Updated at: 31-07-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Best KH3 Gummi Ship Builds

Given that Kingdom Hearts 3 has the best Gummi ship system to date, it only seems right that you set sail in the most incredible vessel at your disposal to discover the depths of the lanes in between. There are many prefabricated plans available, but if you’re up for an even greater challenge and want to construct your own ship, we’ve compiled a list of the top three designs.

3. X-Wing



This fantastic Gummi ship in the X-Wing style was made by Youtuber Walscheti. They went so far as to construct a miniature Tie Fighter to serve as a support vessel. High speed and rolling stats for maneuverability and a solid offense make this build practical in addition to attractive. Check out this tribute and give the build a shot if you’re a Star Wars fan.

X-Wing’s strong points:

Lightning quick and constantly moving, allowing even the quickest players to get off shots when it matters most. Construction details reveal a miniature ship that matches the Tie Fighter’s design. An X-Wing, indeed! I didn’t realize how much I wanted a crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars until now, and now that it’s here, I. Am. Living. For. It.

2. Broken Gummi Ship


This version of a damaged Gummi ship was made by Youtube user Super Milkbox and has a whopping 822 attack power. The stats of this ship are similar to the Sirius plan in that you can deal heavy damage and move at high speeds, but you’ll need to use the latter to your advantage in order to avoid taking damage from the former. This build makes use of the fact that you have more than one gun, allowing you to deal more damage to bosses in less time.

Why you should check out Broken Gummi Ship:

Having a high attack value and a plethora of weapons allows you to hit multiple targets at once. With a high speed stat, you can move quickly and avoid harm. Increasing your hit multiplier and your rating in battle can be accomplished by making good use of both of these statistics.

1.Donut Gummi Ship

The donut… yes, I remember those. The donut ship, a design classic since its debut in KH1 many years ago, continues to dominate the galaxy. This is a staple for many players, and for good reason; it happens to be one of my personal favorites as well. The most important part of this design is that your weapons, shields, and engines are all on the outside, leaving a huge opening in the middle. This allows enemy fire to pass right through the center of your ship, missing you completely while you deal massive damage to the other side. If you need some ideas, I highly recommend watching the video up top; the best part is that you can tweak it as much as you like, adding in whatever cannons you think will have the most impact.

This is where Donut Ship really shines:

There is a chance for insanely high offensive and muscular numbers. There is wiggle room here, so you can modify the build to suit your play style. In most cases, an enemy’s attack won’t even hit you, so you’re safe from harm.

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