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Why the LSAT LMG is the Best Gun in Its Class

The LSAT Light Machine Gun (LMG) is unrivaled inBlack Ops 2, a sequel to the Call of Duty series. It is the third Light Machine Gun to become available after reaching level 13. The LSAT, like most LMGs, is more powerful than most other weapons but has a significant reduction in mobility.

It will take your character longer to move and raise the gun to aim because of the gun’s bulk. Once the gun is ready to fire, however, it usually only takes a couple of shots to kill an adversary. The LSAT is fairly even across the board, while other LMGs tend to be weak in one area or another. Movement speed, aim, damage, and range are all roughly equivalent. This, in my opinion, works in the LSAT’s favor because the test is anywhere from moderately to highly effective compared to other LMGs. You can mitigate this weapon’s weaknesses in conjunction with your preferred playstyle by equipping the right perks and accessories.


It came down to taking either the HAMR or the LSAT for me. The HAMR’s reduced weight and increased speed make it the ideal weapon for a rusher. However, I discovered that the LSAT was so potent across the board that I fared better when armed with bonuses and enhancements. The LSAT, in contrast to the HAMR, shot straight to the top of my list of most-feared weapons.

See below for a breakdown of my class composition and an explanation of how it complements my playstyle. You can swap out any of the attachments, perks, wildcards, and equipment to suit your playstyle and build if you aren’t a rusher like I am. Help me evaluate how well-founded my assertion that the LSAT is the “best” LMG is by providing feedback on this hub and/or the class arrangement and voting in the polls.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!

Class Setup

Game Slot Game Slot Picking

Principal Armament LSAT
Subsequent Firearm N/A
Attachments Speedloader, Noise Cancelling Optic, and Reflex Sight
Perk 1 Extremely Light and Tough
Perk 2 Toughness
Perk 3 Dexterity
Grenade of Extreme Killing Potential N/A
Strategic Bombardment Device N/A
Wildcards The Number One Gunfighter’s Greedy Primary Perk

Class Description

It is crucial for me to enhance the LSAT’s and my players’ mobility because I am a rusher and like to run around. I also think that a single, upgraded gun would serve me better than a large arsenal of guns and grenades. Because of this, I prefer to focus on using perks and attachments rather than secondary grenades.

I make it easier to aim the gun by giving it a Quickdraw attachment, which also increases its portability. I also equip a silencer to keep my gunfire hidden from the enemy and a reflex sight for improved aim and target tracking. In order to have access to three attachments, I use the Primary Gunfighter wildcard.

To get around more quickly and rack up more scorestreaks, I use the first two perks, Lightweight and Hardline. In order to have access to two perks in the first perk slot, I make use of the wildcard Perk 1 Greed. Despite taking damage, I am able to maintain a lock on my target thanks to the toughness granted by the Perk 2 slot. Flinching is diminished as a result. My third and final perk is dexterity. In the event that I need to sprint or climb, I can quickly bring my gun up.

You can see that I use a lot of different strategies to make up for the LSAT’s restrictive nature. That’s how I see the process of trying to make the LSAT more like an assault rifle by fixing its flaws in comparison to other firearms.

If you tend to rush things, I think you’ll find this class structure to be ideal. Otherwise, the class slots are completely up for grabs as long as they stay within the parameters set by the create-a-class system. Using this class, I was able to significantly increase my KDR and PPM thanks to its powerful and versatile abilities, allowing me to consistently rack up impressive score streaks.

With any luck, you were able to pick up some useful information about this firearm and its category. I hope you have as much or more success than I did when using this class. In addition to submitting your poll choices, please leave any constructive criticism you may have. Thanks!