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Who/where do you recommend I sell my stuff to? With his meager savings, the Noviegrad Armorer can only afford one or two swords. Who has the most cash to buy all the swords and arrnor so that the monks can meditate once every five days and make $2,000?

Witcher 3 Best Place To Sell Weapons

Please excuse my ang xem:Market for weapons in Witcher 3


You can libirate weapons and armor from bandits stationed at forts around Toussaint. These shopkeepers not only have a spare twelve thousand gold on them, but they also give you special treatment and discounted prices. Aside from that, Toussaint is home to master craftsmen of the highest caliber. He is readily available from the get-go and has nearly as much gold as the other guy, minus any discounts. To narrow it down to the main game, the armorer in Hierarch Square usually has around 8,000 gold on him. Like their counterparts in Kaer Muire, the two Kaer Trolde artisans are almost always carrying a sizeable wad of cash. Passiflora and Kingfisher have no choice but to sell junk if they want to survive.


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Master Item crafting requires a lot of money, so if you have a lot of expensive swords and armor lying around, you can keep them in the stash and sell them when you craft them. Before Toussaint was accessible, the Novigrad armorer and later the master blacksmith had a lot of cash on hand and offered the best prices. Near Katarina’s brothel, there is a skilled half-elf alchemist who sells ingredients at rates that are multiples higher than those of regular merchants. Similarly, it is preferable to sell animal hides, etc., to junk buyers rather than regular merchants because you can make more money off of them.
The best way to get around this is to find someone who can craft the things you need; crafting an armor set, for example, can get very expensive late in the game; using those items after you’ve crafted them is a great way to make your money back.


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Where to Sell Junk?

In the Witcher 3, You should shop around to find the best buyer for your goods because they will be offered varying prices by various retailers. In this article, you will find a list of the most trustworthy shops that will give you the most money for your goods.

Selling Glyphs and Armors

A majority of the shops you visit will sell glyphs and armor. However, in order to make a profit from the sale of items, players must first complete the necessary steps to unlock their quests. Another option is to list them on the Auction House and let another player purchase them. This is due to the fact that most quests will require a key item, like a lockbox or crystal, for new players to complete their quests.

Armor: In order to sell armor, players will need to have completed the associated quests and gathered the necessary materials. You can also put them up for auction and see if anyone else wants them.

Where to Sell Weapons in the Witcher 3? - Game Voyagers

Selling Runestones and Weapons

Most shops will have runestones and weapons for sale. It’s possible that they don’t buy all four varieties of Runestones, but shopping around could net you a better price. This is due to the fact that the four distinct Runestone types will be offered for sale in a wide range of conditions by various shopkeepers. To maximize their earnings, players can use the Auction House to buy and sell all four varieties of Runestones.

Most shops will stock weapons for sale. It’s possible that they won’t sell all four types of weapons, but if they don’t, you can still make more money than if you tried to sell them all at once.

Selling books is a fast and easy way to make money for most fictional characters. If you sell one book per week, at 100% cashback, you’ll have more than $5,000 after one day of selling. Some characters might not benefit from this, but in general, books do quite well, and even if they don’t, they’re still something of value to have.

Selling Junk Items

Selling unwanted items is a viable option for most characters looking for fast cash. If you sell just one old piece of junk per week, you can make over $10,000 in a single day thanks to the 100% cashback offer.

Selling Food and Drink Selling

Selling food and drink is simple: a weekly bundle sale can net you over $50,000 with a 100% cashback rebate.

Selling Alchemy Equipments

More currency can be obtained from higher-tiered equipment. Level one is worth a thousand gold. The cost of upgrading to level two is three thousand gold. Don’t try to make quick money off of selling your less valuable crafts in bulk; those items are rarely worth as much as the good ones.

Selling Trophies

The best price for your trophies can be found in a shop on the north-west side of Oxenfurt Gate in Novigrad.

Tips on Selling Items

Low on Money

Getting by on a tight budget? Sell some of your Inventory’s excess. Everything has a price, and if you sell things that cost more than you have, you can make some extra cash. You can expect them to be deposited into your account.


Press and hold the USE key while using an item to break it down. Dismantling has many positive outcomes: You can sell items directly from the Inventory menu, buy and sell items at the shop, or convert items into crafting materials.

FAQs about Witcher 3 Best Place To Sell Weapons

1. What merchant pays the most in Witcher 3?

In Witcher 3, prices across shops are uniform. It’s likely that the ones in Novigrad, for example, will cost a bit more than the rest. There is no significantly better deal to be had from one shop than another.

2. Should I sell all swords Witcher 3?

No. A lot of the game’s swords are highly sought after not just because they’re effective but also because they’re necessary for completing side quests. Participating in the side quests is the best way to obtain one of these blades.

3. What junk Should I sell Witcher 3?

You can make money off of just about anything you find in the game. Higher-value items will fetch higher prices from both the standard and specialist dealers. You can make a lot of money by selling minor loot to Zoltan. The best places to sell your unwanted items tend to specialize in certain types of trash.

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