Updated at: 22-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

The finest foundations for public forum #8 that reflect the most recent developments. New bases are uploaded weekly with a button to copy.

Why don’t we get right down to the basics?


This is a top-tier th8 trophy-pushing stronghold.

It turns out that the bottom of this base is where they keep all the loot.

Players seeking loot will therefore attack from below, leaving our town hall unscathed.

By limiting players to a single star, the number of trophies they lose out on is reduced.

This is a fantastic trophy farm and one of my favorite bases overall. Forum for Public Discussion #8.

If this doesn’t work for you, there’s plenty more farmland down below.

This is the top-notch Trophy Link 8 Trophy Base with respect to Clash of Clans. After the latest Clash of Clans update, this fortification is complete.

All these starting structures have been updated for the most recent version of Clash of Clans.

So, what exactly is a hybrid base like this one?

A hybrid base is one that serves multiple purposes (military, agricultural, and trophy).

This is a hybrid base because of the various components it contains.

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You should use it to try to win a war or win a trophy.

Modifying a template you find online is a must if you plan on using it.

Here is the finest link-based base for pushing trophies at level 8.

In this episode of Clash of Clans, the trophies at Town Hall 8 are examined.

Let’s pretend our enemy launches a GoWiPe assault. Since funneling was the first step in the Gowipe strategy, I designed a base that makes it useless.

For the same reason that funneling will be difficult, the above base is divided into several sections.

Wizard towers, which deal slap damage, keep TH8 safe.

To my eyes, this foundation is quite solid. Try it out and see if you like it.

If you’re trying to figure out how to attack a Town Hall 8 3-star trophy base, you can do the following:

The golem, Valkyrie, Pekka, and quad quake are the three most common tools used by professional th8 pushers to gain access to enemy bases.

You should probably bring something like two golems, one Pekka, seven valkyries, nine wizards, six wall breakers, and the rest being archers and minions. A high-level Pekka and an earthquake spell should be kept in the clan castle, along with one heal, one rage, and three quakes.

Each attack with the quad quake requires the use of a clan castle spell.

For the actual assault, you should direct the golems to the tank and the wizards, use quad quake to clear a path to the town hall, and then lead your main troops straight inside the base. With this tactic, you can breach most th9s and th10s, as well as any base with a town hall in close proximity to the outside. Watching videos on YouTube of experienced pushers carrying out attacks and offering advice is a great first step if you want to learn how to push th8 properly.

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Oh, I employ a traditional gowivaho; hence, I am aware of the fact that using wizards for both funneling and removing the cc will require a lot of room, and those wizards should ideally be placed within the core as well.