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The Order of Dark Souls 2’s Curved Swords In Dark Souls 2, curved swords are a good option for quick attacks that are tailored to highly mobile builds, but which is the best?

Many sword enthusiasts favor curved blades.A second playthrough of Dark Soulssince they typically have fast attacks, a wide variety of moves, and excellent scaling. Some of them can even be used in a power stance to deliver devastating combos when used with others.

The ten curved swords in the game range in usefulness depending on a player’s character composition and their objectives throughout the game. Players have generally agreed that the most effective ornately bent blades have a sweet spot somewhere between range, damage output, and special effects.

10 Eleum Loyce

Even though it’s the last curved sword the Bearer of the Curse will see, the Crown of the Ivory King DLC’s Alsanna will accept 50 Loyce Souls (collected from charred Loyce knights) in exchange for it.

Darks Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - third Knight of Eleum Loyce  location | VG247

Named after a picturesque frozen city, Eleum Loyce deals the least damage of any curved sword in the game and has no particularly potent effect to make up for its lackluster damage output. This one-of-a-kind weapon’s physical attack is only average, at 165, when upgraded to the maximum Regular level of 5. Damage is improved by the S-tier scaling with Dexterity, but not enough to make it competitive with other curved swords. It has an interesting effect in that players can heal allies by hitting them with powerful attacks, but this effect is ultimately useless because it requires players to focus on hitting friends rather than foes.

9 Melu Scimitar

While the Melu Scimitar’s blade and crossguard are certainly elaborate and luxurious in design, the weapon’s performance falls short of expectations.

Damage potential is adequate, maxing out at 250 at 10 Regular, but it’s unsuitable after the middle game due to its weak scaling in Strength and Dexterity (both D-tier).

8 Manikin Sabre

This kopis-like saber has decent punch in each of its slashes despite less-than-ideal range; it was dropped by manikin enemies at the Earthen Peak. Nice damage dealt, but low range and average scaling hold it back from being truly devastating.

The 10 Regular upgrade increases the Manikin Sabre’s base physical attack from 225 to 245, while also increasing its scaling with Strength to D-tier and Dexterity to B-tier.

7 Monastery Scimitar

Persons who participated in the original Dreadful Spirits should feel right at home with this curving blade, as it is virtually indistinguishable from the Painting Guardian Sword. The Monastery Scimitar, like its forebear, has quick slashes, fair damage, and excellent scaling; however, its short reach means the wielder must approach within dagger range to make contact with the opponent.

At its maximum upgrade level (Regular 10), this short curved sword has a paltry 190 physical attack, scales to an E in Strength, but an awesome S in Dexterity.

6 Shotel

The Shotel, the game’s most curved sword, is well-suited to skirting the defenses of shield-hugging foes. While a well-aimed, powerful blow from this weapon can do some damage to an opponent shielded from your initial blow, you’d be better off simply kicking your opponent in the face to distract them and striking back.

With its 200 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and A-tier scaling in Dexterity, the Shotel is quite useful after being fully upgraded to the 10 Regular level.

5 Scimitar

If a player chooses the Swordsman as their first class, they will receive the Scimitar as their starting curved sword. Due to its simple moveset, high base damage, and high tier scaling, the Bearer of the Curse can use it for the vast majority of the game without needing to switch weapons.

The Scimitar’s base physical attack increases to 220 after reaching 10 on the Regular path, with scaling for Strength equivalent to E and Dexterity to A.

4 Falchion

With its greater health-damaging potential and greater poise-damaging potential, the Falchion is often viewed as an improvement over the Scimitar. The similarity in moveset, albeit with a slower execution, makes it clear that this sword sacrifices some speed in exchange for greater destructive potential.

At its maximum upgrade level ( 10 Regular), the Falchion achieves 240 physical attack, E-tier scaling with Strength, and A-tier scaling with Dexterity, making it potentially more useful than its slimmer counterpart.

3 Red Rust Scimitar

The Red Rust Scimitar, despite its rusty exterior, is a formidable curved sword.Shadow of the Reaper 2. This red blade does more damage at lower levels, and its damage increases with Strength.

Completely maxed out at 5 Regular, the Red Rust Scimitar has 270 physical attack, scales to C-tier in Strength, and scales to E-tier in Dexterity. Although it lacks the best stat boosts, it can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of other weapons to power stance them, allowing for some of the most devastating combos in the game.

2 Spider Fang

You can acquire this boss weapon by trading Weaponsmith Ornifex the Soul of the Duke’s Dear Freja; while its damage is only average, its attack speed is lightning fast, and its unique effect is incredibly useful for any build based on Dexterity.

In its most powerful 5 Regular configuration, the Spider Fang has a base physical attack of 210, an E-tier scaling in Strength, and an A-tier in Dexterity. When combined with the strong attack’s special effect—which launches sticky webs at enemies to slow them down and prevent an easy escape—these characteristics and speedy moveset make for a formidable opponent.

1 Warped Sword

The Warped sword is the best curved sword because it has all the features that make this type of sword effective. The 5 Regular maximum upgrade boosts its physical attack to 250, and its Strength and Dexterity scaling to E and A, respectively.

Nonetheless, the Warped Sword truly shines in its ability to grant the wielder victories in almost every damage-trade, thanks to its exceptionally high counter attack damage (130, whereas most weapons have 100) and high poise damage for a curved sword. More so, it can be used in conjunction with other curved swords to give them a more powerful power stance.