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Which Is the Most Powerful Monster Legends Team for Battles?X has recently published an article that provides a ranking of the best Monster Legends Team Wars viability based on matchups and team compositions.

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking
Ranking the Effectiveness of Monster Legends Teams for Battle

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking 2021

1 VoltaiK


Powerful and capable of keeping the group together under pressure. Plus, protection. I think I’ve figured out a solid set of moves for him: Heavy Artillery Units Attack of Atum’s MaceEarth Army Totally unmovable; rock solid. You’ve got some sick moves down. When he’s down to his last life or the only one left, the ability “Hard as a Rock” comes in handy because it doubles his life and deals any damage he’s dealt with back. With Vanoss and MMONSTER, he makes for a formidable trio.

After considering several options, I settled on Atum because he embodied the stereotype of a solid wall. Once again, my gut was correct. He’s a deadly combination of Hard As A Rock and Armored Troops. By the way, this is an exploit. Try out Hard As A Rock followed by Armored Troops for some crazy shield life!

He’s got AoE Stun, Shields for all your allies for 2 turns, and a move called “Hard As A Rock” that doubles his health, making him the best Earth monster in the game. If you don’t already have him, you should pick him up from the team store as soon as he becomes available.

Wow! When it comes to fights, he really shines. Although I rarely spend gems on monsters, I would consider purchasing him if offered the option. I merely breed monsters or find them in convenient containers.

3 General Thetys


Despite having a General Thetys of 65, I am still in good standing. As a result, I use the Overpowered Move Stamina Devours to defeat monsters of higher levels. You should team Thetys up with a monster that has the Regen Stamina ability. With its Damage Boost and Precision, her Elite Sea Troops is a useful ability as well. Due to the fact that it allows you to waste a turn on boosts, Abyss Attack is a fantastic choice for your second or third move in the game. When you play tough, you annoy your opponent and risk losing their respect. In no circumstances would I recommend doing any other rune sets besides speeds. Two Solo Speeds at minimum; three is optimal.

A formidable foe indeed, especially when facing off against more robust foes and subject to her unavoidable stamina drain skill. Beyond level 40 or so, she can deal massive damage and restore her team’s stamina. I mean, wow, talk about a well-rounded person!

Freeze is good, but trashy monsters like Frostbite and Ledovech also have that. Stamina devours is this monster’s only redeeming quality, and it’s not even that good. You can label me a racist, sexist, homophobe, or whatever you like, but this monster is worthless.

The greatest myth ever! Her stamina drain move works wonderfully on superiors but is a surefire loss of turn against the big guy. With timoreon, I would counsel her. His ability to use multiple stamina devours has been unlocked thanks to his elite sea troops.

4 General Darmith


Ew. Definitely not one of my favorite monsters. Thetys” Elite Sea Troops is superior to dragon soul because it restores stamina, improves accuracy, and deals damage. Don’t waste your money on him; he’s not good enough.

The best design, for sure, but not a good monster; there are many, many others that are even better… He’s just… okay, not great.

He had excellent statistics and a high power level, but I made the mistake of facing him in multiplayer and defeating him. What else can I say?

I have the best, and he is him. His level is 75, and his stats are: 4,155 attack, 23,207 health

5 General Nishant


Even though Nishant is stronger, I was able to defeat him with my Jasastur, so I don’t think he’s all that great.

He’s my first general and only my second legendary monster ever. My opinion is that he is the most awesome general ever, even more so than general darmith. His special attack is terrifying at level 5, where I currently have him.

An outstanding attacker

Powerful at level 70 with an attack of 35,000; health isn’t great but still absurdly high in comparison to other characters.

6 Barbatos


What a bunch of barbarians. When it comes to attacks in this game, it’s a “hell” of an attacker. Blood Covenant followed by Hellfire is the standard opening. When dealing with Nightmares, using Corrupted Laceration or Master of Pain, both of which deal substantial pain to their targets, is a good strategy. Three strength runes are a must for any group or individual.

Blood Covenant Hellfire = Total Eradication. He’s great for navigating PvP dungeons. He’s so powerful that when I use him at level VIII, rune 115, my opponents almost always lose right away. You won’t need Demon Heart if you go with my suggested build of Blood Covenant Hellfire Master of Pain Corrupted laceration.

I’ve gotten him to level 3, equipped with two strength runes and a life rune, both level 10. Sometimes, with Blood Covenant Hellfire and a good area-of-effect attack from someone like Saulot or Petra Loa, I can wipe out a team of level 100 legendaries. I also pair him with Cloud, activating “Charge With Me” to give Barbatos an additional attack with twice the damage and precision. With Cloud or Rocigon and a possession AoE character like Saulot or Lumoona (who can also heal the team and protect them from possession), he can completely change the tide of battle.

An attack’s insane damage is offset by the small cost in health, but with a reliable healer like Nemestrinus or General Alces, that’s not a concern. His self-buff grants him a second turn, effectively giving him permanent 20% damage and 20% stamina regeneration (at the cost of some life, of course).

7 General Shannara


Is insanely lethal, to the point where they can wipe out entire teams with a single shot.

8 Griffin


One of the most formidable monsters I have ever encountered, I possess the following abilities: stunning pecks, huge pecks, blinding pecks, griffin thunder, and am generally very powerful. He’s a damage dealer who can stun and deal heavy damage without using up any of your cooldowns, and he’s lightning fast to boot, so I’d put a health rune on him and give him a strength rune and a speed rune instead.

The power of Griffin is great. Huge Peck does 60% damage with no cooldown and causes a bleed effect in an area of effect. Stunning Peck has no cooldown and does 45% damage plus stuns the target.

The naming possibilities for Griffin are endless. Bloodcurdling pecks and a griffin’s roaring thunder from a peck too powerful to bear

Griffin is the first legendary I’ve ever drafted, and he’s ridiculous. His damage output is high, and he has a short cool down.

9 Cavenfish


If I had to choose between Varuna and Cavenfish, I’d go with the latter every time. Both Round Rain and Bullet Rain are required as they are area-of-effect attacks that negate monster turns (if they are not immune). Board Her is a fantastic ancillary play. Both (Cavenfish’s Curse and Corsair Offensive) are solid options, and I have no preference. My recommended runes for Cavenfish are 3 speeds (team or solo), 2 speeds (team or solo), and 1 strength.

The combination of lead rain and round rain makes this monster incredibly powerful. Cryo- and electro-shock? It’s completely insane; with the strength runes equipped, you’ll have a formidable monster.

I don’t get why everyone keeps telling me to give him strength runes. He’s an outright denial. Thank you very much, 3 Speed.

Incredible aoe stun and aoe freeze combo from this guy. As a minimum, he needs to be in the top 15.

10 Timerion


I have nothing to add except that it’s annoying. If you add three SX Strength Life runes to this Timerion, I will sue you. Damage Loop, it can deflect blows. Even though Cooldowns Activated is a pain, you will never use it on a Fenrir. In my opinion, Time Stop must always be one of your first three actions. And since Evasion is always a factor, Space-Time will be useful as well. Your runeset? Three runes of speed, er, Stre-.

His stop-time ability is incredibly powerful; it allows you to skip a turn with a monster of your choosing and gives you an extra turn to support with his space-time ability, allowing your team to effectively avoid all of the opponent’s next attacks. His equalizer move is OP and he’s a great setup artist. In order to counter Timerion’s low HP, you can use the equalizer ability to reduce the HP of an opposing monster to the same level as Timerion.

Experienced players only need apply to face this beast. Furthermore, this monster is intended to be the most powerful and well… the best monster in the game, and in that regard, it succeeds. Atrifact’s special ability nullifies the effectiveness of any status condition. Needless to say, Timerion is immune to any and all effects. Power: 2.310 –Low? Nope! Life: 26.239 is just okay, considering Timerion doesn’t require a lot of HP. Timerion’s speed of 3.388 is slow compared to Denier, but its Trait more than makes up for it. Skills: A skill that, when used, activates all of the enemies’ cooldowns, without being resisted, and, if you’re lucky, rendering them immobile for multiple turns. Amazing, especially in Team Wars, Space Time renders allies “invincible” for the next turn. Your low-scarcity monsters can be kept for an infinite number of turns. Time Stop applies Time Stop (unresisted stun), and the user may gain an additional turn if… An opponent is “stunned” and given a free turn thanks to this ability. That’s so cool, right? Imagine the excitement of beginning… more

If a monster’s ability has a long cooldown and Timerion can activate it with CDA, the monster is in serious danger. Timerion’s ability to halt time at the same moment as the enemy’s will give him the upper hand. It is important to note that CDDA (cooldowns deactivated) will not waste its four-turn cooldown. Your skill will be available again the following turn if your stamina allows it. The Equalizer works well with Cryotan and other adventure maps and tanks. If used correctly, timerion’s Space Time and Looped Damage can protect your entire team, making him a great support.

11 MMOnster


You’re a fool if you like this monster. He’s a waste of money since he’s based on a popular MMORPG; I wanted him badly when I first got the chance, but now I just leave him in a Legend Habitat. Also, the Equalizer and Kaih the Eradodctator (the game’s ultimate power) can be used to dispatch bosses.

While he is passable in PvP and Team Wars, he shines as a monster on adventure maps. The 30% damage reduction from his special attack is useful against bosses with more than 100,000 health. When rated on a scale from 1 to 10, he receives a 6.

My first legendary superstar. He was causing damage to my level 55 epics when he was only level 40. Unquestionably one of the best legendaries available, and a must-buy at any discount.

The size of this monster is incredible. In my opinion, he needs to be in the top three at the very least. His defenses, offenses, and abilities are all very impressive. Only if I had him…

12 Lagerchaun


He arrived already? No way, no how. The legend of Lagerchaun is the worst of all time. Worse than Vandamagma, for Christ’s sake!

He’s so bad that even the worst flipping epics can’t save him from last place. This list never ceases to leave me exclaiming “what?”

I’ve alerted authorities about him three times, but nothing has happened. Perhaps even more terrible than Thundehare is this individual.

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No! It turns out he’s a pretty decent monster. Certainly at level 40, where he is one of only four characters in my entire roster.

13 General Alces


As a whole, I’ve got alces nervosa. Despite being only level 30, my general Alces has already defeated three Rares, all of which were level 40.

He has both offensive and defensive abilities. Period.

They need to be in the top ten all the time.

Who are the people on this list

14 Lord Moltus


For my early-game needs, he’s great, but I suspect there will be more formidable fire monsters to use later on.

I’ve always hoped that one day I’d be with him. He’s intimidating to look at, and I can attest that his attacks are just as impressive as his appearance.

He, Rador, and Kaih “The Eradicator” have done unprecedented damage.

To what end does one seek his attention? What a stud he is, by the way!

15 Killeraptor


Killeraptor is a potent monster that will aid you in completing the levels of adventure maps (but not the bosses). He deals incredible amounts of damage and will propel you swiftly through the adventure map’s leveling process. If you equip him with strength runes, he instantly becomes the most damaging character in the game. In addition, he can be had for a reasonable sum of money, making him an excellent value.

At level 53, mine is not only the best monster I have, but also the second highest leveled. When you need a legend, he’s the one to get. Levels of strength 4, 5, and 4 for the team are inscribed on my runes.

We’re talking about a murderer here… My pteranodon has reached level 100 and can one-shot nearly the entire adventure map with his pteranodon control ability.

The original myth, and still OP even when up against bosses. Stampede’s super moves are also totally over the top.

16 Metalhead


Screaming for Vengeance is an outstanding magnetizing and special move that can eliminate ALL in four turns, and it stuns all opponents brilliantly. (The moves I’m referring to are “Kill them all, Ace of hearts,” “Shout for vengeance,” and “The Fatal Countdown.”

One of the best metal giants ever. He has excellent statistics, an area-of-effect stun, and possession. If you ever find yourself in a position to capture him, DO IT. Don’t let the chance to acquire him pass you by.

Potential to inflict dark, metal, fire, and special damage. It appears that he possesses some impressive abilities as well.

There could be more powerful AoE attacks or monsters with higher health… But, in all seriousness, there is a good reason why this guy is on nearly every winning pvp team.

17 Glitch


Although I do not personally possess a Glitch, I can attest to its apparent potency. Playing around with the “Kill Switch” button could result in unintentionally dealing triple damage to your opponent without the corruption. DDoS is a strong maneuver with potentially disastrous social effects. An intrusion through a back door is fine, and may even help Glitch recover. It’s fine to use the Removal Bug otherwise, but it comes in EXTREMELY HELPFUL when disabling effects like Triple Damage or Mega Taunt. The only solution I can suggest is speed. A minimum of one “Solo” speed.

The ability to possess any monster without triggering its special possession trait is what makes glitch so useful to me. At level 400, I use a technique called backdoor intrusion to help Glitch heal itself. DDoS is extremely potent; it deals unpredictable damage to all opponents.

Kill switch, DDoS, removal bug, and backdoor intrusion; only weakness is herdened monsters; I use with speed runes; doesn’t need to be powerful. Feeding voltaik to repl minotaurus and having Varuna on your side makes for a formidable combination.

With a kill switch, you can deal 200% more damage without being any more precise, and who needs that, right? The DDoS formula is: Moderate and 1 Random Effect Area of Effect?!?! Way Too Top 3 Undoubtedly

18 Treezard


This. Incredible, right? A god, Treezard is. Of all the attackers I’ve seen, including Cain, Hookuai, and Nitroblaster, I will always favor the massive legend known as Treezard. I have never been successful in defeating one, and I am still attempting to breed one to this day (in fact, I have been trying to breed him for three years in a row). You are a hero in the eyes of everyone and everything around here that owns a Treezard and puts him to good use. The likes of a legendary figure like Treezard. It’s great that you guys are here.

Half of an ally’s health can be restored, and he can regenerate. He has a 35% healing ability and can remove negative status effects from all allies. He is my second choice.

It’s obvious that you’re lying, but please stop because it brings the entire list’s credibility down. and there are those who might take you seriously

It’s one of the simplest monsters to obtain, despite being so ridiculously powerful that I was shocked when I went 3v1 against it.

19 Uriel


It’s one of the game’s strongest monsters. There’s a brand new opening in level 65, and he has incredible numbers.

Even though he is only available at level 60, his attacks are devastating.

My opinion is that it deserves a much higher ranking than largerchaun, which is surpassed in quality by epics. I hate largerchauns!

To put it another way, he is the most helpful monster imaginable.

20 General Uria


That’s why this beast has to be number one!

He’s quick and powerful.

Powerful simply powerful

Charged Boom is still incredibly powerful at level 70, dealing 7009 or more damage to Griffin.

22 Frostbite


When supported by competent allies, this Live Duel monster can be extremely frustrating to face. It takes a lot of Freezing, deals a lot of Freezing, and takes a lot of Freezing (including an AOE freeze). If you want to use runes instead of Speeds, I think you’ll be fine.

That monster of denial is huge. Often freezes the entire party, causing everyone to take a turn off, and drains the stamina of one player for two turns.

Freeze moves are very precise, giving you a safe buffer of two rounds in most situations. He’s great even if he doesn’t have a move that doubles damage.

With a whopping 100% steam leakage and the other two stunned, he’s easily the best skeptic around. Blanket area of effect and double damage. Considered by many to be one of the best attackers on the team. For defense, ehhh.

23 Varuna


When it comes to this monster, I can’t say what I think. Don’t get me wrong, it is enjoyable. However, I often confuse Varuna’s and Cavenfish’s movesets. The only truly impressive moves it has are Hefty Anchor and Cascade Blast. Hefty Anchor and Cascade Blasti aren’t up to snuff if you’re facing a Cryotan or Gelotron. An essential third move for optimal use is Brutal Tsunami. Both healing and Stamina Leakage have their uses. Using Cascade Vortex as your final action is essential. It’s an offensive move that also restores 30% of health. My recommendation is to combine all possible speeds, or at least two speeds and one strength.

Freeze everything; this is going to work out wonderfully with Thetys. He can also heal himself and has the ability to stun as well as knock everyone else out. How can I help you? Greater endurance? His ability also helps restore energy levels. Please elaborate on why you haven’t employed him just yet.

I always get the first pick with this guy because he was my first legendary. Besides doing insane damage, it also freezes everything in its path. Because of his constant barrage of attacks, I never have to worry about running out of steam.AWESOMEEST THING EVER

It was the first of its kind for me. Have high stats and the ability to heal and recover stamina. And a frozen foe. It’s not a problem for my level 70 Varuna to take on a monster of level 100.

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24 Alpha Cliviast

An incredible life stealer, he possesses area-of-effect stun and poison abilities, as well as a similar Death Countdown ability. Important against dungeon bosses and the Cryotan, Ourus, and Igursus trinity. They have over 100k health, but will all perish in three turns.

Monster legends best team setup. Monster legends team finder. Monster legends ranking

When you’re on the job, it’s not always convenient to go out and meet people face to face. However, if you are a gamer with a serious interest in taking your hobby to the next level, you should check out Monster Legends! There are two main protagonists in this interactive game. These creatures vary in their level of sophistication, with one being a necromancer and the other more technologically savvy. The key to victory is the player honing both of these skillsets.

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There’s a monster legend at the top of the food chain, and we all want there. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the various forms of digital coaching you’ll require and assess how practical each of them is. There is also a complete list of possible rankings at the end to help you get to the top.

Best mythic tanks monster legends

Every seasoned player knows that the rare 2 and 3 star monsters are invaluable in the harder to find niche stages. But what about 4-star terrifying creatures? Rare and expensive (precious stones, typically), but useful nonetheless. Here are the top four (in no particular order) legendary battleships. If you could choose only one, which would it be?

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If you’re like most players, you want to populate your Monster Legends account with a wide variety of unique monsters. Having a stable of twenty or more monsters at your disposal is a huge advantage when going up against a skilled opponent. Some monsters are more powerful than others by nature, but it doesn’t hurt to have more options.

Monster Team Building for Beginners

It’s crucial to deploy the optimal group of monsters early in the game if you want to gain an advantage. In most cases, you can change which monsters participate in a battle before it even begins. To do this, go to the Options menu, find the Change Team option, and then adjust your tactics according to the play styles of your opponents.

Knowing the game’s mechanics and being aware of which creatures are most advantageous on the battlefield will help you decide which soldiers to call upon during a skirmish.

Special Skills and Items

It’s crucial to your success in battle to know which tactics and strategies work best under which conditions. You should also know when to use the unique abilities of each beast in your bestiary for maximum effect. Each monster’s profile includes a tab labeled “Skills” that lists all of its abilities, along with their respective speed and stamina costs, as well as their overall effects.

Pre-battle preparation includes equipping your monsters with the right gear. The Monster Legends shop features dozens of unique items, some of which are level-specific. Prior to leaving your island, double-check that everyone on your team has everything they need for the next mission.

Legendary Monster Team Building

After progressing far enough in the game, you’ll be able to assemble a team of Legendary Monsters. It’s a big deal to get to the point where you can field a Legendary team.
Legendary Monsters, the game’s top tier, can be bred by crossing two rare breeds or purchased from the shop for a hefty sum. Each character has all the fixings: unique abilities, defensive mechanisms, and impressive raw stats.

Player versus Player (PvP) Team Building

Player versus Player (PvP) Team Building
Teamwork through Player vs. Player (PvP) Competition

Your PvP Attack Team

Select three monsters to form your Attack Team. Making adjustments to your team in the heat of battle is inefficient, so you can prepare for the fight by doing so before you even enter the field.

You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way and can plan strategically as a result.

In the same way that you might switch up your squad’s composition mid-battle to give yourself an edge, you can tailor your Attack Team to give yourself the best possible shot at defeating the particular collection of monsters you’ve chosen to face off against. When making choices about how to proceed in PvP, it’s also important to consider the stakes.

Your PvP Defense Team

Your Defense Team is a select band of warriors with their own code of conduct and mission. The players in your current league who are willing to battle any and all challengers for their three monsters are listed in the battle queue.

These are the players’ Defense Teams, and once a battle has begun, they cannot be changed, but they are unbeatable in strength.

Planning a defense is a complex undertaking. You can never be sure of your opponent and therefore cannot rely on a foolproof strategy. Therefore, it is crucial to have a strong and versatile Defense Team.

You’ll be prepared for anything with these three monsters by your side. It’s not just that you’ll have potent offensive attacks at your disposal; you’ll also be well-equipped to defend yourself and heal yourself in a pinch.

Choosing a strong Defense Team is crucial, but remember that the monsters you use will be permanently removed from your arsenal. When fighting other players, they will always be at the ready to protect your base.

Team Races and Team Wars: Joining Forces With Other Players

Team Races and Team Wars: Joining Forces With Other Players
Joining Forces With Other Players: Team Races and Team Wars

There’s nothing like devising a cunning plan and sending your top monsters into battle to test it out against another player. Because of this, the competitive leagues never seem to be quiet. Players in Monster Legends can take a different route to fame and fortune, one that calls for them to work together.

Team Wars is a PvE mode where players form alliances to take on other teams for the chance to win valuable War Coins. In-game currency used to acquire rare monsters and high-level gear not available elsewhere. When participating in a Team Race, the players are not pitted against other teams but instead are dropped onto an island and given a limited amount of time to complete various quests and battles. The winning team usually receives a rare, high-quality monster egg that can’t be found anywhere else.


Here at last is the most reliable Monster Legends Team Wars viability rating you can find! Overall team strength and predicted victory percentage are used to determine the rankings.