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Everyone is always getting ready for something, whether that’s literally putting on clothes and makeup or mentally bracing themselves for the arrival of something. Instead of just using one word to define a whole phrase, we aimed to compile a list of them. For the sole purpose of inspiring people to face their fears and take action.

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Prepare yourself as we make some songs about getting ready. The word “ready” appears in the titles of each song. Playing one of our tunes to get pumped up and ready for whatever life throws at you is a good idea. Soul, rock, hip hop, and even reggae are just some of the genres that are included.

Get Ready Songs List

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Curtis Mayfield, “People Get Ready” (Live).People Get Ready is a cover of a song by Curtis Mayfield and the Soul Children, originally released in 1965 under the Impressions’ moniker.

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Prepare Yourselves, Here Comes Eva CassidyLive at Blues Alley Rock was first released in 1996.

Get Ready, It’s a New Day – Asher Roth’s G.R.I.N.D.It’s a new year (2010), so GRIND (Get Ready It’s a New Day). Hip Hop

Al Green: “People Get Ready”R&B from 1982’s Higher Plane.

Bob Marley’s “One Love/People Get Ready”Originating in 1965 with The Wailing Wailers’ Reggae

Listen Up! Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart Are Coming!Released in 1985, FlashRock

Prepare Yourselves, Here Come The IllusionsPeople Get Ready, Soul Numerous artists have covered this song, and you can find their versions in the albums listed here, but this is the first release of the song.

The Temptations Are Coming!Gettin’ Ready (Soul/R&B, 1966)

In anticipation of Rare EarthCalled “Get Ready” in 1966, this soul/R&B classic was released that year.

Preparation Required: 2 UnlimitedReady to Dance, 1991 We ranked it first on our “get ready” playlist because it is such a timeless classic as an opening number. Anything that makes a big deal out of formally introducing hosts and hostsess to visitors falls into this category. Weddings, sporting events, conferences, and many other types of events often feature grand entrances. Who doesn’t want a red carpet introduction?

Other Top Get Ready Songs

Pitbull ft. Blake Shelton & Joe Perry – Get ReadyPlan for the Year 2020

Rayelle, Get ReadyYear of Publication: 2017

Music for when you’re ready to get down – Josh RitterYear 2015, Sermon on the Rocks

Ready or not, here comes Jesus – Melinda WattsIn 2009, Citizens Must Prepare

The Blind Boys of Alabama and Clarence Fountain: “When the Lord Gets Ready”2007’s The Finest Work From The Blind Boys Of Alabama & Clarence Fountain

What we’re hearing isn’t music, that much is certain. Let’s not forget, though, Michael Buffer’s famous “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” introduction to sporting events. It’s the kind of statement that will be remembered for ages to come.

Matthew Campbell has compiled a set of songs for you to get ready to go.

What about you? Is there a song you love that has the word “get ready” in the title that we missed? If you know a song that should be included, please leave a comment with the link.

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