Updated at: 24-05-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Have you heard about Riders of Icarus? Do you want to know which flying mounts are the best ones to try to tame by leaping off of another flying mount? Presented in alphabetical order with lore where applicable, these are Nexon America’s top 10 visually stunning flying mounts, as chosen by the development team. And to help you decide, I’ve included my own sales pitch for each.

Agnas the Red

Your enemies will freeze in their tracks when you release Agnas the Red, a dragon of Heroic rarity. Agnas has blazing red spikes on his appendages and enormous wings that are intimidating enough without the added glow. Did I mention he can incinerate anyone who stands in his way with a single breath?

What follows is his account of what happened.

During the War of the Dragons, the red dragons led by Agnas were Kelgarigan’s most formidable soldiers.

Agnas and the red dragons mysteriously disappeared after the war ended. As of late, it has come to light that Agnas accompanied Velzeroth to Guardian”s Gate. Why Agnas would choose to side with his longtime enemy Velzeroth is a mystery.

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It’s possible, though challenging, to domesticate Agnas. To quell his raging energies, a decisive blow must be landed. He could be tamed with a Dragon Emblem made from the blood of every red dragon in the Gate. Maybe Jeranin can shed some light on the situation.

Blueflame Phoenix

Although the Blueflame Phoenix is a Common bird and not as large as some of the others on this list, it is no less beautiful to look at. Thanks to its eye-catching combination of teal and orange, this bird is sure to take top honors at any competition.

Caldera Firebeak

To the question, “what if that bird I saw on the sidewalk today were more of a badass?” the Caldera Firebeak, an Elite rarity bird, provides an answer. This bird may raise your premiums because of its eye-catching red color and impressive head ornamentation, but it will also make your neighbors green with envy.To set the record straight, despite its moniker, this bird does not actually produce flames when it flies.

A bit more background on this gorgeous bird is provided below.

Journal of Discrete Ornithology, edited by Modi Fahl.

Despite their fiery origins, caldera firebeaks are actually quite vulnerable to heat. Mounting a firebeak can be risky business because of the bird’s propensity for bursting into flames.

You need a phoenix flare to tame this bird. Nerhes’s priests in the Broken Caldera probably have the recipe.

Coral Hawk

Another common mount that could be any kind of hawk is the Coral Hawk. Its antlers are the only distinguishing feature among its uniform brown coat. Hawks are said to have thought, long ago, that watching mountain goats fight with their horns locked together looked like a lot of fun. Except that it wasn’t true for them. They crashed to the ground after a midair collision. In response to centuries of this nonsense, evolution eventually endowed them with antlers. In honor of their antler color, we give them this moniker.

Gilded Benthic

In the dragon world, the Gilded Benthic is a true rarity. It’s possible it’s not a dragon, but that’s what we’re leaning toward. The Gilded Benthic is eye-catching because it resembles a seahorse but has four legs instead of two. The scientific community is still scratching their heads over how it flies, but they have pretty much settled on the word “magic” to describe it.

Learn more about the origins of this strange animal here.

The benthic is the most mysterious creature in all of Hakanas. Sailors have told tales about mysterious, glimmering serpents cruising the oceans for centuries. In the later Crowns Period, the benthic became a common masthead for merchant ships.

We’ve moved past the mythical age, thank goodness. We can now say with confidence that this beast exists in the wild.

There must be a potent maritime relic in order to control it. None have been made, but it is thought that the great titan Attaius and the dragon Atadren possess the materials necessary. Perhaps some brave explorer will make it there someday.

Golden Laiku

When first discovered, Golden Laiku were thought to be baby dragons; however, research has shown that this Heroic rarity simply does not mature. This makes the dragon an attention-getter at parties, so you can expect plenty of photo ops if you decide to hop on one. Make sure you don’t give it anything to eat after midnight.


Snake-like Elite Rarity The ‘ferocious cries’ of Lynic have made it a household name. If you ride one, no one will ever want to approach you again. Have your Lynic yell at anyone who dares to enter your personal space. However, if you have a hangover, you should avoid getting on one and riding it.

Learn a little bit more about this dragon’s life in the desert below.

This is an excerpt from Modi Fahl’s “Journal of Discrete Ornithology.”

The ferocity of a lynic’s howl has earned it the nickname “thunder howler.” When hunting, the lynic primarily employs a strategy involving the use of intense noise.

Ruby Bloodwyrm

Those who don’t want to risk having their faces fried off can settle for the Elite rarity Ruby Bloodwyrm, which isn’t as intimidating as Agnas the Red but is still a good choice. This dragon has a large wingspan, long, sharp claws, massive feet, and a barbed tail to deter any would-be attackers.


The Extremely Rare Item You can’t go wrong with Vulkanus if you’re a fan of thinking back to when Megatron was a dragon. This dragon will proclaim your evilness to the world with its three-pronged jaw, metallic sheen, and fiery orbs of light.


To the untrained eye, the Elite rarity Windrunner might look like it ran straight into a mountain and busted its face open, but rest assured, that is just its face. Despite its stunning blue and purple plumage, most people are more likely to refer to this creature as “that bird that looks like it smashed its face into a mountain,” according to a recent survey. There are scientists who will try to convince you that this is a horse, but I don’t buy it.

You can try your luck at capturing these bizarre and majestic mounts right now with a Founder’s Pack, or you can wait until the game enters Open Beta on July 6th.