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The meaning of ENB seems to be lost on everyone. What I do know is that these add-ons have the potential to greatly enhance the visual quality of Skyrim by means of improved post-processing effects.

Extended Object Models (ENBs) for Skyrim have been available for a long time. Furthermore, new Extended Native Bundles (ENBs) for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition are constantly being made available.

You’ve found the right place if you want your game to look either completely original or like a clone of Skyrim.

You’re in for a real treat if you’ve never plated with ENBs before. They are much less taxing on system resources than shaders, meaning your game can look better than you ever imagined without slowing down the frame rate.

Note:If you want your game to look exactly like the screenshots, make sure you install any “recommended mods” listed on the description page for each mod below.

30. Skyrim performance enb – Enhanced ENB Night Eye

Enhanced ENB Night Eye
Increased Night-time Performance with Enhanced ENB in Skyrim

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To kick off the list, I have a rather unusual mod whose purpose is not shared by many others: improving the visual appearance of the Khajit’s Night Eye when an ENB preset is activated.

It accomplishes this by including a specialized command console that can be used to modify the appearance of the preset at any time.

Depending on your preference, you can make everything look silky smooth or as clear as day.

We’re making an exception for this one because it’s one of the few presets that gives the player complete freedom of choice.

29. Poupouri ENB

Inhale the ENB

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Okay, if you want to run this mod, you’ll need a fairly robust computer.

It aspires to create a “movie-like” atmosphere in the game, where the lighting and shadows are so convincing that you question your very existence.

Characters seen in screenshots of this ENB preset on the Nexus have been modified, but the mod’s author still recommends downloading them to give Skyrim a more realistic feel when used in tandem with the Popouri ENB.



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With the AIR ENB mod, you won’t be able to find any apartments for workers.

Instead, you’ll get to experience what Skyrim looks like with a vibrant ENB preset that abandons realism in favor of a new visual perspective.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

Despite the creator’s claims of photorealism, the image seems unrealistically bright. No matter what, this is a fantastic mod that will give your game’s visuals a serious upgrade.

However, you may want to disregard the Skyrim Anime characters that the creator used as models for his screenshots if you want to take the mod more seriously. Not to say they’re lighthearted, but they’re entertaining.

27. Kountervibe ENB

Kontraband Electronic Music Band

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This is one of the few ENB presets that made me gape in awe the first time I used it.

This mod’s “Filaments” are what set it apart from others.

Grass, hair, and other similarly delicate texturesbreathtakingly stunningHaving this set up.

The Kountervibe ENB is a top choice if you want to give your game a photorealistic look because of the way lighting affects objects like these.

26. Skyrim performance enb – Photoreal ENB

Image-based ENB

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This preset will provide you with a photorealistic experience, as the name suggests.

It’s a lot darker than most other mods, so it makes Skyrim’s natural environments feel more authentic.

This mod works particularly well in autumnal settings (i.e., places where range is the dominant color).

Forests in general, and this ENB preset in particular, always put me in a good mood, especially in the fall.

With the Photoreal ENB, the ocean also takes on an incredibly surreal appearance.

While this may be the best water mod according to some, I think you’ll be much happier with the ones further down the list.

25. Tamriel Reloaded ENB

Updated Tamriel NPC Base

See This Update!

This ENB preset reminds me of the visual style of Red Dead Redemption 2 if I had to compare it to another game.

That is to say, visual similarities to Rockstar’s newest masterpiece shouldn’t be expected. However, the hues are remarkably similar to those found in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Because of its opaquer tone, Tamriel stands out from the other ENB presets on this list and offers a completely new visual experience.

To put it simply, it revolutionizes the way we illuminate our interior spaces.

24. Skyrim se performance enb – Stakado Realistic

Realistic Stakado

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If it weren’t for some problems with extremely bright lighting on surfaces like rocks, the Stakado Realistic ENB would be perfect.

When I first tried this mod, I was shocked, and if it weren’t for this one small problem, you can be sure that it would have received a much higher rating from me.

Anyway, places without a lot of bright light will look stunning.

If you decide to give this a try, you must see the new rivers; the water is beautiful.


Realistic Stakado

Have a look at This Update

This ENB provides a strikingly new aesthetic because it isn’t concerned with simulating a photorealistic environment.

A brighter game with better shading is what you can expect instead.

While I personally wouldn’t use this mod, I’m giving it a high ranking here because I think mods that actively seek to deviate from the norm are awesome and should be celebrated.

Test this out if you’re sick of your game looking too realistic or too precise. Those expecting something different will be surprised by how similar it is to World of Warcraft!

22. Snapdragon Prime ENB

Skyrim’s Highest Performing ENB – The Snapdragon Prime

Inspect This Update

The mod’s maker took screenshots that look like those from any generic massively multiplayer online game.

You can tell the author has a soft spot for anime characters, but don’t let that detract from the fact that this ENB is incredibly cheery and full of vibrant colors.Quite the perfect unionof content that needs to be included in the game.

A word of caution, though: this modification will cause your framerate to plummet until it reaches the center of the planet.

In order for it to function properly, you’ll need to devote a lot of your computer’s resources to it. If you don’t have an i7 and a GTX 1080, you should probably stay away from this mod.

21. Skyrim se performance enb – Gameplay Performance ENB

A Look at the ENB Performance in Skyrim’s Gameplay

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This update finally strikes a near-ideal performance/visuals compromise.

You should check this out if you want your game to look nice but can’t use one of the larger ENB mods because your computer can’t handle the extra load.

The lighting and shadows appear to be spot on. Even though this mod doesn’t look as good as some others, it still runs fine on a low-end graphics card.

Using a poor choice of words, it’s like playing Skyrim on the “Very Ultra” difficulty setting.

20. Enb skyrim – PureVision ENB

PureVision ENB is a high-performance enb for Skyrim.

This Is A Cool New Update, Check It Out!

What the heck, this mod isstunning.

Where has this mod been all my life? The water looks incredibly realistic, the lighting is on par with current-gen games, and the shadows and grass are stunning.

Your PC’s ability to run modern games will directly impact how well PureVision will run on your machine.

This ENB really does require a lot of GPU power to function smoothly. But believe me when I say it’s worth every penny.

After you’ve installed this modification, I recommend going to a forest and exploring the underbrush.

I dare you to find something more breathtaking in all of Skyrim than that.

19. The Wilds ENB

ENB Performance – The Wilds, Skyrim

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When I look at this ENB, I can’t help but be reminded of the classic MMORPG lighting seen in many of today’s most played online games.

It aspires to replicate the game’s realistic lighting while also remaining faithful to the visual principles Bethesda introduced in Skyrim.

The game looks like an enhanced version of Skyrim thanks to the mod.

Imagine you’re playing a remaster that’s even fresher than Skyrim Special Edition.

18. K ENB Pure Light

Increase your Skyrim performance with the K ENB Pure Light.

Here’s a New Update, You Should See it

The “Pure Light” name for this update isn’t coincidental.

This ENB has a unique lighting system that makes everything appear brighter and more cheerful than it actually is.

This means low-quality textures will look much better than they actually are. Nothing but a good thing.

However, water lacks the detail of other presets.

Who needs to stare at the ocean when you can see your sword reflected in glorious high definition?

17. Performance and Realistic ENB

Optimized and Realistic Performance ENB for Skyrim

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The developer of this ENB decided to take a different approach than most by focusing on making a mod that improves the game’s visuals rather than adding more color to them extremely plausible employing a shallow depth of field and dark, opaque hues.

As a result, the mod’s installation won’t result in particularly vibrant visuals.

To that end, the mod attempts to simulate a northern climate.

To the best of my knowledge, it accomplishes its intended purpose, and it would be a great asset to your game if you were looking to improve the sense of realism without slowing down the frame rate.

16. Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospheric

Enhanced Natural Lighting and Atmospheric Performance in Skyrim

Inspect This Update

If you install this fantastic mod, the sky and the sea will look better than ever before.

Incredible care has been taken with every little detail. It’s already a little bit crazy that, depending on the weather, you can see different kinds of clouds blending into each other.

No, there’s more! The water effects are also superior to anything else I’ve seen so far.

Take note of the improved reflections and the more dramatic waves crashing onto the shore. The lighting is excellent in general when using this setting.

This mod is essential if you plan to spend a lot of time in Skyrim’s wilderness.

15. Enb skyrim – Superb ENB

High-Quality Skyrim ENB Performance

Please Have a Look at This Update

Super bright ENBs have never appealed to me that much.

But this one is worthy of a loud applause. You should definitely give the Superb ENB mod a shot if you’re a fan of vivid hues and the way Skyrim looks when viewed through an overly bright filter.

I’ll be honest and say that this preset doesn’t do the “grimmer” cities justice.

The bright colors of Superb ENB don’t seem appropriate for Whiterun.

Still, if that’s your bag, you know which ENB to get.

14. The Grim and Somber ENBs

The Performance of the Dark and Gloomy ENBs in Skyrim

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Skyrim wasn’t intended to be a vibrantly colored world. Or, perhaps, with a herd of roaming deer and a group of happy fishermen by the lakes.

To put it mildly, the tone of Skyrim was me15-superb-enb-mod.jpgant to be gloomy. In one of the chilliest regions of Tamriel, where the north winds and the east tides meet.

This ENB ups the gloominess factor considerably.

Having this mod installed will render all colors invisible, as even the brightest will become muted versions of their original selves.

13. Phinix Natural

Improvements to Skyrim’s Performance with Phinix Natural

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Take a moment to appreciate the game’s newfound natural beauty after installing the Phinix Natural add-on.

The goal of this modification is to create a new and interesting environment by blending Skyrim’s classic style with modern graphical enhancements.

As long as you have this mod installed, you will never fully appreciate the nighttime. The lighter colors appear a bit more muted, while the darker ones pop out.

The tones of the game’s colors seem to have been better balanced. And I am very pleased with the outcome.

12. Stakado Cinemascope ENB

Stakado Cinemascope ENB – a performance enb for Skyrim

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The second Stakado mod that made the cut.

While the first mod’s stated goal was to increase the game’s realism, this one triumphs thanks to its cinematic atmosphere.

The primary objective of this mod is to make your Skyrim adventure look like it belongs on the big screen.

The “cinematic” style isn’t normally associated with games of this type, so it’s surprising to see it used here.

But it works perfectlyperfectly. I assure you that you will not be sorry if you try it out for yourself.

11. Skyrim enb performance – Rudy ENB

Best performing ENB for Skyrim, courtesy of Rudy ENB

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Neither the Special Edition nor any of the DLC packs are required for this to function; it was designed specifically for “Vanilla” Skyrim.

If you don’t have the most powerful computer, you should still give the Rudy ENB a try because it improves the game’s realism without putting undue strain on your graphics card or hard drive.

Its primary objective is to improve Skyrim’s visuals without altering the game’s natural feel, making it visually similar to the Grim and Somber ENB.

10. RealLike ENB

Optimized for Skyrim’s Performance, RealLike ENB

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With this mod activated, I could spend hours atop any mountain in the game, staring at the horizon.

You can see the difference in color saturation between this mod and the original game in the side-by-side images the modder included in his Nexus post.

This could be the right preset for you if you want to keep the heart of the game while giving it a more realistic feel.

It’s incredibly realistic, and it makes Skyrim resemble the stunning regions that border the Nordic fjords.

9. Vividian ENB

Vividian ENB, a high-performance enb for Skyrim

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As it turns out, the Vividian ENB is constructed fromthree optical aids to improve sightas well as a weather-improving add-on for the game.

In fact, I’ve discussed weather additions in one of my roundups, so have a look there if you’re looking for some inspiration.

This fantastic creation is an ENB that is fully compatible with weather mods, so it will improve your Skyrim experience in every way.

Dusk weather is guaranteed to feel even better than in the base game or SE, and storms will have a more realistic feel.

8. Skyrim enb performance – T.A.Z Visual Overhaul

Improvements to Skyrim’s FPS thanks to the T.A.Z. Visual Overhaul

Look at This Update

Increase your enjoyment of Skyrim with these updates to the game’s weather and ENB.


By bringing them together, you’ve created one of the most visually impressive mods for Skyrim. If you’re into modding, TAZ is definitely worth a look, but it’s not ideal for smaller tweaks because of its bulk.


Worst enb performance in skyrim.

Read About This Update

The way that shadows interact is altered by this ENB. My primary impression, however, is how realistic the indoor shadows are.

Put in this mod and you’ll be able to enter any home.

The game is about to undergo one of the most significant overhauls in its history, and it will be an improvement.

6. Tetrachromatic ENB

Improve your game’s framerate with Tetrachromatic ENB for Skyrim.

This Is A Cool New Update, Check It Out!

The world of Skyrim is one from the realm of fantasy.

Therefore, it would make perfect sense to have an ENB in a fantastical setting.

With the Tetrachromatic mod, the world of Skyrim can take on the appearance of a cinematic fantasy setting.

I can’t express how much I appreciate this update. Try this one out if you’re not looking for something too realistic.

5. Skyrim Enhanced Shaders

improved performance with enb skyrim’s Skyrim Enhanced Shaders

See This Update!

To put it simply, it improves your game’s lighting and shadows, as the name suggests.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

On the other hand, the outcome is something you won’t want to miss.

4. Natural Lighting and Atmospheric ENB

Natural Lighting and Atmospheric Performance ENB for Skyrim

Please Have a Look at This Update

Many of the other mods on this list will be put to shame by the photorealism brought to your game by this plugin.

The ENB, along with a weather mod and a water mod, are what led me to call this set a plugin.

A stunning enhancement to your gameplay.

3. True Vision ENB

True Vision ENB – The Best Performance enb for Skyrim

Look at This Update

Only one thing matters in True Vision, and that is making the setting feel as real as possible.

This means that the “shades” that make objects and creatures appear a bit gray in the base game have been removed and all colors have been fine-tuned to look as realistic as possible.

This and the top mod further down my list are required if realism is your goal.

The developer, Bronze316, is also responsible for the next few mods on my list.

2. Seasons of Skyrim ENB

Improve your game’s performance with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB.

Look at This Update

I wish I could rank Seasons of Skyrim higher, but even though it’s not my top ENB, it’s still fantastic.

Even though it isn’t in the original game, this one aims to make you feel like you’re in Tamriel during the different seasons. Anyone who looks forward to the transition from summer to fall will love this update.

It’s a sight to behold. Definitely worth a shot.

1. Project ENB

Increased Skyrim Performance with Project ENB

Inspect This Update

Do you recall my boasting about how realistic my ENBs were?

To be honest, this one makes the rest look bad.

The best ENB modder, Bronze316, created it as well.

We designed Project ENB to be compatible with the Climates of Tamriel add-on.

It gives people the option tobenefit from a unified setupnatural lighting, shaders, water, clouds, and a plethora of other features to create an immersive environment. You shouldn’t skip this one if you enjoy fully immersing yourself in a story.

When it comes to depth of field and motion blur, Project ENB is the undisputed king. When you add in the high-quality lighting it provides, you have a game that can be run with pride on even the most cutting-edge of PCs.

Final-words about best skyrim performance enb

The topic of the best performing enb for Skyrim has been covered in its entirety. Do not be hesitant to ask questions or make comments if you have any concerns about this matter. All of you who have read this, thank you.