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Players won’t stick around if the opening sequence of a game doesn’t impress them. But these 10 books really pushed the envelope.

Nowadays, video games can tell stories just as well as movies or books. A video game, just like a book, movie, or TV show, needs a captivating introduction. Fortunately, video games offer a wider variety of methods to hold your interest. You won’t put in many hours playing a game unless the introduction is compelling.

The following selections were included because of the immediate immersion they provide for the player. They set the mood and tempo for the game perfectly. Not only that, but these games were groundbreaking in their day. We can partly attribute this to the head start we got in the first few minutes. In honor of video games, we present the top ten video game openings of all time!

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Its most-awaited function isSkyrimDragons were introduced in 2011. Bethesda anticipated this would be a big deal, so they made a point to give the dragons a hefty introduction.SkyrimIt all starts off slowly; the Imperials are transporting you and your fellow rebels to a nearby execution site. As you watch the deaths of your fellow passengers, you know that your time will come.

You hear a dragon roaring in the distance just before your head is chopped off. The excitement and suspense begin at once. It won’t be long before you see the dragon in all its splendor. After it destroys everything in its path, you’ll have to make a frantic dash for safety while dodging the dragon’s flaming breath. These introductorySkyrimconveys the sense that you’re about to embark on a journey of epic proportions. You can immediately begin exploring the massive map and taking out dragons on your own.

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We can always count on war to be the same.Fallout 3provides a model for how to establish a dominant early presence in a game. The opening conveys the same gloom you’ll feel as you begin to slog through this desolate landscape. Beginning with a sputtering light, this vintage number by The Ink Spots, “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire,” provides the perfect accompaniment. After this, Ron Perlman’s eerie narration begins, providing some context for the game’s ongoing exploration of humanity’s destructive impulses.

The Far Cryseries has a history of producing likable antagonists. At the same time that the antagonists ofFar Cry 4 and 5could also be included, 2012’sFar Cry 3wins a gold medal. All that is to come in Ubisoft’s third installment of its open-world series is summarized in this prologue. You’re about to cause some extreme chaos, but there are deeper themes of madness and moral ambiguity at play.

In the opening sequence of the game, you’ll be rocking out to M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” jam.During their travels, the protagonist Jason and his pals are featured prominently. Everything looks like a lot of fun until the camera pulls back to reveal that you’re actually watching it from Jason’s phone and Vaas is trying to get it back to him. Vaas has abducted Jason and his brother. Then, you hear the first of the main antagonist’s memorable monologues. He makes it clear to Jason and, by extension, the player, who is in charge. It’s his game, and you’re playing by his rules.

Any good superhero game has only one job: to make you feel like a superhero. Just a few minutes intoThe Amazing Spider-Man, from Marvelevidently Insomniac was capable of doing the job. In the opening scene, Peter awakens to find Kingpin wreaking havoc. You can tell he’s behind on rent because of the state of his apartment. That’s what they want to see from aSpider-Manstory in which he fights to prioritize his private life over his superhero persona.

Peter Parker immediately leaps out the window after donning the suit and begins web-slinging to Kingpin. Seconds later, he’s yours to start swinging all over Manhattan. Within the first few minutes, you’ll have a genuine sense ofSpider-ManI’m excited for you and the journey that lies ahead.

Sometimes the tutorials in games can be incredibly tedious. Some gamers prefer to figure out the controls on the fly. There must have been a lot of interest from developer Platinum GamesAutomata: NieRboasts the best generation-spanning tutorial content.NieRhas a variety of play styles, most of which are demonstrated in the first 20 minutes. A moment later, you could be playing a top-down shooter, and the next, a stylized third-person hack-and-slash.

One would assume that this is the final conclusion,NieRsimilar to a side-scrolling platformer. The core game features a perfect blend of these genres. The prologue gives you a taste of what the rest of the game has to offer. When you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll know everything there is to know. Considering the game’s difficulty over the course of its many hours, this has come to be seen as a sort of initiation rite.

According to Star Wars: The Force Awakens,The opening mission is a total ego boost. The events of this timeless game are sandwiched betweenThe Return Of The Sith and Optimism Reborn. A ripe old age for Darth Vader. Surely having players assume the role of Darth Vader for the first mission is the best way to demonstrate this raw power.

During the ambush on Kashyyk, you effortlessly toss wookies around like rag dolls, demonstrating your mastery of the Force.Power of the Force Revealedis very enjoyable forStar Warslovers, and the opening mission made that abundantly clear right away. It combines satisfying gameplay with cinematic visuals fit for the big screen.

Firstly, the originalUnchartedwas a fun game when it was released, but three sequels later, it’s clear the original hasn’t held up very well. For 2nd UnchartedAs far as Naughty Dog was concerned, all bets were off. Every aspect of the sequel has been improved upon or expanded upon. Indeed, this is immediately obvious. When Nathan Drake comes to, he is in a bloody, bruised, and stabbed state in a train car. Worse yet, this train car is hanging precariously over a precipice.

The scale and breadth of what this sequel is trying to depict are best appreciated when the camera pans. After that, there’s a tense climb where Nathan comes within a hair’s breadth of dying. Nathan, obviously, gets out of there eventually. But as a player, you’re dying to know what in the world brought Nathan to this train car in the first place. Thankfully, the expedition itself starts right after this sequence, so we can learn about what happened before.

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It’s the nature of some games to slowly ramp up the intensity of the situation.Title: God of War IIIcannot be categorized as one of those video games. The first few minutes of the sequel are an intense whirlwind of testosterone and adrenaline that only a sequel can deliver.War Godvideo games have to offer. Immediately after the prologue, Kratos and the other Titans launch an all-out attack on Zeus. As usual, Kratos is furious, and nothing will stand in his way of exacting revenge. Kratos kills three major bosses, including Poseidon, in the first 30 minutes.

The War Godhave always been a hallmark of the series, and they continue to impress with every episode. Santa Monica Studio, the game’s creator, wastes no time getting the player into the action. Serious fans of the series know to expect blood and mayhem in this sequel’s wacky boss fights.Third God of Warincludes all of those features and more in its first outing.

The Naughty DogFinal Chaptershocked the world when it was first unveiled. This is because it appeared to be the antithesis of everything else.Unchartedset. TheUnchartedvideo games tend to be exaggerated tales of action and adventure, whileFinal Chaptercontrary to what you might think. This is immediately demonstrated in the first mission.

In the beginning, players knewFinale of Usbe a harrowing ordeal for the protagonist. One thing they did not anticipate was having their hearts torn out within the first ten minutes of the game.End of the Worldfeatures bleak, character-focused storytelling. As soon as the first few minutes of gameplay have passed, this is made abundantly clear by the sudden and heartbreaking death of a character to whom you’re already growing emotionally attached.

A key factor inBioShockThe scenery is a masterpiece in and of itself. Irrational Games created an unforgettable world filled with dread and despair in their game Rapture. Just like the first few minutes of any other game, this one starts off similarly. You, as Jack, have just crashed your plane somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic. As the title card appears, the chilling cries of the remaining passengers can be heard. Beautiful water effects accompany your journey to safety, where you will find a lighthouse. To reach the depths of Rapture, an elevator from this lighthouse must be taken.

Because it sets the tone for the rest of the game, this prologue will stick in your mind. Rapture’s location plays a significant role in the story. Andrew Ryan’s opening monologue in the elevator serves as an introduction to the ideology of Rapture. Experiencing Rapture for the first time ranks among gaming’s most memorable moments and is easily one of the best first impressions ever.