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The Best Tank in Dragon Age: Origins, Reviewed.Players of the popular role-playing game Dragon Age Origins have their pick of a wide variety of playable protagonists. The tank is a fan-favorite playable character. The tank’s job is to soak up punishment while shielding the rest of the team.

dragon age origins shale build
Shale Build Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Best Tank

Dragon Age: Origins is a role-playing game set in an epic fantasy universe and characterized by a deep story, memorable characters, and intense, tactical violence. Those who enjoyed the Baldur’s Gate games will enjoy this one as well.

Which character is the best tank?

For the most part, sten is my go-to choice, but when would you recommend alistar or shale? Could they tank better than sten?


It’s shale that I always rely on. I have only recently started using Alistair, and he works out fine. The stronger of the two is Shale, but Alistair can be equipped with more powerful weapons and armor.


Rapping = Sten Indomitable Intimidate (or whatever it is that drives people away with every attack) Taunt. You don’t need to worry about anything at this point. Quote from: HaltIamReptar Sten plus Indomitable plus Intimidate (or whatever it is that drives people away with every attack) plus Taunt equals rape. Everything is fine with you. fine, you’re welcome, dude

Alistair is hardy enough to keep alive on Nightmare as a mage PC, and when I played with my PC as a tank, even he with all the extra stats from the tower was squishy early on. I can’t imagine using Sten with a tank unless you’re playing on Easy. In the end, though, even on Normal, you’ve become a pretty beast.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick. Even though Shale has superior early game and agro control, his utility skills require him to not be tanking. Alistair starts out weaker than Shale, but he becomes much more resilient and useful as a tank as the game progresses. The fact that Sten’s skills are all used up after only 2 hours makes him a strange pick.

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The way I saw it, the best way to protect Alistair was to equip him with shields, while turning Sten into a two-handed basterd. Since I did not improve any of Alistair’s Templar abilities, I only saw him in the role of a warrior. Perhaps a re-play…. no, Mass Effect 2 is already out… bastards!

My primary tank was Alistair, and strangely enough, Shale hasn’t proven to be very reliable. When I tried to use him as the sole warrior in my party, he would die quickly, forcing me to duo-tank with another warrior.

The use of shale has greatly simplified tanking. Even though Alistair has potential as a successful tank, Shale requires much less time and effort to develop. One more thing: unlike Alistair, she won’t spend most of her time awkwardly trying to pick up your female rogue. >.>

The benefits of shale for a tank are mind-blowing. I’ve been playing around with Sten using him as a dualwielder, and I gotta say, the guy can really bring the pain even when using only one blade.

Give Alistair every shield upgrade, teach him how to use them, and throw a regen and a lifeward at him for good measure, and he won’t be going anywhere.

Up until the point where the enemy starts scattershooting, Shale is a reliable tank. You’ll want someone who can protect you from harm then.

I found that Sten was more effective as a melee dps with his two-handed weapons, and I was pleasantly surprised by Alistair’s performance when I specced him heavily in shields. To make him capable of wearing the superior armors, I had to sacrifice a lot of his other abilities and put more emphasis on his strength and constitution. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe I should try playing as a warrior.

lol However, Shane’s effectiveness as a tank is limited to the early stages of the game. It’s best to stop using Shale after only a few hours. Towards the end of the third quarter, Shale is completely ineffective as a tank. Armor and accessories help make Alistair a formidable tank. Also, he has the potential for a stronger constitution than Shale. Also, he is much more adept at dodging blows and blocking blows than Shale is. For the duration of the game, Sten is a terrible tank. He’s a damage-dealing, frontline fighter. No tank here. Lifegiver ring’s stat boosts and bonuses are as follows: 10 Constitution 3 Combat Health Regeneration (PC) or 6 Combat Health Regeneration (PS3) 10 Exploration Health Regeneration 3 Armor 20 Healing Effects Blood Dragon Armor 3 Strength 3 Willpower 4 Protection 50 Health 10% Gain 3 Points in the Fatigue Set Level Up Your Armor, Gain 1 Protection Level: 1 Deflecting a Missile Protection from the elements, including fire, cold, electricity, nature, and the spirit, all increased by 20% thanks to the Ring of Ages. I want you to hand those over to Alistair. Shale is only useful as a storage medium at the outset.

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Dragon age origins shale build

A Shale Build is a playable character in the video game Dragon Age Origins. In terms of strength, it is exceptional for an alternate. It has solid offensive and defensive capabilities. In order to make good use of the build, you must have a thorough understanding of your opponent’s playstyle, weaknesses, and how to exploit them (hint: de-buffing).

Dragon age: origins shale quest

Among these role-playing games, Dragon Age: Origins’s shale quest is the longest and most involved. You start the Dragon Age series at the end of a long period of prehistoric history, the details of which are revealed to you over the course of subsequent games and DLC.

This game has beautiful graphics for its time and is aimed at adults thanks to its deep character customization and strategy options. The game can be downloaded for nothing from the source site.

The next one is a real classic of our time: Pokémon Go. Rather than being a straight conversion from the Gameboy versions, a lot of work went into improving and expanding this game.

You still have to collect and battle Pokémon, but now you have to explore the world in search of them and battle other players.

Dragon age origins shale dps build

Need help with the DPS Shale build in Dragon Age Origins? If that’s the case, then keep reading!

You should focus on raising your strength and dexterity scores as high as possible before shifting your attention to improving your physical fitness ability. Next, equip yourself with all the lesser dragon scale and other natural scaling armor you can find in the courtyard and charge into battle with confidence. Improve both healing from headshots and stamina while you’re at it.

Dragon age origins best tactics for leliana

I don’t consider myself to be a rebel. Although I engage in the same activities as criminals, rogues and I are not the same. In Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana is the game’s first playable companion. She fights to restore freedom to the world by destroying the “abominations” created by magic, and she is a member of the dangerous, underground Chantry resistance against the militant Templar Order. DAO: Awakening sees her later serving as a companion, but before then she acts as a scout and spy inside Fereld.

Dragon age: origins zevran build

It’s amusing to see how seriously some people take video games now. That I failed miserably at completing Super Mario Brothers 3 in my youth is testament to how far the gaming industry has come. Let your inner smartphone gamer out and have fun with it! Most likely, you aren’t even interested enough in this topic to read this whole post. However, if you’re looking to take things to the next level, this awesome Zev from Dragon Age: Origins might be up your alley.

Dragon age origins templar build

Dragon age origins templar build
Legendary Templar construction dates back to the Dragon Age.

This guide is useful if you’ve recently picked up Dragon Age 2 or are planning to jump into the third game and are looking for inspiration for character builds. The specific build required for a certain class can make deciding what class to play next difficult, especially if you’re already invested in a single-player campaign like Dragon Age: Origins, where characters often joined your group as party members rather than starting from scratch every game.

Dragon age origins sten build

There are a number of different narrative arcs in Dragon Age Origins, but the game also leaves enough room for players to customize their experience. The character build is the most important part of creating a memorable character in Dragon Age Origins. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a powerful and efficient character in Dragon Age Origins.

Dragon age origins archer bard build

More than 20 million copies of the Dragon Age video game series have been sold around the world. Character creation in Dragon Age Origins is complex due to the wide variety of available professions. This guide is helpful if you are trying to figure out which combination of class and race will give you the best possible results. Vanguard is the party’s main battle tank. They are better protected from melee attacks due to their high health, magic resistance, and armor. It’s important to equip this class with robust health and stamina because they’ll be fighting at the front lines of any conflict. For this purpose, you can give him the class of warrior, berserker, or templar. Qunari, who are giants known for their strength, constitution, and wisdom, are the best candidates for this body type.

Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward

Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide by David Milward
David Milward’s “Dragon Age: Origins Nightmare Guide”

Talent Selection

At level 10, your starting talents are Powerful, Threaten, Precise Striking, Taunt, Pulverizing Blows, Slam, Quake, Stoneheart, Bellow, Rock Mastery, Hurl Rock, and Stone Arm. Since Shale should be able to acquire all available talents regardless, I don’t think it’s necessary to give a level-by-level breakdown when offering advice on the character. Instead, I’d recommend starting with an explanation of the character’s core mechanics. These are just suggestions; you should pick and choose the abilities that work best for your play style. This is unquestionably one of Shale’s greatest strengths as a performer. The combination of this ability and his Slam attack is particularly effective. This skill pairs especially well with quake, stoneheart, and hurl rock talents. The ability to frighten others is a great defensive skill.

For his talents, Shale can choose from four different trees: Pulverizing Blows, Stoneheart, Rock Mastery, and Stone Aura. Any tree’s first talent is a sustained one. Second, third, and fourth talents in the Stone Aura tree are do nothing. There are two types of active abilities and one passive ability, as well as a sustained effect, on the Pulverizing Blows tree. Two of the three passive talents found in the Stone Aura tree can also be found in the Rock Mastery tree.

The Hardest of Blows

When Shale’s health is low, the Pulverizing Blows tree activates and increases the damage of his abilities. With the first talent, Shale is able to protect himself from further damage whenever he scores a critical hit while his health is below 50%.

In contrast, the second, third, and fourth talents of the other trees are all activatable skills. You can only use the active (or passive) talents from the same tree as the sustained talent you choose for Shale, limiting him to just those four options. This means that there are four distinct ways to play Shale. Each playstyle has its advantages, but the sustained talent you choose also introduces a weakness. If Shale is attacked or has her health reduced by an ability, she can gain more rage from the Earthen Shield tree. Shale can tank for her team with the help of the talents in this tree, including a sustained tanking ability.


Precise Striking and Stoneheart are always on cooldown for Shale, allowing her to get the most out of her attack bonus. When she feels threatened, she will use her abilities to command the crowd. When a particularly formidable foe appears, she’ll ‘aggro’ it. With the right crystal, and with the help of other party members’ abilities like Rally and Miasma, Shale can get a respectable defense rating. Competencies and Abilities Refine.

Shale’s slow attacks prevent her from using multiple talents at once, but she excels at maintaining the status of single-use abilities. When used effectively, she can swing the tide of battle. For the purposes of Rally and Miasma, Shale should be treated as a party member because she contributes 20% of the party’s armor rating. She will be ignored when determining the party’s HP and defense.

Stoneheart mode’s armor and regeneration bonuses more than make up for her less-than-superior defense rating. Her own Super, Bloodlust, can heal her and give her a boost, and Redeploy can help her and her allies heal as well.

The healing aura and increased defenses bestowed by Redeploy allow her allies to keep fighting while their health is gradually restored thanks to the effect. When Bloodstone uses melee attacks against enemies, his health returns thanks to his bloodlust ability. As a result, she can restore her health just by smiting her enemies.


In my opinion, these two crystals are the best match for the Stoneheart mode. The Ice crystal’s 15 defense bonus is impressive, and its 12 health regeneration bonus stacks with that of Stoneheart mode. Attack and dexterity (and by extension, defense) are both improved by using the lightning crystal. When you strike an enemy with your weapon, the lightning crystal may also deal some damage. You can strengthen your defenses and attack with the help of these two crystals.

As such, the Stoneheart mode excels in close quarters combat. Although it provides a significant boost to defense, its slow movement speed makes it impractical for use against enemies that require mobility.

Attribute Increases

A small brilliant crystal requires Strength 38, and a large brilliant crystal requires Constitution 38. Then, I decide to use Dexterity as a tank and pump her up accordingly. Because you’re wearing the Large Brilliant Ice Crystal, you have some excuse for it. However, as we’ll see in a bit, there are times when playing this character as a mage is the better option.

A different vision for Shale

Paracelsus views Shale in a different light. Here is a lengthy direct quotation: In terms of equipment, there is no optimal build for Shale. Not his job to do that. Initiator, sniper, or hammer tank—Shale can do it all. This game, I’m going to use him as a tank because my team lacks any other reliable initiators. In a well-organized group, however, I think he could also be used as a damage dealer.


An ideal tank in Dragon Age Origins is one who can take a beating and keep on truckin’. They should be competent in battle and able to provide adequate defense for the rest of the party.