Updated at: 15-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Just got back into B&S with the warlock release, and currently have it at 31 or so. I played assassin in Beta and liked the playstyle and the way it was easy to solo bosses and such with the RMB F.

If you want to know what ang xem means, it’s this:Best solo pve class: Blade & Soul.

Blade And Soul Best Solo PVE Class

Which is better for a new BNS player, a warlock or an assassin, in PvE dungeons?

Question for the New BNS Player:

I’m a complete noob (though I did get to level 24 assassin in the Beta). I recently picked up B&S again after the warlock release and am currently level 31. When I was in the beta, I played an assassin and found that I enjoyed the class’s playstyle and found that it was simple to take on bosses and other such enemies by myself using the RMB F. However, I’ve heard that after the level 50 patch, it will be simpler to maintain poison with a shadow build. My main interest is in knowing which of these occupations contributes the most to group content at the current age limit and whether this shifts when people reach the age of 50. I find both jobs interesting in their own ways, and I am aware that the warlock profession provides access to Awakened abilities, which can be quite useful.


It would be greatly appreciated if any seasoned veterans could shed light on the viability of these two occupations in team settings and the unique ways in which they each make a difference. Since I rarely engage in PvP, all comments regarding grouping are made from a PvE perspective (I am aware that assassins can successfully solo dungeons by skipping trash and perma-stealth boss for many of them; I am unsure as to whether or not warlocks can accomplish the same).

Player Response from BNS:

With the current material:

Killers: It’s a breeze to take care of things on your own. Constantly concealing one’s presence. Not very useful in a team, and it’s more difficult for them to stay stealthed and deal damage when they’re working together. Fights amongst party members lead to an increase in annoying area-of-effect fields.

Despite the fact that playing as a lone Warlock can be frustrating at times, your class has access to the best offensive group buff in the game (albeit with a three-minute cooldown). In my opinion, PvE dps is currently below average but above average. However, my warlock lacks decent equipment. Playability is improved when there is a higher crit chance.

In what ways will life alter when you turn 50?

For the duration of the buff, assassins gain an advantage similar to that of a Kungfu master, making all group members significantly more powerful than normal. The group itself. Because of this, they are able to count on the backing of the group. Even their playing style is drastically different. You’ll be switching to a poison build instead of permanent stealth. Learning boss mechanics will necessitate adopting strategies from other classes xD.

Warlock: Really don’t know what to say about them. Not much is likely to alter in this respect. She is still a valuable contributor to the team.

It’s best to take the course that interests you the most. Choose warlock if that’s what you prefer. If not assassin. Assasination gameplay will be shifting slightly (though still spammy as fck:P) in the upcoming patch. Don’t pick an item just because it seemed powerful, especially when you were playing at a low level. At level 50, the content is fairly balanced between classes, with each having their own set of pros and cons. Oh, and try to prioritize gameplay over damage output in low levels; a warlock can one-hit anything up until about level 30. However, this obviously won’t be the case at levels 45 and 50. The assassin, on the other hand, is invisible to all of the earlier bosses, but the later bosses will have true sight and can see him – and even if you’re in a group, there are still aoe’s you have to dodge. First impressions made on lower floors could be deceiving.

Blade and Soul Hardest Class

The Warrior class is notoriously difficult, both in PvE and PvP. You’ll be in a life-or-death struggle right from the get-go. It’s also the only class that can play more than one role in PvP. Warriors have the ability to both deal damage and tank hits. They can serve as a shield for their allies and heal them as well. As unfortunate as it may be, playing the class is challenging. Warriors, if given the chance, can be formidable opponents in PvP due to their high damage output and wide variety of skills. Get a warrior if you want the most challenging class. Get one that is very good in PvP if you don’t have time to learn how to use it properly.

Blade and Soul Support Class

The Blademaster class is the last of the game’s support roles. This means you’ll have to switch to a more suitable class, like a Warrior or a Mistweaver Monk, if you want to engage in a lot of PVP. If you’re going for the Blademaster route, though, you’ll need to get comfortable with a sword and practice close quarters fighting. The defensive prowess of a blademaster is also well-known. You’ll need high DPS skills despite playing a support class, but that’s not hard to come by. It can improve your character’s performance in both PvE and PvP.

Blade and Soul Esiest Class

2021 Mistweaver Monks are the most beginner-friendly class in terms of competitive play. It is your duty to protect your allies from harm and to restore their health whenever possible. Focusing on damage and aggro management is also crucial.

All things considered, your preferred method of gameplay will determine the outcome. Since every class is balanced, honing your skills simply through repeated use will yield improvements. There are a number of advantages to branching out and trying new courses.