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Greatshields have everything a person could want in a shield and more.

What’s up, y’all?For Dark Souls 3, the Best Armor

They’re extremely effective at preventing harm, exceptionally sturdy, and able tosometimeseven be used for harming others!

To which board, however, should you take your sword? If you’re looking for a ranking, this is it.every greatshield!

16. Twin Dragon Greatshield


Why bother with a greatshield that only blocks 99.9% of physical damage?

The two-headed dragon is a popular mythological creature.veryweight reduction is the only benefit; it’s one of the few greatshields with this drawback.

It’s a given that a greatshield won’t be featherweight. And with so many costs in exchange?

All right, I’ll just max out my vitality, thanks.

Where to find: Items taken from a body after the mid-fortress celebration fire.

15. Ancient Dragon Greatshield


The ancient dragon is another physical defense shield, but it shares many of the same flaws as the twin dragons.

In exchange for its lighter weight, it features bad defenses – failing to achieve even a 50% success rate on any factor.

Thankfully, it has a useful passive that makes up for this, as its HP slowly regenerates over time.

It is important to put an slow. It’s ridiculously expensive at 2 HP per second, making it unfeasible to use.

Directions on Acquiring: A prize from the first archdragon peak bonfire, taken from a body hanging from a pillar.

14. Greatshield of Glory


Having the ability to persevere through hardship is admirable. Dodging is a great skill to have. It’s nice to have one’s defenses not breached.

If you feel the same way, you shouldn’t use this shield.

Its glorification reduces regeneration of strength by a ridiculous -20!

On the other hand, it has the lowest stamina loss of any shield and offers the highest stability protection.

However, the slow regen is a hindrance when dodging, swinging, or running.stillpresently, and itsucks.

Where to find: In the profane nation’s capital, a mimic has dropped it.

13. Curse Ward Greatshield


This shield is commonly used, so its relatively low level may come as a surprise.

The problem is that it’s a “jack of all trades” shield, and as such it loses out to more specialized options.

Possessing the ‘weapon skill’ allows for a potential swap, but there are better alternatives outside of this niche.

I also don’t like how the ‘curse ward’ greatshield… doesn’t make you more immune to curses.

Directions on Acquiring: Discovered on an altar close to the first entrance to the underground cathedral.

12. Wolf Knight’s Greatshield


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Even if the Wolf Knight Shield doesn’t have above-average defenses looks That’s the ultimate goal, and it’s pretty freaking cool.

And it does more than just negate the effects of curses; it also increases resistances by 50 points against curses, poisons, toxins, and bleeds.

Though the shields aren’t great and certainly shouldn’t be used outside of theveryuncommon cases where more resistance is desired.

Where to find: Prize of the Farron Watchdogs Covenant, Level 2.

11. Bonewheel Shield


It’s possible that people will mock me for raising such a large defense…

Though, honestly, I’d like to put ithigher!

Let me set the record straight: the bonewheel isn’t very stable and has poor defenses, especially given how rarely it drops.

However, its bleed builds up quickly, it can be infused with more bleed, and it has a weapon skill that turns it into a blender will proc advised inflicting blood loss upon any adversary.

As you well know, I am a huge fan of luck builds, and seeing an opponent fall victim to a bonewheel shield is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

Where to find: Bodies being tossed by bonewheel skeletons.

10. Cathedral Knight Greatshield


Greatshields, like regular shields, can specialize in protecting against different types of damage.

One of them is the cathedral knight, who has the best possible dark defense.

It’s a pain to face, but it’s the best of the best when facing off against an enemy who has it.

You’ll use it most often in the downloadable content, whether it’s to take down sister Friede or in the slums of the city walls.

Methods of Obtaining: Cathedral knights with hammers threw it.

9. Black Iron Greatshield


After the white marble, the black iron is the next best thing against X.

This shield offers the best protection from fire and should be used whenever possible.

In PvE, it will shine in combat against fiery enemies like the old demon king and demon prince, and in locations like the Smouldering Lake.

Because of the ease with which it can be obtained.

Here’s the deal: Tsorig, the knight-killer, tossed it into the lava-filled lake below the Smouldering Lake.

8. Lothric Knight Greatshield


Finally, there’s the Lothric greatshield, renowned for its superior resistance to magical attack.

This shield is particularly effective against magical assaults, which are likely to be your primary source of injury.

The crystal sage will be a breeze, and you’ll have an ally in the fight against hollows and invaders with magical abilities if you acquire this early in the game.

In addition, you should equip this for use in the grand archives and against bosses who rely on magic, such as Pontiff Sulyvahn and Aldrich.

Where to find: Left behind by Lothric spear or sword knights.

7. Stone Greatshield


A humble jack-of-all-trades, the stone greatshield has proven itself to be the best greatshield in its category on more than one occasion.

It has a very high block average for its weight, 78%, making it very effective against all forms of damage.

For everyday use, this is a safe bet. However, it’s incredibly challenging to incorporate into a style setup…

What you need to know to: Fell from the sky by elder Ghru in the Farron bogs.

6. Moaning Shield


The moaning shield is a generic item that serves the same purpose as the stone greatshield.barelyexceeds it by an average of 0.2% per block.

It has slightly less resistance to fire and dark, but more to magic and lightning.

The staggering is the true eye-catcher 10 points of added durability, making it the game’s second-best greatshield (behind only glory by 3 points)

Even better, it won’t hinder your health replenishment!

Get This: It was left by Eygon of Carim, who was traveling with Irina.

5. Dragonslayer Greatshield


The Dragonslayer is a fan-favorite and one of the two ‘ultra greatshields.’heavy number.

If you’re looking for a greatshield, look no further; this massive shield has the second highest block average, and it excels at lightning resistance to an insane degree 95%!

Its shield bash is a unique weapon ability that blocks frames and knocks down enemies.

Despite being specifically designed to slay dragons, it is especially vulnerable to fire. When facing off against flaming monsters, it’s probably best to use the black iron shield.

Where to find: Alternating dimensions using the dragonslayer’s soul plate.

4. Dragonhead Greatshield


The dragonhead greatshield, available in the ringed city downloadable content, is a worthy addition insane fire resistance, and a special ability with their weapons.

When it uses its weapon skill, the mounted visage lets out a roar that shakes the very foundations of faith, knocking helpless foes off their feet and leaving most other opponents vulnerable to attack!

It’s great for creative construction and close combat, but it’s more of a weapon than a shield due to its low stability and poor resistances to the elements (other than fire).

Consider using something else if all you need to do is block.

Directions on Acquiring: Just past the swamp in the walled city, beneath the bridge where Midir flies while breathing fire.

3. Yhorm’s Greatshield


For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Yhorm’s is a fantastic choice for high strength builds.

While equipped, it provides a wonderful passive bonus of 15 poise in addition to its excellent stability and general defenses (it lacks lightning protection only).

You’ll be able to block more attacks and trade more effectively without using up too much energy with this in your hands.

Find out how to: Yhormian soul transference

2. Havel’s Greatshield


Let’s bring out the big guns now.

Havel’s greatshield, at an enormous 28 units – heaver than a bag of fume UGS!

However, in exchange, it has the highest average block percentage of any element, at 86%.

You won’t need anything else but the strength and stamina to use this massive shield effectively.

In addition, it can be enhanced with a powerful magical shield, turning it into the most formidable defensive weapon ever devised.

Hit a wall and your enemies have a better chance of survival!

Where to find: Hidden in archdragon peak, this item was dropped by Havel.

1. Giant Door Shield


Finally, the ringed city’s giant door, another unexpected feature.

The top dog among greatshield predators.

You’ve no doubt seen countless compilations and montages depicting these items’ complete and utter destruction of their opponents in competitive play.

And you guessed it: destroying people.

You won’t know what to do with all the block frames and hyperarmor that come with these weapons.

The ‘lockout’ weapon skill enables a defensive stance and a new set of bashes and heaves that will render your foes nearly helpless and stagger them like never before crazy!

Be wary of pyromancers, though. This set of wooden gatessurprisinglylack proper protection from fire.

Where to find: Down the cliff path ahead, past the abandoned earthen peak and its fire. A guardian angel is approaching, so take care!