Updated at: 16-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

New hardware will soon be in your hands as the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 release date approaches (or has already arrived). Like the smell of a new car or the feel of a new pair of socks, getting a new phone can bring on a rush of excitement. However, there is always the possibility that you could fall victim to whatever it is. The first horrible sip. It’s like the broken window theory: once that window is broken, everything else falls apart. Is there anything you can do to prevent a broken screen and shattered hopes? You can buy a case to safeguard your phone for under $20. To help you keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 looking like new, we’ve compiled a list of the top rated screen protectors on the market.

Spigen Galaxy S6 Crystal protector


Once again, Spigen impresses with a high-quality accessory, and this time it’s a hard-coated case. It comes with a front and back protector, and you can apply it without worrying about air bubbles.

iLLumiShield Galaxy S6 Blue Light protector

This 2-pack of Illumishield multi-layer screen protectors features the company’s Blue Light technology, which is designed to block the UV light that can cause eye strain. This package features a microfiber cleaning cloth, a lifetime warranty, and an installation squeegee; it also boasts an oil-resistant and smooth finish.

Fosmon Galaxy S6 shatter-safe protector

With its oleophobic coating, Fosmon successfully eliminates fingerprints, smudges, and oily streaks (/infomercial voice). Keep your S6 safe from drops and scratches with a layer of 0.26mm tempered glass that doesn’t compromise on clarity. Fosmon claims that their screen protector is easy to set up.

Klear Cut Galaxy S6 protector

If value is your thing, then this 6-pack of Klear Cut’s ultra clear screen protectors is right up your alley. The anti-bubble installation and scratch-resistant surface are standard features, and you can even count on a lifetime warranty.

VENA vShield for Galaxy S6

This anti-glare offering from VENA is sold in a convenient three-pack, making it a good buy if you’re shopping for something to reduce reflection. This pack may be the favorite of those who prefer a matte finish, despite sharing many of the same features as the other protectors we’ve highlighted.

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