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Staves, your destructive magic’s instruments, are just as crucial to a sorcerer’s arsenal as spells themselves.

The extensive magic system in Dark Souls 3 can be a bit of a pain to work with, what with all the number crunching and mix-maxing of scaling and spell buff values.

Here, we’ll take a high-level, surface-level look at the DS3 staves. We’ll save you time by going over which materials are best suited for your construction projects.

10. Sage’s Crystal Staff


The crystal staff used by the sage in the later game serves as our starting point.

This staff is obtained fairly early in the game, but it has one of the lowest spell buff values when used with a high intelligence build compared to other staffs.

The skill of’steady chant’ is, however, the reason it was included on the list.

At first listen, it may sound like any other monotonous chant featured in many of the game’s staves. While most such enhancements grant a 10% damage bonus, the one on this staff grants a whopping 30%.

Many spellcasters will hold the staff in one hand and use the other to maximize their damage output via the weapon skill.

Where to find: Embedded in the grand archives and dropped by the hostile crystal mage.

9. Witchtree Branch


The witchtree branch may have the lowest spell enhancement of any staff in the game, but it also has a unique ability.

The passive ability of this item greatly accelerates the casting time of your spells.

When fighting particularly aggressive foes or in other situations where you have very little time to fit in attacks, this can be very helpful.

However, if you want to use a stave outside of this specific context, one of the stronger ones is your best bet.

Finding a way to: Locate it near a fire pit hidden behind a false railing midway through the Irithyll.

8. Man-Grub’s Staff


Interesting stuff can be found on the man-grub’s staff.

Despite sharing design and functionality with other staffs and having the standard steady chant ability, this one is interesting due to its unusual scaling.

This staff’s spell enhancement values are dependent on the user’s good fortune rather than their wits.

While the man-grub’s staff is rather gimmicky, it does allow for a new class of hybrid constructions to emerge. And that’s why it’s on our recommended list.

Steps to Obtaining: Invade other players to farm up Rosaria’s fingers covenant rank 2.

7. Mendicant’s Staff


The elusive mendicant’s staff.

I can read your mind:Given its rarity, it must be among the finest, right?

Well… no.

As a matter of fact, among all the available staffs, it provides the third-smallest spell boost.

This item’s incredible passive of 20%gains in souls while wearing it.

This is a utility item that all players, not just those who use magic, should seek out because it simplifies power leveling and farming for supplies.

Where to find: VeryExtremely limited supply, only dropped by man-serpent summoners at archdragon peak.

6. Storyteller’s Staff


The storyteller’s staff has more hidden depths than meets the eye, having come all the way from the hands of the noob-culling Corvian.

Its weapon skill is what really sets this staff apart, despite the fact that its spell buff is only a little lower than that of the strongest staves.

The poison spores skill is a more potent variant of the poison and toxic mist pyromancies, increasing your status effect and dealing more damage.

It applies a poison that is more potent than any other in the game. Wow, that’s something to boast about!

The steps to take to obtain: The Corvian storytellers who dropped it on the way of the sacrifices were actually armed with the weapon they described.

5. Murky Longstaff


The murky longstaff was designed for use in shadow magic and can be found in the ringed city downloadable content.

The chant from the depths weapon skill has the same effect as the steady chant, but deals more damage. only refers to black magicks

This staff’s spells favor intelligence over faith, so you only need a small amount of faith to get the most out of them.

This is wonderful for players who don’t want to invest too heavily in faith.

Where to find: Within the ringed city downloadable content, on the right side of the cathedral where the first banner knight is located.

4. Izalith Staff


The Izalith staff is for those who prefer a more nuanced approach to their magic than that afforded by the murky longstaff.

In contrast to other staves, which only consider intelligence when casting dark sorceries, the unique passive of this staff also takes into account the character’s faith level.

With a financial bet on belief and Against all forms of black magic, this staff is the most effective due to its hefty dose of brains.

This is useful for sorcery/miracle hybrids, dark builds, and pyromancer builds.

What you need to know to: Drop down the ledge past the wall chest in the smoldering lake until you reach the depths where you’ll find the basilisks.

3. Sorcerer’s Staff


The sorcerer’s staff is a great weapon for the vast majority of a playthrough despite being standard issue for both the sorcerer and the assassin.

Its success can be attributed to its simplistic design: high intelligence scaling and beneficial spell buff values.

The sorcerer’s staff is a simple weapon designed specifically for sorcery, but it lacks the versatility of some of the other items on this list.

Absolute simplicity.

A Guide to Acquiring: If you don’t want to play as a sorcerer or an assassin right off the bat, you can buy one from the handmaiden at the shrine in Firelink.

2. Preacher’s Right Arm


The preacher’s right arm is a grizzly limb that would be at home in the world of Dark Souls and would be ideal for any sword-wielding battlemages.

The unique “feasting branch” skill of this weapon makes up for its lower spellbuff compared to the best staff in the game and its lack of steady chant.

When you use the feasting branch ability, your character will summon a magical stinger in the shape of a praying mantis and stab at their enemies.

It’s quick to release and easy to spam, making it a great tool for surprising foes.

Where to find: discovered dangling from a body in the middle of a swamp inhabited by giants within the city’s walls.

1. Court Sorcerer’s Staff


The court sorcerer’s staff is our top pick because it is an improved version of the standard sorcerer’s staff.

Although not as impressive as some of the other entries for casting dark sorceries, this staff’s damage output when using pure sorceries is truly terrifying.

On a character with 60 Intelligence, it will far outperform any other stave in the game thanks to its extremely high spell buff, its ability to further buff itself through steady chant, and its overall superiority.

We recommend this staff because it is straightforward and deadly, spearing your foes with crystal souls in the quadruple digits.


Where to find: The mimic left the note on the church’s second floor in the profane capital’s swamp region.

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