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Seeing as how you’ve found this page, you’re probably looking for advice on how to use the gowipe attack strategy to get three stars in Town Hall 8. In Clash of Clans, at Town Hall Level 8, the farming base can be used as a fortress against the Gowipe.

If your base has many wall intersections or your buildings and defenses are too close together, you should avoid this tactic.

Required Forces:

Two Golems (1 )

The Wizard level requirement is 15.

This is a Pekka 2 (advanced beginner)

Tendency to break through walls at level 8 (advanced players only)

14 (level 4 ) Archers.

In the role of Barbarian Monarch,

Two-level fifth-level healing spell

One (level 3 ) rage spell.

Means of Assault:

The archers should go first. Use the archers to destroy out-of-sight structures, such as the corner buildings used to set a battle timer and the other structure.


attacking with a “gowipe”

After the archers have destroyed most of the distant buildings, send in one Golem to finish the job. The second Golem should be placed a short distance from the first. As soon as a Golem reaches a wall, all of the wall breakers in back of it should be activated.


best way to attack in Town Hall Level 8

The Golems will break through the walls and invade the building afterward. The Pekka, the other wizards, and the King must now enter the base, so use the wizards to clear out any nearby buildings so they can do so.


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4. Deploy all remaining troops once the buildings have been destroyed. Ensure there are no structures outside the walls.

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When they get inside, use a healing spell on them first if you notice they’re hurt.


weak and injured troops can receive healing magic once inside.

Their energy levels should have returned to normal now. Then cast a rage spell on them to hasten their destruction of the remaining half of the base.

gowiping with a rage spell

No amount of rage spell casting will restore their strength. Apply the final healing spell right before they completely collapse. When necessary, you should also employ the king’s power.

additional data on Town Hall 8’s hybrid support structures.


cast final healing spell

Seventh, you have it! This is how this tactic can be used in battle and to win trophies. Just watch the embedded video below for a more comprehensive illustration. Examine these Town Hall 8 Base Designs for Clash of Clans.


Remove a star, level 3

This tactic defends a th8 war base from an attack by an enemy team with three stars.

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