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It’s the city of brotherly love and food

The breakfast burrito at Cafe Lift is a masterpiece of brunch cuisine. It’s a bit of a hike from the closest SEPTA station (13th Street off the MFL) to the all-day brunch spot at 428 N. 13th St., but the renovated loft-style atmosphere and pleasant service more than make up for the distance. Spicy homemade salsa, sour cream, and crispy home fries accompany the burrito on the plate. Don’t try to eat this flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions, and jack cheese with your hands; Lift provides a sharp knife so that you can enjoy every bite.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly: Vegan Brunch Edition - Philadelphia  Magazine

Juice from Green Fruits and VegetablesOur Four Seasons Juice Bar A good place to shop is the Reading Terminal Market, located at 51 North 12th Street; the phone number is (215) 925-4448. The delicacies available at Reading Terminal Market, such as amish-made donuts, Bassetts ice cream, and roast pork sandwiches, have been featured in this and other publications on numerous occasions. Don’t take this as an attempt to dissuade you from trying these delicious treats, but the juice is my absolute favorite. If you want to get excited about something, just ignore the suggestions on the board and get a juice at Four Seasons that has kale, ginger, cucumber, and pineapple as its base. Pineapple is still underappreciated, but it adds a unique tropical flavor to this juice that makes it stand out from the norm when compared to apple juice. The addition of cucumber and ginger makes the drink refreshing and spicy. On a hungover Saturday when my grandparents were visiting, I decided to give this mixture a try. In between bites of his Bassetts cone, my grandpa paused to drink from his can. I’d rather not speak for him, but I think he might be changing his order the next time he’s in town. Wow, look at that green juice go!

Cupcake in the likeness of LeBron James(215) 699-9090, Jimmie’s Cupcake Truck
jimmiescupcakes At Jimmy’s Cupcake Truck, you can choose between the James Dean, James Bond, Jesse James, and Jimmy Neutron cupcakes, all of which are named after famous people named James. The LeBron James, a vanilla cake with a tangy lemon glaze and a raspberry buttercream, comes out on top. Vanilla bean seeds add a subtle but noticeable flavor to the moist cake. In contrast to many glazes, this one doesn’t turn the cupcake sticky or soft, and the citrus flavor is a lovely complement to the icing’s creaminess. Buttercream is lightly flavored and colored a energizing pink. The perfect amount of frosting to cake in this cupcake is what really makes it stand out. No need to worry about choking on the last bites of naked, dry cake whether you try the two bite mini-cupcake or go all in with the regular size; each mouthful will have the ideal ratio of cake and buttercream.

Almond-Honey-Baked PecorinoAmis Trattoria, 412 South 13th Street, (215) 732-2647. Amis Trattoria’s baked pecorino with almond honey is a culinary miracle. You can watch it melt twice: first in its perfect little round ceramic dish before it lands on your table, and then on your tongue and seemingly right into your taste buds as you take your first bite. There is no chewiness to the oozing cheese. You’ll feel like melting into the chair from the combination of the honey’s sweetness and the other flavors (sharp, buttery, nutty, and finally, a huge sugar rush from the honey). On the parquet floor, a baked pecorino patron. Although the small plates at Amis run $8–$12, you can enjoy a gourmet Marc Vetri meal without going into debt. Even more convincing is the fact that many of the dishes (including the pecorino) come with perfectly grilled focaccia bread. Furthermore, grilled bread is a must-have accompaniment to any bowl of melted cheese.Bower, Chloe

Pizza BolognesePaesano’sBoth 1017 S. 9th St. (215) 440-0371 and 152 W. Girard Ave. (267) 886-9556 It’s well known that Pat’s and Geno’s are not where America’s best sandwich can be found; what’s less well known is that America’s best sandwich can be found just a few blocks away. The bolognese sandwich at Paesano’s makes the trip to the Italian Market, which is inconveniently located, worthwhile. Indulge in this irresistible trifecta of fried lasagna bolognese, smoked mozzarella, and a fried egg atop a crusty roll. Put this sandwich on your list of must-eats the next time you visit the Italian Market in San Francisco.Alex Levy

Spinach and tomato pie in the regular crustTo contact Tacconelli’s Pizzeria, please call (215) 425-4983 or visit them at 2604 E. Somerset St., Philadelphia, PA 19134.