Updated at: 21-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

There are many arena situations where a fire HH would be useful… certainly the early game; after that, it’s a matter of taste. While some of the top 100 players in the world have a preferred brand, the vast majority don’t use them. Furthermore, wind brownie is essentially a superior Sieq.

In spite of this, he is a respectable buffing monster who is extremely useful early on but has only moderate late-game utility.

In the 3-man format of guild wars, water is guaranteed to pull both allies along for the attack, so I’m curious to see if he becomes more popular. could be a fun GW tactic for the first couple of hours of the game, but after that, I just don’t see it working.

Possibilitatively useful on a defensive unit with several other players.

The Inugami (or Dark), the Battle Mammoth, and the Hellhound are all elemental fire creatures. Each of the three features a teaming-up mechanic. Mammoth has the weakest attack, so Kro and Raoq are possibilities. Perhaps they lack the ability to take charge. However, you should prioritize speed and damage output when designing your units.

An effective glass cannon is a fire hellhound. If you’re surrounded by nukes or monsters whose primary attacks have a chance to proc (Raoq, Tyron, etc.), the water hellhound’s group hunt skill will come in handy.

Consider an arena team composed of Water HH, Raoq, Tyron, and another character whose attacks come in rapid succession or in large groups.

In addition to being an effective single-target damage source, fire also serves as a useful crit team buffer. Even more so, I can’t wait to test out Dark in a speed competition. Just not familiar enough with the others to comment.

There was a Fire HH on William’s team, and I believe they accomplished the light slyph B3 hall in 2.5 minutes flat. Although his team consisted of the Fire Phoenix, the Water Phoenix, Bernard, HH, and Bernard, he had no healer and only a gang of massively runed glass cannons.

The fire seemed like it would be a nice addition. I had awakened him with a water HH. We had a brief period of love. Nonetheless, I didn’t think he took too much of a hit. Even though I lost my other wind HH, I still have a 5* one. Despite being a 2* natural, he does respectable damage.

The dark HH is my favorite to use. The second skill provides a temporary boost to attack speed that, at max level, lasts for two turns. Furthermore, as his health decreases, his attack speed rises. Since mine is runed for swiftness and blade, I can usually land three hits before the enemy does. Just to try him out, you should spend an hour farming one during the dungeon’s off hours. I assure you, you won’t be sorry.

A friend of mine has a max-level 6* version of him, and he’s a total monster. I think he has runes of rage and blades. That said, it really is a monster. I’d like to have one, but farming is my only option. Sunday is the day I must also farm for Ahman.