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Many of our followers have asked us for recommendations on good New York City breakfast and brunch spots. Since most hotels serve mediocre breakfasts or brunches, we prefer to eat at area diners and cafes instead. There is no shortage of places to grab a quick bite for breakfast in New York City, but it can be challenging to find options that are both convenient and satisfying. All of the best places to get a good breakfast or brunch in New York City are on this list.

We prefer scrambled eggs (or two eggs over easy, sunny side up), bacon, orange juice, and coffee for breakfast rather than pancakes. This is a daily routine for us, and it helps us feel refreshed and well-fed first thing. You can relax, forget about time, and think deeply while having breakfast at a café or diner. You can get in some great planning time over a delicious meal before exploring Central Park or the many stores of New York City.

Breakfast on the Upper West Side

Those Pickles Are From Jacob’s Jar 509 Amsterdam Avenue; jacobspickles.com.

There are many places to get breakfast or brunch on the Upper West Side. If you ask us, Jacob’s Pickles is an absolute must-visit. We had some of the best chicken and waffles ever at this southern-themed restaurant. The pickles and beer are both made in-house and are major draws. This restaurant is the place to go if you’re craving some down home cooking.

Greengrass, Barney At 541 Amsterdam Avenue, you’ll find barneygreengrass.com/welcome.php.

Zabars Zabar’s is located at 2245 Broadway; their website is zabars.com.

Breakfast in the East Village

State of the Art Filipino MonarchyLocation: 111 First Avenue | maharlikanyc.com.

New York City’s Maharlika Filipino Moderno in the East Village is a safe bet if you’re looking for a unique take on breakfast or brunch. Be sure to order some garlic rice and maybe even a purple yam waffle if you decide to stop in. It’s a nice change of pace and a tasty meal.

Corrective Dining In New York City, you can find Remedy Diner at 245 E. Houston St.

Prune Prune Restaurant is located at 54 East First Street; their website is prunerestaurant.com.

Breakfast in Chelsea

Sandwiches at Friedman’s 75 Ninth Avenue, Chelsea; chelseamarket.com.)

Avoid getting thrown off by the name. The popular Chelsea Market is home to the eatery Friedman’s Lunch, which is open for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. This restaurant group is run by a family and serves hearty comfort food using ingredients from regional suppliers. The end result is delicious, high-quality food that is both fresh and nutritious. Check out their omelet options for a hearty morning or afternoon meal. Even though there are many other options in Chelsea, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Restaurant/Luncheonette Named After Johny (Johnny’s Luncheonette, 124 West 25th Street; johnnysluncheonette.com)

the Bergamote La Bergamote New York is located at 209 Twenty First Street; their website is labergamotenyc.com.

Public Oven (located at 3 West 18th Street; website: thecitybakery.com)

Breakfast in Midtown

The Stellar Cafe, run by Ellen (1650 Broadway | ellensstardustdiner.com)


You can get delicious food and have a good time at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Manhattan’s Midtown. In all of New York City, this eatery has the most fun and engaging atmosphere. All of your waitstaff members have extensive experience or aspirations in the performing arts and are ready to share their talents with you. The staff does a wonderful job of interacting with customers while they eat, and there is plenty of music to enjoy during your meal.

In The Harold The Harold, New York City (1271 Broadway, at 32nd Street) | theharoldnyc.com).

The Tick-Tock Cafe (481-482 8th Avenue, at 34th Street | ticktockdinerny.com/).

The Luxembourg Café Location: 200 West 70th Street; Website: cafeluxembourg.com.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Pershing Square Located at the Hyatt (90 East 42nd Street | pershingsquare.com)

Infernal Manhattan Visit us at (893) 9th Avenue (theflamediner.com).

The Wellington Hotel’s Park Cafe Wellington Hotel, 871 Seventh Avenue; wellingtonhotel.com.

Espresso Bar & Bakery Andrews (located at 463 7th Avenue | andrewsny.com)

Delicatessen Carnegie Location: 854 Seventh Avenue; Website: www.carnegiedeli.com

Dinner in Brooklyn’s Best Diner We are located at 212 West 57th Street; our website is brooklyndiner.com.

The Fluffy’s Café (location: 370 W 58th St | website: fluffyscafe.com)

It’s the Kayser mansion! 1900 Broadway | maison-kayser-usa.com; located near Columbus Circle).

A. Murray’s Uptown Diner, Murray Hill Please visit us at our new location: (222 E 33rd St | murrayhilldiner.com)

The Oxford Caf (109 E. 59th Street | oxfordcafetogo.com)

Breakfast at Times Square

Blue Fin 1567 Broadway; bluefinnyc.com is the website.

Sushi and other seafood dishes are its claim to fame. Brunch is a staple on the menu, and they serve it along with other brunch staples. Sandwiches, omelets, and other breakfast foods are available. It’s a bit pricey due to its Times Square location, but the ingredients are top-notch.

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The Ultimate Bagel (2777 Broadway)

This is a Ruby Tuesday (rubytuesday.com | 585 Seventh Avenue)

Junior’s (1515 Broadway; juniorscheesecake.com/our_restaurants/times_square/)

A Restaurant Named After a Red Flame The Red Flame Restaurant (67W 44th Street; theredflamediner.com)

Food served at Apple Jack’s You can find us at 1725 Broadway or online at applejackdiner.com.

The Cranberry Market and Deli cafecranberry.com; 115 West 45th Street; address).

Breakfast in the Meatpacking District

Wild Child Address: 53 West 12th Street | Website: thewildsonnyc.com

Small but mighty, the Wild Son is a Meatpacking District institution. Although it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the restaurant does provide tasty fare. Both buckwheat pancakes and egg sandwiches are available here. You should go there to hang out with your pals, but you should get there early because it gets crowded.

The Daily Bread Postal Code: 10013 Website: lepainquotidien.com Address: 52 9th Ave.

Pastis Those in the New York area can find Pastis at 9 Avenue; their website is pastisny.com.

Breakfast in the Flatiron District

Restaurant Almond (12 East 22nd Street | almondrestaurant.com)

There is always something new to try on the menu at this restaurant, which is one of its many strengths. They prioritize using only the highest quality ingredients, which they often find at regional farmers’ markets and specialty shops. Top-notch brunch can also be had at Almond Restaurant in the Flatiron District.

Caf Bluebell Located at 293 Third Avenue, the Bluebell Cafe can be accessed online at.

Baking Company Those interested can find Breads Bakery at 18 East 16th Street or online at breadsbakery.com.

Breakfast in SoHo

wife of Jack; Freda (jackswifefreda.com | 224 Lafayette Street)

Popular among the many restaurants that line Lafayette Street in SoHo, including this one, despite its modest size. During the week, early morning is the best time to visit. You can get your favorite egg dishes with a twist or try something with a Mediterranean twist at this restaurant. The restaurant’s willingness to accommodate customers’ use of social media is also a plus. You can take a fantastic picture from any direction.

Balthazar Balthazarny.com, 80 Spring Street.

The Bakery of Dominique Ansel 189 Spring Street | dominiqueansel.com is our address and website.

Breakfast in Brooklyn

Magical Little House The house of small wonder can be found at 77 North Sixth Street in Williamsburg.

It’s a Brooklyn speciality. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but once you step inside, everything changes. Additionally, the atmosphere is one of a kind. Feeling European with a touch of Japan. It’s warm and inviting, making it a perfect wintertime destination. Brunch staples and authentic Japanese fare are both on the menu here.

A Meal at the Lindenwood Diner (Lindenwood Diner, 2870 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn; lindenwooddiner.com).

Allswell Williamsburg, New York (124 Bedford Avenue; allswellnyc.com).

Egg The Egg Restaurant is located at 135A North 5th Street in Williamsburg, and its website is “eggrestaurant.com.”

Breakfast in Tribeca

Sarabeth’s 339 Greenwich Street; sarabethsrestaurants.com is the address.

Sarabeth’s has several locations across New York City, with the one in Tribeca being among the best. Classic brunch fare is available, and it’s of exceptionally high quality. When compared to New York City restaurants, the servings here are enormous! The pancakes and egg dishes there are excellent. If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss this!

Gee Whiz (295 Greenwich Street | http://geewhizdinernyc.com)

Kitchenette Kitchenette Restaurant (156 Chambers Street)

Square Eatery (33 Leonard Street | https://squaredinernewyorkcity.com/)

Breakfast in Lower Manhattan

Rim of the Cave(15 Cliff Street | holeinthewallnyc.com).

What are your thoughts on avocado toast? Well, this eatery in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District serves it, and it’s delicious. The name of the establishment, “Hole in the Wall,” is quite literal. Acai bowls, homemade granola, and pulled pork benedict are available at brunch on the sanitary menu. The restaurant is popular on the weekends, and reservations are not accepted. Try to get here before the doors open.