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This alloy, which comes from the Orokin, is a pain to farm, especially for newer players.

Everything from weapons to Warframes, and even gems, require Oxium in their creation.

Having a large stockpile of Oxium is advantageous because it can be put to use in the construction of a wide variety of blueprints.

Oxium Osprey

Since Oxium Ospreys are the most common type of enemy that drops Oxium, that location would be ideal for gathering Oxium.

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When engaging in missions against the Corpus, you will encounter Oxium Ospreys, which are Corpus units.

Oxium Osprey can be obtained from missions in the Dark Sector as well as those on planets under Corpus control.

There are many Corpus missions available, but you can narrow down your options for where to farm Oxium by figuring out where Oxium Ospreys are most likely to spawn.

We have a short list of potential locations for farming Oxium; in particular, we recommend going with Hydroid and Nekros.

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Where to farm Oxium?

IO (Jupiter)

With the recent adjustments, including the removal of the bug that allowed enemies to spawn in an infinite number of instances during a capture, Io is now a prime location for gathering Oxium.

Even though there are probably other Corpus defense missions, IO is a good place to farm relics. Therefore, I propose farming here as an alternative due to its many advantages.

IO has a healthy spawn rate for Oxium Osprey, and players can work together to take down waves more quickly by increasing the number of enemies in each.

Elara (Jupiter)

Oxium farmers who also want to farm other resources may find that Elara is a suitable alternative to IO, though it is not known whether or not the same quantity of Oxium can be obtained.

Oxium Osprey can be found in Elara, and the number of them a group encounters depends on the size of the group.

Each Oxium drop is valuable, so it’s best to have a group of people to split the workload with.


If you want a better chance of getting more Oxium, it’s a good idea to invite friends or join a public mission with a large group of people. As soon as the mission begins, it should be obvious that only missions involving Oxium Osprey will provide the opportunity to obtain Oxium. Warframes like Nekros with Desecrate and Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm can be extremely useful when farming for Oxium because they can force loot from enemies.


Although there is only a small amount of equipment that requires Oxium, there may be times when you need a lot of it, so it’s helpful to know where to go farming for it.

Always try to farm with a group, as the difficulty rises with the number of players in your squad.

A common misconception among players is that farming Oxium in a given mission is impossible if no Oxium Osprey has been spotted.

Here you can find a comprehensive guide to resource farming, outlining not only the various techniques and tools available, but also the benefits of each.