal of force and speed to wield effectively, only average to high Strength and Dexterity are required to wield them effectively.

9 Great Machete

To call this chained-together machete on a stick an “excellent” weapon is stretching things quite a bit. This Reaper is the worst of its class due to its low damage and understandably low durability.

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The Great Machete is better suited to a Strength build after the 10 Regular upgrade increases its physical attack to 250 with B-tier scaling in Strength and D-tier scaling in Dexterity. However, it is still outclassed by some other Reapers in this respect.

8 Full Moon Sickle

The item description calls this sinister implement “designed to cause massive bleeding to those it slices.” The Full Moon Sickle is one of the best Reapers for inflicting the bleed status condition, and it has the second highest bleed build-up per hit.

Its slow swing speed, however, prevents it from fully capitalizing on this quality, unlike curved swords or the much-loved katana. Adding Bleed to a Full Moon Sickle will make it even more effective at the one thing it does well. At 10, your physical attack will increase to 259, your bleed buildup per slash will increase to 230, your strength and dexterity scaling will increase to E and C, respectively, and you will have access to some very useful abilities.

7 Crescent Sickle

With its semicircular hook, this spear is ideal for users who wish to inflict both physical and magical harm. The sorcerer’s high innate Intelligence and preference for inflicting damage via magic make them a good fit for this weapon, as does the Reaper’s characteristically long reach.

The Crescent Sickle, after receiving a 10 enhancement via a Magic infusion, gains 129 physical attack, 201 magic attack, and E-tier scaling in Strength, D-tier scaling in Dexterity, and B-tier scaling in magic damage.

6 Great Scythe

The Great Scythe lives up to its name by slicing through foes like butter, but unlike its analogue in other media, it lacks the ability to cause internal bleeding.Evil HeartsIt’s not uncommon for games to have this feature. Since the weapon’s slow attack speed prevents it from landing frequent hits, even the Bleed infusion isn’t worthwhile. At most, the weapon can build up 140 bleeds through upgrades, which isn’t very useful.

At 10, its physical attack increases to 260, its Strength scaling increases to E, and its Dexterity scaling increases to an awesome A. Anyone looking to make this their primary armament should focus their upgrades on the Regular path.

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5 Scythe Of Nahr Alma

If you’re looking for a polearm that can deal both physical and supernatural damage, look no further than this scythe. While functionally similar to the Great Scythe, the Scythe of Nahr Alma is better suited for hexer builds.

At 10, this Reaper gains 117 physical attack, 156 dark attack, and triple scaling (E-tier Strength, C-tier Dexterity, and C-tier dark damage), so players should definitely infuse it with Dark to unleash its full potential.

4 Silverblack Sickle

Since the Silverblack Sickle has an inherent dark attack that scales well with the stats of a dark spellcaster, it is best suited for use by hexers. When compared to other Reapers, this one is noticeably shorter; however, it should be wielded as though it were a relatively long curved sword. An additional perk is that its attack animations are slightly quicker than average.

At 10, the Silverblack Sickle will have 96 physical attack and 189 dark attack, as well as C-tier Strength scaling, D-tier Dexterity scaling, and B-tier dark damage scaling if its user has taken the Dark infusion path.

3 Scythe Of The Forlorn

Easily recognizable as the same weapon used by the evil being The Forlorn, who was spawned from Aldia’s sins during his pursuit of immortality. This weapon, known as the Scythe of the Forlorn, is exclusive toExpert on Human Fallibilityonly exists in the console edition of the game.

Because of the hollowing effect, this scythe becomes more effective the more decrepit the player’s body becomes. Bleed is the optimal infusion for this because it not only amplifies the weapon’s natural buildup but also increases the dark damage scaling with very little impact on the attack stats. This Reaper’s 5 upgrade grants it 201 physical attack, 67 dark attack, and a massive 235 bleed build-up per slash. It has excellent scaling: E-tier in Strength, B-tier in Dexterity, and B-tier with dark damage.

2 Bone Scythe

The Bone Scythe is crafted from the spine of the demon whose soul was traded to Straid of Olaphis for the coveted item. Despite its wicked edges, it is not one of the Reapers that has bleed build-up and instead heavily favors Strength builds with high damage and the highest scaling with Strength of any weapon class.

At 5 Regular, its physical attack is a whopping 325, and it scales solely with an awesome A-tier in Strength, making it more powerful than the vast majority of other Reapers and polearms in the game.

1 Scythe Of Want

A fitting arsenal for those seeking authority, influence, and consistent success. The Scythe of Want is a New Game exclusive weapon that can be purchased from Weaponsmith Ornifex in exchange for the Soul of Nashandra.

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Scythe of Want cannot be infused, but it can be upgraded; at level 5, it gains 260 physical attack in addition to 200 dark attack, and it scales well in Strength (D-tier), Dexterity (B-tier), and dark damage (C-tier).