Updated at: 06-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Andrea Helms is a singer and worship leader from Odessa, Texas, who rose to fame after appearing on Season 4 of BET’s Sunday Best. Andrea relied on her faith and good fortune to make it to second place on Sunday’s Best. Andrea acknowledges that, after her time on that stage, she emerged as a more powerful and assured performer. Andrea’s renditions of songs originally performed by Tremaine Hawkins, Whitney Houston, and Martha Munizzi showed off her vocal range and talent. For her first album, she took a risk by putting her own unique spin on seven chart-topping singles Onward and upward.

By the grace of God, DREAM Gospel Records has just signed Helms, and we’re excited to share with you her second Spirit-filled worship album, “Clap Your Hands.” A family of three (Andrea, her husband, and their son) currently calls Denton, Texas home. Her husband is the pastor at the church where she first sang in the choir as a child. We count it as a great privilege to have secured this interview with her exclusively for Hallels.

Hallels: Greetings, and best wishes on the impending launch of “Clap Your Hands.” How did your time on BET Sunday’s Best serve as practice for this album?

Thanks to Sunday Best, I was able to reach a massive new audience immediately after airing. Being given a platform allowed me to record this album.

Andrea Helms | Christian Music Archive

Hallels: Did you take a different tack with this album than you did with your first, “Moving Forward?”

Indeed, I did. The songs I sang on my first album were those featured on the show Sunday Best. When I set out to make this album, I intended for people to get to know me on a deeper, more nuanced level.

Hallels: What aspects of the new album are you looking forward to the most?

In a good way, this album challenged me. I think that it’s possible for anyone, regardless of musical tastes, to find a song to which they can relate.

Wow, that really piques my interest!

Hallels: In what ways do you hope your audience will grow as a result of hearing this album?

One of the overarching themes of this album is God’s goodness and the significance of knowing who and what He is. Indeed, we have all experienced difficulty, but we need not remain mired in adversity. Our faith is in Jesus. A praise must be found in the midst of adversity.

Hallels: Do you have any cover songs on this album? In your first record, you put your unique stamp on seven different songs.

There wasn’t any, to be honest. The name “I’m Yours” serves as a tag that will be instantly recognizable to many. Besides that, all of these tracks are brand new.

Hallels: What does worship mean to you as the leader of music at Friendship Church, with a new worship CD on the horizon?

True worship is doing what God asks of us. When given the choice between obeying and sacrificing, it is preferable to do so. To show our love for God, we must follow his rules. The result is a form of worship.

Hallels: Where can our readers go to get “Clap Your Hands” and learn more about you?

In case any of our readers are interested in picking up “Clap Your Hands” or learning more about you, where can they do so? Clap Your Hands is available for download on iTunes. You can also find me on Twitter and my website, www.andreahelms.com. It’s my musician Facebook page, helmsandrea.