Updated at: 24-07-2023 - By: Craig Huey

When it comes to the specifics of these stats changes, a new post by Eyonix on the official forums provides a wealth of detail.


World of Warcraft is updating the way periodic effects (HOTs & DOTs) are used and calculated.


All across the official Blizzard forums, players are calling for classes to be either nerfed or buffed. It’s a constant source of entertainment.


The concept of class parity is illusory in World of Warcraft. Blizzard does its best to make sure all classes and specializations are on equal footing, but it’s not perfect. Some groups will always perform better than others in the long run.

There have been a number of changes to classes in Patch 6.2 that have shifted the balance once more. A new wave of overpowered classes should assume leadership now. For Patch 6.2, which roles do you consider to be the best? We looked at the data and added our own in-game knowledge to determine which three World of Warcraft PvE classes are the most powerful. Read on to see which three classes we think are too strong.

Skill in players is something that cannot be quantified. With skill and knowledge, even the weakest class or specialization can become formidable.


Patch 6.2 of Warlords of Draenor saw Paladins flourish under the guidance of the light. Damage dealers and healers alike will find this patch’s Protection Paladins appealing due to their high survivability. Even without auras, they are still capable of holding large numbers of mobs with relative ease. In terms of healing, Holy Paladins are also performing exceptionally well in this patch. In the hands of a skilled player, a Holy Paladin can outheal almost any other class or spec. Only Discipline Priests can truly shut out a Holy Paladin’s healing ability.


Retribution, the third Paladin subclass, is the class’s weakest option. Despite not being at the very top, Retribution damage is still significantly higher than that of many other classes and specializations. As this specialization hasn’t changed much over the years, and as the other options for this class are so much cooler, Paladins are the best in Patch 6.2.


Even though the Warlock’s DPS has been portrayed as low in some simulators for this expansion, seeing one in action shows a very different picture. When played by a skilled player, a Warlock can easily surpass all other classes. The Affliction Warlock, in particular, has made remarkable progress since the last patch thanks to some strategically placed class buffs.


We shouldn’t look down our noses at the other two Warlock specializations, either. There has been no drop in quality between Demonology and Destruction in the PvE metagame. You can expect either specialization to be among the top DPS in your next raid, though not quite as high as the Affliction Warlock is currently achieving or simulating. Maybe the class got a boost because they went to Draenor and are now closer to the Burning Legion.


The Druid class has been particularly powerful in this expansion, both at the beginning and throughout the story. The Druid is still highly regarded, even after the most recent patch. Druids are among the best classes for tanking and healing at this point in the game. The Druid tank is very good at maintaining aggro and contributing some damage to the raid, and the Restoration Druid’s healing-over-time spells are potent tools that, in the hands of a skilled player, can easily propel you to the top of the healing charts.


This elite group is also performing admirably in terms of DPS. Both Druid DPS specs are currently pushing pretty decent numbers, with Feral Druids being slightly stronger than their Balanced counterparts. The DPS Druid can be incredibly powerful in the hands of an experienced player. Despite its current low DPS, the Druid class is still a strong contender for inclusion on this list thanks to its versatility and the high quality of its healing and tanking counterparts.

This concludes our look at the three most powerful classes in Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2. What roles do you feel are currently too strong? Is there one that you anticipate will eventually dominate the market? Tell us what you think in the comments section!