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If you’re new to fly fishing, picking out the right rod can feel like a Herculean task. Here is a selection of the best fly rods for beginners, as chosen by us.

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What’s up, y’all? The Ultimate First Fly Rod

A beginner in any sport quickly realizes that their own equipment is crucial to their success. Getting a feel for your fly rod is a crucial part of learning how to fly fish, and it’s impossible to do so effectively if your gear is constantly being replaced.

Having your own gear is also a great source of inspiration; after all, who wouldn’t want a brand new, shiny fly rod? We are aware of this, which is why we have devoted this review to guiding you toward the best fly rod for your needs and budget.

Product Preview #

This is an Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit 905-4, a 5 weight 9 foot rod. See If the Price Is Right Now
Kit for Fly Fishing: Redington 590-4 Crosswater… See If The Price Has Changed
The NXT Rod and LA Reel Combo Kit by Temple Fork Outfitters, Size 5/6 Look at the Current Cost

Finding the best fly rod for a beginner involves more than just looking for the cheapest outfit. Selecting the incorrect setup, size, and action will set you back right from the start and slow down your progress.

We recommend the Orvis Clearwater or the Redington Crosswater as the best fly rods for beginners. Both of these fly rods are powerful, versatile, and backed by lifetime guarantees.

Each fly rod is comparable to the much more expensive rods sold by Sage and Hardy, which I have used. Our research team spent 42 hours combing through thousands of user reviews to compile this short list.

A Concise Guide to the Top Fly Rods for Novices in 2021

Here is a quick rundown of the fly fishing equipment we most often recommend to newbies, including our picks for the best beginner fly rods of 2021. What follows is a rundown of the best fly rods for beginners in 2021.

Fly Rod Linear Masses Price
Suggested Product: Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod 2wt-6wt $198
Fly Rods for Fishing in the Wild 5/6wt $99
The Redington Crosswater Rod 4wt-8wt $99
TFO Next Generation Fly Rod 4/5wt $199
Fly Rod with a Sage Foundation 4wt-8wt $325

See our pick for the Best Fly Line for Beginners if you’re interested in finding the ideal line for your first time out.

Lefty Kreh and Temple Fork Outfitters Make the Best Fly Rods for Beginners. Some Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Fly Fishing Rod

The Best Fly Rods You Can Buy for a Beginner

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod


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You won’t find a better fly fishing outfit than Orvis, and that includes fly rods. The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod is typical of the company’s other lightweight and reasonably priced fly fishing rods. The Orvis Clearwater, which measures nine feet in length and has a five-weight fly line, is a great choice for novice anglers targeting large trout. It’s made out of aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight, making it a great material choice. The four-piece construction of this fly rod makes it portable and easy to cast, as noted by a number of reviews.

The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod’s action was just right for me; it was neither too fast nor too slow, and it allowed even inexperienced fishermen to cast like pros. This is because the construction and profile of the Orvis Helios allow for powerful and accurate casting of flies of any size, even in gusty conditions. The Orvis Helios 3 is reviewed in detail here.

The Clearwater LA II or LA IV, as well as the large arbour that comes with all Clearwater Outfits, are included with the purchase of an Orvis Clearwater. The outfits also feature a powerful Rulon-to-stainless steel inline drag, which helps anglers reel in swift fish.

In the Clearwater River, Orvis is perfect for those not looking to spend too much time or money fishing in a river, lake, or flat.

An Excellent Casting Job Compact and long-lasting There is a guarantee of 25 years from the maker. Reels, leaders, backing, and line can be purchased as a four-piece set. The Bad This rod moves more slowly than others.

Wild Water Starter Package


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The Wild Water Starter Package comes in second, and its 5- to 6-pound-test line capacity makes it ideal for fishing bigger game. When switching between freshwater and saltwater lakes, you won’t need to change your reel or rod.

The rod sock included in the Wild Water Starter Package safeguards the line from snagging and abrasions as you tire lures on the reel. The sock shields the sensitive rod’s ends and its guides from damage.

The slow action of this fly rod, like that of the best of them, impressed me greatly because it gives anglers so many options when dealing with such a diverse range of fish targets. This is exactly the sort of adaptability that every fly fisherman needs when the rules of the game keep shifting.

This graphite composite rod’s high sensitivity makes it easy for the angler to detect fish strikes, and the 5x tapered leader is another impressive feature. The medium flex provided by the aluminum oxide guides makes casting a breeze, making this rod ideal for novice anglers.

Lightweight, compact, and user-friendly best describe this fly rod. Casting with greater accuracy is made possible by the graphite composite’s combination of strength and light weight. This rod is multipurpose, as it can also be used with mono-lines.

What’s Good A great choice for a first fly rod. This spell can be cast with little effort. The price is reasonable for a starter set. The Bad The rod isn’t very sturdy.

Redington Crosswater


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Crosswater in Reddington Rod of Medium Tension is simple to use and a great choice for those just getting into fly fishing. It is one of the best fly rods for applications involving treble hooks, such as crankbaits, topwater lures, or recreational baits like spinner baits, and it can cast further than most standard fishing rods.

Its four-part construction provides great portability for traveling fishermen. The Redington Crosswater fly rod is offered both individually and in complete outfits to help you start fishing like a pro right away.

Strong tension is achieved in the Reddington Crosswater fishing rod by its graphite body, chrome snake and stripping guides, and wood insert reel seat. To make the rod more sensitive to strikes from fish, less material is used in its construction.

The laser etching on the reel seat and the anodized aluminum construction make this rod an excellent buy. The reels on most low-priced rods are made of metal, but are protected by a plastic cushion inside the hood. The aluminum and wood construction of the Redington Crosswater, on the other hand, makes it less likely that stains or rust will appear over time. This is helpful information for fishermen who are shopping for a fly rod with a medium fast action.

What’s Good Excellent sleight of hand at the tip Durable and lightweight The laser-etched wooden reel seat adds a great deal of efficiency. The Bad The exterior frame is very delicate. Pulling the reel off is a breeze.

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh

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This is the one-stop shop The Lefty Kreh of the Temple Fork is a great fishing pole for amateurs. The high-performance setup is ideal for novices to fly fishing, as it allows them to quickly progress to advanced levels of competence. The rod, reel, backing, and leader come in a custom Cordura case. The line is a light floating type.

Graphite, used in the construction of the Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Lefty Kreh, is both lightweight and strong. The rod has a composite cork handle and is outfitted with chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides, an anodized aluminum reel seat, and aluminum oxide stripping guides.

Anglers can reel in a wide variety of fish, including trout, with the help of this fast-action rod. This feature also allows the rod to bend halfway or further, giving you excellent control; it snaps back to its original shape quickly, so it doesn’t feel stiff. The rod can be broken down into four manageable pieces for transport and storage, and reassembled in a flash with no special skills or knowledge required. Aluminum casting makes for a strong and lightweight reel. It is one of the best fly rod brands because of the ease with which it casts and catches game. Excellent equipment for fly fishing.

Things That Are Good Because of its small size, it is convenient to transport. Reel spools can be switched out, providing a lot of bang for your buck. The Bad To put it another way, compared to other fishing rods, it is a little fragile.

Sage Foundation Fly Rod


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In addition to being amost reputable fly-rod manufacturers, a company renowned for producing high-quality flyfishing rods, and the 690-4 fly rod is no exception. Heavy nymphs and large dry flies with droppers allow it to travel below the surface. This rod has great feel and is ideal for casting mayflies for trout in both large and small bodies of water.

Like other contemporary fast-action rods, the Sage Foundation Fly Rod allows for easy manipulation and effective casting. Black anodized aluminum provides a locking reel seat, and the rod is equipped with hard chrome snake guides and ceramic stripper guides. Its high weight makes it ideal for fishing in saltwater, and its snub-nose cork handle ensures safety and comfort.

You can transport your new Sage Foundation Fly Rod with ease thanks to the tough black nylon tube with a padded divider that comes in the box.

To the Good The best fly rod you can buy for the price. Consistent transmission of power The most long-lasting of its kind The Cost of the Bad

How Are Fly Rods Made?

Carbon fiber is used to fashion fly fishing rods. The carbon cloth is coated in resin, wrapped around a mandrel, and then reinforced with more resin to form the rod’s blank, which is a long, skinny cone.

Next, a reel seat and cork handle are installed in the blank before it is crashed to remove any imperfections caused by the cloth. The guides are also layered with resin to keep the rod safe from the elements, and the whole thing is whipped together.

Because of the proliferation of line ratings, lengths, prices, and actions among fly rods, even shopping for a single-handed rod can feel like an overwhelming task. An examination of the evolution of the fly rod and advice on what to look for when making a purchase.