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This is when the most tourists flock to Death Valley. Wildflowers in the spring are an additional bonus to the season’s warm weather. If the desert received adequate rainfall during the winter before, it puts on a spectacular floral show that typically reaches its height in the last days of March or the first days of April. For the latest information on the wildflowers, visit our website. This weekend is also the Death Valley Dark Sky Festival, so expect even more activity. Between the middle of March and the end of April, Death Valley is flooded with tourists for the spring break season. When that time of year rolls around, it’s common for campgrounds and hotels to be completely booked.



Death Valley has an early rise time. Even though the valley is unbearable by May, tourists continue to arrive in large numbers all summer long. Camping and hotels are both available, but in the summer only the hardiest would choose to sleep in the lowlands. Due to the scorching temperatures, most summer tourists drive along the paved roads to see the major attractions. The trails leading to Telescope and Wildrose Peaks are great for hiking, but they are at their best in the summer.

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Temperatures are warm but bearable, and the skies are usually clear by the time it arrives in late October. Both camping and Ranger Programs kick off in the fall and run through the spring. The weeks leading up to Death Valley “49ers Encampment” (the second week of November) and the Thanksgiving holiday are busy, despite the fact that it is less crowded at this time of year.

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has mild days and nights and infrequent rain. The valley is at its most picturesque in the winter, when snow blankets the mountains and the sun shines at a low angle. When it comes to crowds, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the absolute best there is all year. Christmas and New Year’s, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend in January, and the Presidents’ Day weekend in February are the busiest times of the year to visit. Booking in advance for camping or lodging is recommended.