Updated at: 07-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

New to Smite? Here Are the Best Melee Gods for You This article examines three of the most accessible and effective melee gods in Smite, allowing newer players to quickly improve their win rates.

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) developed by Hi-Rez and published by Titan Forged Games. Breaking into the increasingly popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre can be challenging for new players.Smitemakes an exception – most especially if they’re just dipping their toes into the novel and difficult style. With an approachable third-person camera view and a slew of new skins for each of the game’s themes,The Last Airbender, or Avatarthus new players will continue to join in.

Smite Best Gods Season 10 for beginners 2023 - Zathong

It’s not for nothing that massively multiplayer online battle arena games like“League of Legends”are massive when it comes to esports, requiring countless hours of practice.Smiteis no exception; greenhorns who fire up the game for the first time may feel a little lost among the game’s roster of over a hundred distinct gods from a variety of pantheons. Simply asking oneself, “Who would I like to see?” can help narrow down the list of potential actors.In what order do the cool kids appear?unfortunately that would lead to every new player instant locking Cthulhu. Here are three of the best melee gods in the game if you’re looking to round out your MOBA toolkit.Smitefor newcomers to the battlefield to begin honing their skills.

Guan Yu is revered as a god by rookies who want to dive headfirst into battle and emerge victorious. The Importance of Guan Yu inSmiteis classified as a Warrior in the game, meaning he has a high amount of health, decent resistances, and the ability to deal significant damage to an unprepared foe. While he is very similar to other gods who serve as Warriors, Guan Yu stands out due to his streamlined arsenal, which includes a powerful self-heal. Because Guan Yu can heal himself after taking damage, players who are still getting a feel for the amount of harm their foes can deal can get some of their missteps forgiven. In general, characters with self-heals are ideal for new players because they allow players to learn from their mistakes and continue the fight.

Aside from his ability to mend himself, Guan Yu also has remarkable agility. Guan Yu’s second skill is a forward charge that allows him to either pursue foes or quickly withdraw from battle if he needs to reposition or heal. As well as being his primary means of damage, Guan Yu’s third ability also protects him from a number of crowd control effects. Because of this, he can keep attacking despite the enemies’ countermeasures. The pinnacle of Guan Yu’s powers is the summoning of his warhorse, which he then mounts and rides through the battlefield while swinging his eponymous weapon, the Guandao, at anyone who dares to stand in his way. While mounted, Guan Yu is once again immune to CC, making him a nightmare for squishy carries who desperately want to stop his advance.

Among the many Egyptian deities, Bastet, the Cat Goddess, is a popular choice.Smite“slargest, most powerful, and most accessible to newcomers in the field of melee assassination. Once Bastet catches your scent, she will be extremely difficult to shake thanks to her kit’s emphasis on mobility and high damage over time abilities. Bastet’s passive ability gives her increased movement speed while chasing down enemies she attacks by following their scent. Bastet can be a formidable, nearly unavoidable god thanks to the root effect of her third ability, which grants her crowd control.

Even if an enemy gets away from Bastet, they probably aren’t out of danger just yet. Bastet’s second ability is an extremely powerful bleed, and she only needs to be in close proximity to her enemy for a few moments to apply the damage. In addition, when Bastet uses her ultimate, she calls upon her guardian cats to help her in her hunt. This makes Bastet a forgiving deity who rewards even the briefest of interactions, making her an ideal deity for novices.

It’s almost dishonest to label Athena a beginner character, since that could lead an experienced player to ignore her. There is no truth to that at all, because Athena is a character who rules supremely over all others.Smitecompete, from novice to a master player. Newcomers to theSmite Athena is a fantastic pick for any team looking to strengthen their support options, as she is naturally tanky, mobile, and has excellent crowd control.

Athena’s main strength is her inherent damage resistance, which allows her to rush down soft targets, turn them and force them to fight her so that her nearby carry can blow them up, and still survive. Honestly, it”s just that easy. Not much else needs to be considered when praising Athena, though she does have a few mechanics that can be leveraged to greater effect as players gain familiarity with the game. The first of these mechanisms is Athena’s passive, which makes her next auto-attack after using an ability a ranged one. She can use this to poke her enemies in the lane and gain a health advantage before she and her lane partner come in for the kill. Athena’s ultimate is also fairly involved, requiring the player to jump to an ally anywhere on the map before crashing down next to them, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and giving their teammate a 20% damage resistance buff during the wind-up. Athena’s ultimate is most effective when used by players who are familiar with the map and can judge when an ally is in need of help, both of which are difficult for newer players to do. However, if a newer Athena main does die, they can use her ult to immediately re-enter the fight and resume stomping faces.

Smitegame enjoyment increases when the player identifies with the protagonist(s). Aside from the three gods mentioned above, there are dozens more to choose from if you want to hone your melee skills.Smitethat are easy to use without compromising efficiency. The best way to learn the game in a fun and interesting way is for a player to experiment with different combinations of who looks interesting and who feels the best to play.