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Accessing All of the Suits in Dead Space 3 The unique fashion of the suits is one of Dead Space 3’s selling points. Find out how to obtain every single one in the game right here!

Regarding its status as a scary game,Space: Dead 3stands out as the series’s most peculiar installment. It’s lighter on the oppressive atmosphere of the original game and heavier on the action and co-op. Some gamers, however, insist that it is hands down the most entertaining game ever created Negative Volumegames.

The players are practically showered with cutting-edge and futuristic suits, which is a big part of the appeal. The suits are the game’s main draw, even more so than the weapons and standard necromorph enemies. Here is a complete list of the suits in the game along with detailed instructions on how to obtain them.

16 Engineering Suit

This one should be easy to figure out. It is the universally accepted “house suit” in allVacuum of Nothingnessvideo games, and as anticipated, Isaac didThe Third Entry in the Dead Space Seriesprovides this to the heroes as their initial suit of armor.

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There hasn”t been much evolution in this costume between installments. It costs 1,000 Credits at the game’s first shop, and then the player can proceed with unlocking additional content, such as better weapons and armor, and killing necromorphs.

15 Security Suit

There has never been a suit like the Security Suit before.Final Destination 3: Dead SpaceThat looks like it was designed for use in battle. Add a finishing touch to your outfit with the Pulse Rifle bonus.

This suit is available to players as early as Chapter 4. Its diagram can be found in a church after the broken door. Moreover, it’s very similar to suits filed by otherSpace With No Lifegames, and it seems tailor-made for uprisings.

14 Deep Dig Suit

Even though the Deep Dig Suit looks intimidating, its main function is purely cosmetic. Players must assemble all of the weapons to unlock this suit. Please be aware that this cannot be accomplished in the single-player mode because certain weapon components are only found in co-op-only zones.

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This outfit has a more professional appearance than the basic Engineering Suit, but it appears to offer less protection.

13 Archaeologist Suit

The Archaeologist Suit may appeal to most players if they are looking for a more accessible “deep digging” suit. Players need only progress to Chapter 11 in the furnace’s power generator to acquire it, and it provides no practical benefits beyond cosmetic ones.

Given that most of the other suits in the game prioritize utility over style, the fur collar is a nice touch.

12 Arctic Survival Suit

An explanation of the Arctic Survival Suit is probably unnecessary. You could say that it amounts toSpace: Dead 3coat, a piece of winter clothing that, in the cases of Issac and John Carver, serves only as a decorative accessory.

Both Isaac and John Carver, out of desperation, will go ahead and grab this one for the team, so the players won’t have to look very hard either. To further emphasize its environmental function, it features a fur collar, much like the Archaeologist Suit.

11 EVA Suit

To a certain extent, the EVA Suit functions like the Arctic Survival Suit in that it is an unavoidable purchase for the player. The suits were also both promotional attire forGhost Recon: Future Soldier.

This suit is designed for use in the weightlessness of space. As the USM Eudora explodes, Isaac grabs the EVA suit and runs for safety. This suit looks more like standard astronaut uniforms and is one of the least bulky options available.

10 Flight Suit

Combining the simplicity of the Deep Dig Suit with the sophistication of the EVA Suit, the Flight Suit is a cosmetic option. This makes it ideal for players who prefer a more eclectic style.

This outfit can be difficult to acquire. All S.C.A.F. artifacts, EarthGov artifacts, Unitologist artifacts, and Alien artifacts must be collected.

9 Hostile Environment Suit

The Hostile Environment Suit, visually one of the heaviest items in the game, transforms Isaac or John Carver into a mechanical force. To be honest, the name doesn’t even do it justice. Those who like a more rough-and-tumble aesthetic will still enjoy this one.

After completing all side quests, you’ll be able to don the Hostile Environment Suit.Space: Dead 3, both solo and multiplayer.

8 Legionary Suit

The Legionary Suit is a variation on the standard business suit.Third Entry in the Dead Space Seriesand gives it the military’s shock trooper spin. That’s why the suit looks so high-end thanks to this detail.

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The prologue shows it on another character, but by Chapter 14 it’s available for easy acquisition by the players. Popularity has increased since its redesign to have a more robotic appearance.Space: Dead 3fans.

7 Elite Suit

If we’re talking about suits that make their wearers look like elites, the Elite Suit is hard to beat. The red shoulder and collar area stands out in sharp contrast to the dark color of the helmet. The John Carver version varies from the Isaac one as well.

Get this one by beating the game once. Which means you can’t get it until your second playthrough.

6 N7 Suit

For the uninitiated, the N7 suit is a nod to the legendary space suit ofScale of Impact‘s Captain Shepard. It was based on the series’ regular N7 suit design and transplantedNothing There But Dead Air 3.

Players need only have a certain item in their inventory to obtain this suit.Third Mass EffectPut away the files. Just don’t count on Isaac or John gaining any psionic abilities as a result of this. There is no depth to it, only showmanship.

5 First Contact Suit

Let’s move on to DLC suits now. Since it is based on the EVA suit, the First Contact Suit is most effective when used in a vehicle.

The yellow pattern on the armor gives it an industrial or hazmat vibe. It can be picked up in the CMS Roanoke’s suit kiosk by anyone who preordered the “First Contact” Limited Edition of the game.

4 Marauder Suit

The Marauder Suit is like the Elite Suit, but more powerful. If you want that look but don’t want to wait until the end of the game, this is good news for you.

Players who haven’t shelled out for the Marauder Pack or the Tau Volantis Survival Kit DLC won’t have access to the Marauder Suit. The Marauder Suit can be obtained from the kiosk on CMS Roanoke if the player has both of these items.

3 Tundra Recon Suit

In comparison to the Archaeologist Suit, the Tundra Recon Suit is much grumpier and dirtier. Compared to other heavy suits, this one seems better suited for deep explorations.

The Tundra Recon Pack and the Tau Volantis Survival Kit are required to access this outfit. Like always, the suit can be claimed from the CMS Roanoke vending machine.

2 Sharpshooter Suit

The Sharpshooter Suit should satisfy the needs of players who prefer a more obnoxious outfit than the Legionary Suit. It’s generally darker and more fashionable than the original. There are two variations on this, and John prefers the darker one.

Like the other DLC suits, the Sharpshooter suit is available from the CMS Roanoke kiosk to players who have purchased either the Sharpshooter or Tau Volantis Survival Kit DLC packs.

1 Witness Suit

The Witness Suit, in my opinion, is the best-looking outfit in the whole game. The Arctic Survival Suit was essentially reskinned, but the addition of fancy markings gave it a more expensive appearance.

Also, the quality is top-notch. Players who preordered the game and received the “Witness the Truth” bundle will be the only ones to receive the Witness Suit. If you are that wealthy, you can pick some up at the kiosk in CMS Roanoke.

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