Updated at: 06-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

The fear of their reaction may be why you haven’t brought it up with them. Could you have asked them directly and they flat-out lied to you?

Best friends growing apart is more common than you might think, but in this case it takes a while for them to sever ties.

And that’s the root of the hatred you suspect lies dormant within you.

My hope is that this list will help you recognize the warning signs that your best friend has already decided they hate you, even if they’re still hanging around for the time being.

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Let’s examine the most blatant indicators that your best friend actually despises you.


One Hundred Thirty-Three Telltale Indications That Your Best Friend Really Dislikes You

33 Signs Your Best Friend Hates You

Despite common belief to the contrary, every friendship experiences both happy and sad times. It’s possible to go from being best friends with someone one day to being completely at odds with them the next.

It’s not hard to fathom why: as time goes on, people’s perspectives shift in response to factors like new information, friendships, and age. Finally, success depends on how you adapt to new circumstances.

Your best friend could hate you for a million different reasons. This presentiment could have been sparked by anything. destroys your relationship with your friend. Moreover, it shouldn’t be a source of tension between you and your closest friend. And yet, this phenomenon casts doubt on the very nature of your friendship.

Taking a step back to analyze your friendship could help you figure out what’s really going on. That way, you’ll be able to address the problem directly and possibly save your friendship. Here are some hints that your best friend may actually hate you, so you can verify your worst fears and dig deeper before jumping to any conclusions.

1. He/she ignores you when you talk to them

Establishing and maintaining contact is impossible without communication. Friends rarely go more than a day without communicating. Find out if your “friend” really likes you by observing how much they talk about you when they’re together. In many cases, they will even Ignoring you while pretending I can’t if/when you bring it up in conversation.

2. Both of you don’t agree on anything

In most cases, close friends share the same ideals, tastes, and opinions. There are occasional moments of doubt between them, but things always work out in the end. But if you find that you and your partner are increasingly at odds on issues where you once shared common ground, that’s a red flag. You can tell your best friend doesn’t like you because of this. Every single thing you say is met with outspoken opposition from this person, regardless of how true or false it is. A close friend may even seem to betray you. not respect or no longer take you at your word.

3. They rarely associate with you in public

It’s always nice to see good friends hanging out together in public. Those who have close friends can learn a lot about them by observing their behavior around each other in social situations. After a fight between best friends, it’s unusual to see them out in public together again. When they see you, they may act confused or surprised.

4. Your best friend regularly says unpleasant things behind your back

It’s unthinkable that your closest friend would slander you behind your back. When a close friend starts spreading rumors about you behind your back, it’s a red flag that they aren’t as enthusiastic about you as they once were. It can be devastating to learn what a person you care about and respect has been saying about you behind your back.

5. You keep on having quarrels


If your best friend hates you, you can tell because she finds being around you extremely irritating or annoying. And then there’s the look on their face that makes you feel like a nuisance. They could also be making an appearance manifestations of boredom such as ignoring you completely or fidgeting with their fingers. It’s likely that at best they’re putting up with you.

25. Your best friend tries to get you into trouble

Your best friend should be discussed more often than your friend who constantly gets you into trouble. More importantly, only a friend who doesn’t care about your best interests will actively seek out ways to get you into trouble. It’s possible that he or she is engaging in such conduct in your presence, making you complicit in the consequences of his or her actions. Know that your relationship with this person has changed significantly.

26. Your conversations are always negative

It’s hard to strike up a conversation with a pessimist. You can always count on your best friend to complain, point the finger, criticize, and release pent-up anger and frustration in every conversation. It’s not easy to deal with these feelings because they’re usually directed at you. It is possible to keep the relationship alive if you can be firm and keep your cool.

27. They are no longer straightforward with you

One of your friends who is always trying to pull the wool over your eyes he or she never, ever has your best interests in mind. When you catch them repeatedly lying, it’s especially upsetting. If your best friend truly despises you, you can count on them to always be dishonest and cover up the truth. Close friends should always be honest with one another, so when that stops being the case, it’s cause for concern.

28. They insult you at the slightest turn

The best of friends can freely insult one another. To be clear, if these insults are meant to demean you, the person making them hates you. Maybe they insult you in front of others to see how upset you’ll get. The best course of action is to confront the offender and make your feelings known. As long as this keeps happening, you have no choice but to end the unhealthy connection.

29. Your best friend stops coming to you for advice

If your best friend used to seek you out for guidance and advice but has stopped doing so recently, this could be cause for concern. There must have been a reason why he or she no longer seeks you out for counsel. When you give them advice, they usually just ignore it and carry on regardless. It’s likely that he or she hates you if you’re no longer a trusted confidant.

30. There’s a change in her attitude towards you

Everyone goes through periods of stability and transition throughout their lives. Relationships are resilient, but they can be tested by the ways in which people evolve. If your best friend suddenly changes how they treat you, you may want to reevaluate your relationship. One of the best ways to mend fences is to talk about what you’ve noticed.

31. They are overly suspicious of you

This takes place in a friendship where there is a lot of baggage from the past that is causing problems now. This gives them ammunition to suspect you of wrongdoing. Trust issues are embarrassing, but they’re also a sign that a friend really dislikes you. They immediately place the blame for any relationship problems on you, without giving you a chance to defend yourself.

32. Your best friend is always uncomfortable around you

Friends who can’t stand being in the same room together are extremely rare. The discomfort you’re feeling is probably due to the animosity they feel towards you. They might be making crazy faces or gesturing wildly. The goal is to reduce their anxiety and depression in that moment; almost everyone has felt this way at least once. There are those who make an effort to cover up their anxiety however, their nonverbal cues reveal their true intentions.

33. They want to cut off ties with you

If someone you’re close with hates you, they’ll look for any excuse to cut ties with you. If they can do it in a way that minimizes harm to your feelings and public attention, they probably will. If you feel that the relationship is hopeless despite your efforts, it may be time to end it.