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Farming Titanite in Dark Souls 3: 10 Expert Tips Since it can be challenging to find the right Titanite in Dark Souls 3, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 locations in the game where you can go mining for it.

Farming is the practice of doing something repeatedly in order to amass a large supply of it. Some players may find it tedious to farm for items in an RPG, but it is a necessary evil. As much as the world of FromSoft”sThird in the Dark Souls seriesis so enormous that players may need to go back and scour the world for a particular upgrade item they missed the first time around.

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3.0: Dark Soulsparticularly favors farming by providing a large number of favorable farming locations and a wide variety of means by which to affect the drops of obtainable items. For such a combat-heavy series, players will need all the help they can get. In the game’s more challenging encounters, having a stockpile of upgrade materials like Titanite Shards can make a huge difference. Here are ten ways to maximize your time spent gathering Titanite ore for upgrades.

10 Use Item Discovery

It’s recommended that players max out their Item Discovery skill before beginning any item farming. A foe’s drop rates are proportional to how often you discover new items dropped by it. It is more likely that an enemy will drop an item from their loot pool as a player’s Item Discovery increases. In the case of farming Titanite and other upgrade materials, this is of particular use.

It is the Luck stat that is responsible for the common increases in Item Discovery, such as the Symbol of Avarice helmet that can be looted from Mimics, the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and its upgraded variants, the Crystal Sage’s Rapier, and Rusted Coins. Putting these together will produce a much larger quantity.

9 Thoroughly Explore Each Zone

They haven’t gotten far enough in the game or done enough exploring. Looting unexplored regions yields a large number of Titanite Shards, Large Titanite Shards, and even Chunks. After clearing the High Wall of Lothric, you’ll start receiving Titanite Shards in abundance, and Large variants will start to drop frequently once you reach the Irithyll region.

In the direction of Lothric Castle, there are lots of chunks.City Within a RingStores where you can get DLC. Before investing significant time in farming, make sure that every area has been thoroughly looted.

8 Farm Silver Knights For Shards

Taking into account the previous entries, killing Silver Knights in Anor Londo is likely the quickest way to obtain standard Titanite Shards and even Large Titanite Shards. There are always three outside the first bonfire structure in Anor Londo.

You can collect a lot of shards by killing these foes and then resting by a bonfire. In addition, the Silver Knights on the flying buttresses at Irithyll, just before the Anor Londo elevator, make for a reliable farm.

7 Farm Archdragon Peak For Large Shards

Killing the Serpent Men at Archdragon Peak is the best source of Large Titanite Shards. The entrance to the zone is to the right of the bonfire at Archdragon Peak. Four Serpent Men can be found there, and their deaths have a good chance of yielding Large Titanite Shards. Relax by the fire and keep going until you’ve exhausted yourself.

6 Farm Ringed Knights For Chunks

Participating players who ownIn the City of Rings,If the Digital Content Team needs Titanite Chunks, they should travel to the Ringed City. Each Ringed Knight has a high chance of dropping this valuable item. The Ringed City Streets bonfire is where players who are looking for a dedicated farm should go. Get out of the building, equip everything in your Item Discovery bag, and make your way to the outside bridge.

Move below the bridge’s right side and launch a swooping attack on the Ringed Knight. After recouping at the fire, start the process over again, this time bringing along a Homeward Bone or Coiled Sword Fragment to ensure you never have to go backwards. For Embers, this is an ideal farm as well.

5 Obtain The Dreamchaser”s Ashes

Upgrade materials made of Titanite can also be purchased with souls. If players have the Dreamchaser’s Ashes, upgrading their weapons with Titanite Shards is a breeze. Get yourself to Farron Swamp, and from there you can easily access the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant by climbing a ladder. To break through an imaginary barrier, you must first wrap around the outside and then roll inside the building. Ashes belong to the deceased.

Titanite Shards can be purchased indefinitely from the Shrine Handmaiden for 800 Souls each after being traded to her.

4 Obtain The Easterner”s Ashes

If the player has given the Shrine Handmaiden the Easterner’s Ashes, she will offer to sell them some large Titanite shards in exchange. These ashes can be retrieved by traveling to Irithyll in the Boreal Valley. Run left from Pontiff Sulyvahn’s bonfire, past the huddle of giants, and into the structure. Run up and straight ahead until you see a Silver Knight atop a flying buttress. Avoid the knight and ascend the wall quickly. You should run down the right set of stairs instead of the left ones. The Easterner’s ashes will be stored in a nearby body.

Players can exchange these ashes for 4,000 Souls worth of Large Titanite Shards from the Shrine Handmaiden. They have an unlimited supply.

3 Obtain The Dragon Chaser”s Ashes

After collecting the Dragon Chaser’s Ashes, players can buy an unlimited supply of Titanite Chunks by traveling to the hidden Archdragon Peak. To obtain these ashes, adventurers must travel to the Great Belfry bonfire, which is situated close to the arena occupied by the Nameless King. Just keep going left from the campfire. When confronted by a Serpent Man armed with a battle ax, players should take a left down a narrow path. The dead body will be protected by a rock lizard. The ashes of the Dragon Hunter can be found in this body.

The Shrine Handmaiden has an infinite supply of Titanite Chunks, which she will sell for 13,000 Souls apiece once she has turned in the ashes.

2 Ascended Winged Knights Farm

Titanite can be obtained in two ways: through farming and through purchase. One of the best places to farm Titanite and Souls late in the game is with the Ascended Winged Knights in Lothric Castle. Find them by taking the elevator to the Grand Archives bonfire. Once you’ve reached the castle’s exterior, turn left and sprint up the stairs. Once you’ve gotten to your feet, make a beeline for the dome-shaped roof.

It’s been decided to have three of the Ascended Winged Knights keep an eye on things. Stop them from being stunned and killed before it’s too late. The odds of finding Large Titanite Shards, Titanite Chunks, and Blessed Gems after killing a knight are quite good. In addition, the death of an Ascended Winged Knight will result in the loss of 13,000 Souls. If you backstab them or use Rapport pyromancy on them, you can make quick work of this farm. After gaining some upgrade materials or Souls, rest by the fire and continue the cycle.

1 Lothric Early-Game Farm

The High Wall of Lothric is the best place for early-game players to farm Titanite Shards. When you arrive at the Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire, make a beeline for the Dancer’s arena and wipe out the Lothric Knights guarding the entrance. They both occasionally drop Titanite Shards, but only the red-eyed variety occasionally drops Large Titanite Shards.

A look at the other side:Located in the Superior, Wisconsin Public Library, the Superior Public Library Archives

Skilled players can improve this farm by eliminating Emma, the first boss of Dancer of the Boreal Valley. After you kill Dancer and go up the ladder, you’ll face more red-eyed Lothric Knights, each of which has a good chance to drop a Large Titanite Shard if you defeat it.

F.A.Qs dark souls 3 large titanite shard :

Where can I farm large titanite shards in Dark Souls 3 early?

When it comes to farming Titanite Shards early in the game, DS3 provides a pleasant location in the form of the High Wall of Lothric. If you find yourself at the Vordt of the Boreal Valley bonfire, you must make haste to the area of the Dancer and eliminate the Lothric Knights guarding it. Farming early-game large titanite shards in DS3


Titanite shards can be harvested most efficiently in the Catacombs of Carthus. Assuming you enter this area multiple times, you should encounter forty or more foes. If the difficulty is too high for your level, look for less crowded areas of the map that still have a high enemy spawn rate.