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The competitive scene’s bottom lane meta has“League of Legends”changed considerably over time. And now, in 2020, at the World Championship, we’ll get to see the best duos in the world go head-to-head.

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Due to the popularity of support champions like Ashe and Senna, this season has been difficult for fans of flamboyant ADCs. Still, the marksman position is crucial for any team hoping to reach the next level of success.

On the other hand, support staff have rapidly risen to prominence as one of the most underappreciated positions in the workplace.Leaguescene. It’s important not to overlook their support role, which requires them to keep an eye on the whole map, roam for play opportunities, and guard the ADC.

The World Championship is the ultimate stage for players of all skill levels to achieve their dreams of legendary status. This list compiles the top ADC and Support teams for the upcoming 2020 World Championship.

Gen.G’s Ruler and Life

GenG Life: 'Tôi không thể tin tưởng ai ngoài Ruler'

Graphic courtesy of Riot Games

Ruler and Life are among the best teams on Summoner’s Rift because they are a master-student duo from Korea. The veteran superstar marksman for Gen.G has remained one of the most influential members of his team despite playing a role that is increasingly multifaceted.

He played Ashe frequently over the summer, but he also played a ton of Ezreal and Kalista, and he led the league in kills and damage, per Oracle’s Elixir. He stands out among ADCs, who are often treated as supporting roles, by carrying the team to victory.

Life, meanwhile, may have only begun his working life in 2018, but he has already proven to be an invaluable asset to Ruler. The 310 assists he racked up during the 2020 Summer Split ranked fifth in the entire LCK.

Always reliable, he can switch roles between primary engage tool and primary peel, allowing Ruler to take the reins. As a result, the seasoned ADC can spread his wings and soar to new heights.

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DRX’s Deft and Keria

Veteran ADC Deft and his 17-year-old support phenom Keria are DRX’s answer to Ruler and Life. This bottom lane was one of the best in the region during the regular season, so don’t overlook them just because everyone is focusing on the team’s superstar mid laner Chovy.

After another successful season, Deft will bring a wealth of Worlds knowledge to the table, while many eyes will be on Keria to continue rising in the rankings after the most recent split.

Over the course of the Summer Split, this fiery newcomer to Worlds racked up 401 assists, the most of anyone in the LCK, and a sky-high kill participation percentage of 72.3%.

Chovy will undoubtedly be DRX’s main focus, but Keria has consistently been one of the best supports in Korea. At Worlds 2020, he and Deft will be an obstacle for any team.

JD Gaming’s LokeN and LvMao

For this year’s World Championship, JD Gaming will bring a bottom lane that is as fiery as the rest of their Summoner’s Rift roster. The strength of LokeN and LvMao lies in the former’s ability to control the laning phase, freeing the latter to roam the map and make plays for the team.

For an ADC in the LPL, LokeN has the best KDA and also has solid early game numbers. He may not be the most exciting player, but he knows his role in JDG’s success and plays it well.

Meanwhile, LvMao is widely regarded as having the best support at the tournament. With the help of star jungler Kanavi, he can find a variety of crossmap plays, and he enjoys making spectacular plays that only a player of his skill level can accomplish.

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Given his league-leading assist total, second-best KDA among LPL supports, and high kill participation rate (70.5%), it’s safe to assume that LvMao will be a force to be reckoned with on the Rift from the very first second. This will be the 24-year-old’s first Worlds, but he is a major reason why JDG is a strong contender.