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Best ball to catch Kyogre

I’m chasing a level 70 Rayquaza. At level 55, my Kyogre has Quick Claw equipped.

So far, my strategy has been to use Ice Beam to reduce the Rayquaza’s health to below 10%, then wait for it to use Rest to put itself to sleep, use Ice Beam again to bring it down to critical health, and finally throw Ultra Balls at it over and over again.

Still, I’ve given this a number of shot with no luck. Which alterations can I make to my strategy to increase the odds of a successful capture?


To deal with Rayquaza, you should bring a Pokemon that can either paralyze it or put it to sleep. Lightning Wave and Hypnosis are two examples of such moves. The odds of success will improve if you use these. (In addition, Rayquaza wakes up after two turns from Rest, while putting it to sleep yourself is likely to last longer, and Rest is a pain to deal with, regardless.)

Otherwise, you’re already doing everything in your power, so just keep firing off Ultra Balls and crossing your fingers.


So, according to this Catch Rate Simulator, an ultra ball is your best bet. (Your best chance of catching him is with Ultra Balls.) You can use a Dusk Ball on a Rayquaza if you first put it to sleep or freeze it. Approximately 4.3% of the time, this will result in his capture.

You could also try using a timer ball, which is another option. After 40 turns, there is a 9.2 percent chance of catching him using Timer Balls. You’d need a lot of potions and revives to keep your Pokemon alive, but the catch rate is high.


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How to catch Rayquaza in Emerald? Is it possible to catch Rayquaza with Pokeball?

For the record, Rayquaza can be captured in a poke ball in the third-generation games (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) and their remakes. It can be captured in the latest series, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, as well as in the original games’ remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver. The Windy region of the Sky Pillar is home to Rayquaza, and you’re told that the only way to get there is by utilizing a Rayquaza. Once the capture event has begun, leaving the platform without saving will result in your character failing in their attempt to capture Rayquaza.

Rayquaza catch rate emerald? Can you catch Rayquaza without master ball?

Any Pokemon can theoretically be captured using a pokeball. The success rate is entirely dependant on how well it works. Whenever Rayquaza is in play, he catches 3 out of every 4 targets. Divide the catch rate (in %) by 255 to get the probability of capturing it with a pokeball. To that number, add your trainer’s experience level. If your party contains more than one Pokemon, multiply that number by 256 and then divide it by 256. Take the catch rate, divide it by 128, multiply it by your trainer’s level, and add 256 if you’re using an ultra ball to try to catch a Pokemon.

Can you catch rayquaza with ultra ball? What are the chances of catching Rayquaza with a Ultra Ball?

Can you catch rayquaza with ultra ball? What are the chances of catching Rayquaza with a Ultra Ball?
Is Rayquaza immune to the ultra ball? The chances of capturing Rayquaza with an Ultra Ball have to be pretty slim.

According to the Catch Rate Generator, an ultra ball is your best bet. A better chance of catching him (with Ultra Balls) is presented. You can use a Dusk Ball on a Rayquaza if you first put it to sleep or freeze it. You’ll have about a 4.3% chance of capturing him with this method.

Best pokeball for shiny rayquaza

Anyone who has played the hit mobile game “Pokemon Go” is probably familiar with the game’s titular pocket monsters. As for the ultimate goal of any Pokemon fan, it’s to capture as many shiny Pokemon as possible. But alas, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. We’ve looked into what type of pokeball is best for a shiny Rayquaza, so you don’t have to.

Rayquaza catch rate gen 3

Rayquaza catch rate gen 3
3rd generation Rayquaza catches per hour

In Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee and Pikachu!, due out in October 2018, the developers will attempt to recreate the very first Pokemon game. There have been remakes of Generation 1 before, with X and Y, but this new generation 3 release will have a lot of cool new additions! In celebration of Pokemon Yellow’s 20th anniversary, the game has been retold in Pokemon Let’s Go. This sequel will be nearly identical to the first, with the addition of your very first Pokemon partner. Although.

Rayquaza best moveset

Okay, so let’s be honest: Pokémon GO’s battle system isn’t exactly satisfying. And if you want to be the best trainer in the world, you’ll need a formidable squad. In any case, our team of expert Pokémon trainers has figured out the best possible moveset for a fiery flying dragon, and they’re going to share it with you.

Is it hard to catch Rayquaza? Rayquaza catch rate oras

As usual, Rayquaza has a low base catch rate, but given how easy he is to beat, if you can succeed in the raid with fewer people (he’s already been two-manned in the first few hours of release), you’ll hopefully get more chances than you otherwise would have.

FAQs about best pokeball to catch Rayquaza

FAQs about best pokeball to catch Rayquaza
When it comes to catching Pokemon, what is the best type of ball to look for? Rayquaza

Which is the best Pokeball to catch Rayquaza with?

In order to capture Rayquaza, which pokéball is the most effective? Don’t Let Chance Get Away From You Low HP Reduced HP, SLP, and FRZ Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Associated Disorders If your active Pokemon has no level, you will receive an 18% Level Ball. A total of 17% Heavy Ball. 13% None. In the event that your current poke is an active pok, you should use a Heavy Ball Level Ball 11% None. In this case, there is no net. We have no friends in the 11 percent friend ball. There is no 10% Ultra Ball. Nothing to attract attention 8% Lure Ball. An Even 7% Ball Heavy Slugger Net Ball If your pokémon in use has a leve 6% Friendship Ball 0% Charm Ball There is no 5% Ultra Ball. Four percent no more than no less than a level ball. 3 percent Great Ball Zero.

What’s the best way to catch Rayquaza in Emerald?

In order to play it safe, you should buy 30–40 Ultra Balls, or you could just use your Master Ball. It’s highly recommended that you use the Master Ball to capture Rayquaza now, as doing so will result in an instant victory. If you don’t have any more, though, Ultra Balls will suffice, provided you have a powerful enough team to knock him or her out first. Obviously, not everyone is welcome at this function.

When is the best time to catch Rayquaza?

In the event that Rayquaza’s level is 14 or lower. It is possible to meet this Pokémon while fishing. If you’ve ever caught or owned this Pokémon, it should be listed in your Pokédex. Assuming Rayquaza has a level of 6 or lower. A chance encounter with this Pokémon while swimming, fishing, or using a surfboard. For the Third-Generation:

If you have previously caught or owned this Pokemon, it will be listed in your Pokédex. To the extent that this Pokémon was won at a competition. If the level of this Pokémon is lower than 5, it is considered a beginner. This Pokémon is likely to be badly hurt if it is.

How is the catch rate calculated for Rayquaza?

This is figured out by taking into account Rayquaza’s catch percentage in addition to variables such as the player’s health and status conditions. Notes are provided for each Pokéball to help you determine whether or not its bonus applies, and we do our best to take into account the requirements for each Pokéball modifier. All of the adverbial qualifiers are ranked from most important to least, with the most important one appearing first. To indicate that the Pokéball itself is a bonus (rather than a quality or a modifier), we use the ” ” symbol. Razz Berries are not included in this count.

It’s recommended that you buy at least 30–40 Ultra Balls, or else use your Master Ball. If you want to use the Master Ball to automatically capture Rayquaza, this is your best chance. If you no longer have it, however, Ultra Balls will suffice; just make sure your team is strong enough to knock him or her out first. Rayquaza can do a lot of damage to your team thanks to his enormous strength and extensive moveset. Someone with a strong Ground or Water type will be able to take on this dragon. Get a Blastoise, Lanturn, or Golem as your best bet. Have them dish out some damage, and then send in the Groudon (or Entei) you caught earlier.

When is the best time to get a Rayquaza?

When is the best time to get a Rayquaza?
Whenever you can afford one, the best time to buy a Rayquaza.

After defeating the Elite 4, you can choose when to get Rayquaza. If you want to be on the safe side, you should probably buy 30–40 Ultra Balls, or you could just use your Master Ball. There is no better time than now to use the Master Ball, which will instantly and without question capture Rayquaza. Keep at least two Master Balls at all times.

Dialga is only available after you have captured both Giratina and Palkia. Although, you may want to catch both versions of these Pokémon first, as you can only catch the opposite version of these Pokémon (if you want to catch Giratina in Diamond, you must catch Palkia in Pearl).

We factor in Rayquaza’s catch percentage, ball modifiers, Rayquaza’s health, and any status conditions that may affect the catch rate. Notes are provided for each Pokéball to help you determine whether or not its bonus applies, and while we make every effort to honor the conditions for each Pokéball modifier, there are some exceptions. If you are actively hunting for a Rayquaza and find an error, please let me know so that I can correct it.

How do you get a Masterball in Emerald?

The Master Ball can be found east of Lilycove in Pokemon Emerald, at Team Aqua’s secret base. The Lilycove Department Store also offers a Store Lottery where you can win a Master Ball. Unlockable Instructions for Activating Master Ball You can win the lottery by purchasing a ticket at the Lilycove Department Store.

How many ultra balls does it take to catch Rayquaza?

Get 30–40 Ultra Balls just to be safe, or use your Master Ball. The Master Ball will capture Rayquaza without any further action on your part, making this your best opportunity to use it. You should primarily use Ultra Balls, but if the encounter goes on too long, you may need to switch to a Timer Ball or Dusk Ball. If a Pokémon isn’t resisting the Ultra Ball, it only needs one or two hits to capture it.

If your Pokémon is level 35 or higher, you should be using Great Balls on it.


If you want to catch the Legendary Rayquaza in Pokémon GO, you’ll need a very high-level Pokéball. This article will cover the optimal Pokéball and throws for capturing Rayquaza.