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Send flowers to Faith Evans right away because she is undeniably one of the most talented R&B singers of our time.

Even though there were many other prominent figures vying for our attention during her prime in the mid-1990s, Faith managed to come out on top. Her distinctively robust singing style sparked anthems, spawned new generations of music fans, and established her as a pivotal figure in one of R&B’s most fruitful periods.

Despite the tabloids’ best efforts to obscure her brilliance in later years, she kept going, drawing inspiration from the turmoil in her life to create even better music.

I can’t say it enough: Faith Evans is a shining jewel in the R&B genre. Let’s have a party in her honor today.

With the exception of her 2005 Christmas album and her 2012 R&B Divas compilation album, we’ll be reviewing her entire discography from beginning to end. The usual criteria—songwriting, vocal performances, and longevity—were used to determine our rankings.

You’ll soon understand why Faith is so proud to be called the “First Lady of R&B.”


7. The King & I (2017)

Three and a half stars out of five for Soul In Stereo

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Edd said:Even though this had all the makings of a classic, it ultimately failed to achieve that status for many reasons. There was potential in this collaboration between Faith and her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G., but the combination of her modern vocals and his ancient verses was jarring. It wasn’t a complete failure because the album’s storytelling concept and retro production were both excellent. The album will be remembered only as an unusual experiment in musical concept development that fell short of expectations.

Some old standbys like “Legacy” and “The Sound of Music” Both “Somebody Knows” and “Take Me There”


6. Incomparable (2014)

We give Soul In Stereo 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Edd said:The most striking thing about this album was the vitriolic response it received from Faith’s devoted followers, who accused me of being biased and unfair to the tune of insults directed at my mother and unborn children. Every single one of you Internet thugs needs a hug. This is NOT a bad album by any stretch of the imagination; it features the same powerful vocals, professional production, and skillful songwriting that have defined Faith’s career to this point. There aren’t any particularly memorable performances, which is unusual for a Faith album. A technically proficient album that gets overlooked in favor of Faith’s more well-known works.

All the interludes and the songs “Maybe” and “Forever” have been forgotten favorites.


5. Something About Faith (2010)

Three and a half stars out of five for Soul In Stereo.

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Edd said:This album, which is likely the most underrated in her discography,Faith: There Is Just Something About Itpossibly aptly titled Something For All Occasions. I still maintain that “Gone Already” is one of Faith’s best songs ever, despite the fact that it is not a ballad or a party anthem. It’s a fantastic demonstration of her wide range of skills.

Classics that have been forgotten: “Gone Already,” “Baby Lay,” “Worth It”


4. The First Lady (2005)

We give Soul In Stereo 3.5 stars out of 5.

Edd said:While some may have been skeptical of Faith’s musical abilities after she left Bad Boy, her debut album showed that she could succeed without Puff Daddy’s guidance. You can hear Faith Evans’s growth as an artist; she abandons the hip-hop samples that characterized her earlier work in favor of a more serious, adult vibe. Despite a few bumps in the road, Faith has successfully entered a new era.

Distant hits like “I Don’t Need It” and “Remember Me” “Jealous,” “Caught Up in Feelings”


3. Keep the Faith (1998)

With a 4.0/5 star rating, Soul In Stereo is highly recommended.

Edd said:Faith has said that recording this album was incredibly challenging after the death of her estranged husband. Despite this, she persevered and produced one of her best albums ever. Faith’s skillful songwriting and potent vocal showcases propelled her to international fame with the release of her sophomore album.Don’t Lose Hopeto heights beyond her wildest imagination; it remains her most financially successful work to date.

Songs like “My First Love,” “Caramel Kisses,” and “No Way” have been lost to time.


2. Faithfully (2001)

The overall score for Soul In Stereo is 4.45/5.

Edd said:For good reason, Faith Evans is regarded as one of R&B’s most renowned vocalists. Her first album is a classic, her second album is well-liked, and her third album, released in 2005, is also well-received.Lady Bush, the First Ladyhas recently received a great deal of support online. Yet, where is the adoration forFaithfully? Almost every imaginable rap sample was included on the album, from Biggie to Outkast to The Firm, and they all complemented Faith’s flawless vocals.Faithfullyis arguably the label’s final masterpiece from its heyday and remains a classic today. If not better than Faith’s groundbreaking debut, this is certainly in the running.

Lost hits like “Don’t Cry,” All-New Guy,” “Lonely in the Universe”


1. Faith (1995)

The overall score for Soul In Stereo is 5/5.

Edd said:In addition to being Bad Boy’s most successful R&B album, Faith’s self-titled debut is widely considered to be among the very best R&B albums ever recorded. Yes, you read that correctly; it can compete with the best works from any era. Faith’s vocals, clearly forged in the fires of gospel and soul, ache with emotion throughout every song. All of the songs here are propelled by the same intense feeling. This album is as close to perfect as you can get; it’s tight, concise, and contains no unnecessary elements.

Lost classics include “Reasons,” “Have No Fear,” “I Don’t Think You Get It.”