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Swords and Sorcery in Dark Souls 2, Ranked These blades are the best in Dark Souls 2 for counterattack damage and penetrating shields. Look how they all measure up below!

Thrusting swords are among the best options for their speed, critical attack damage, and other benefits during combat.Second incarnation of the Dark Souls series players. They are easy to wield even for players who haven’t leveled up their Endurance or Vitality because of the swords’ light weight and low stamina cost per attack.

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If you want to know what ang xem means, it’s this:This rapier is the best choice for a dark soul.

Although all nine are useful in some way, the game makes it clear which ones are best to use in combat due to their higher damage output, greater versatility, and other special abilities.

9 Mail Breaker

Although this weapon’s length makes it more appropriate for use as a long dagger, the game treats it as a Thrusting Sword. Its lackluster damage and limited range make it a poor choice among weapons of its type. In spite of this, it is effective against heavily armored foes or those who constantly clutch their shields because it can pierce through their protection.

It’s best used as a secondary weapon rather than your primary or two-handed due to its poor scaling and low damage. The 10 Regular enhancement gives the Mail Breaker 150 base physical attack and Strength and Dexterity scaling at the C-tier.

8 Estoc

The legendary Estoc’s long, tapered blade has made appearances in all three games in the series, so players should recognize it immediately. This Thrusting Sword, as might be expected, has the longest reach of any in theDS2Sadly, this is its only redeeming feature, as its damage and scaling are subpar.

Oddly for a Thrusting Sword, most scale better with Dexterity, Strength builds can use this weapon if thrusting damage is needed after upgrading the Estoc to 10 on the Regular path, giving it 210 physical attack and B-tier scaling in Strength but only D-tier scaling in Dexterity.

7 Espada Ropera

The ornate Espada Ropera, named after a real-world side-sword worn primarily by civilians, appears in the game as a passable option for a Thrusting Sword. It does decent damage, has average range, and scales well, but is otherwise pretty boring, so most players will probably replace it with something more interesting or powerful later.

Upon reaching 10 on the Regular upgrade path, this sword gains 235 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and A-tier in Dexterity, making it a good choice for Dexterity builds.

6 Rapier

As the most well-known type of thrusting sword, the rapier serves as an introduction to this category of weapons for many. It has a high counterattack stat (140), allowing the wielder to trade damage with the enemy and usually come out on top, and it can be used to poke at foes while a shield is held up in the offhand, making it a useful tool for combat.

The Rapier, available from Blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula for a mere 1000 souls after a 10 Regular upgrade, has a physical attack of 230 at its maximum potential, scales to D-tier in Strength, and scales to B-tier in Dexterity.

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5 Ricard”s Rapier

Not only does Prince Ricard from the original story appear in the lore surrounding Ricard”s Rapier, but the weapon itself reveals some interesting history as well.Sinister Heartsbut myths and legends from around the globe as well. Although the item description states that the sword’s original regal owner is a figure from stories rather than the game’s actual history, many other characters from the first game make physical appearances, suggesting that the land of Drangleic may fit into the lore of the trilogy as a different plane of existence from where players adventure.Poor, Poor Souls and Gamer’s Guide to Dark Souls 3.

Ricard”s Rapier, despite having a lower base attack, is an improvement over the standard Rapier due to the legendary prince’s Thrusting Sword’s higher scaling and special attack. It’s a great Dexterity weapon, especially after the maximum 10 Regular upgrade, which boosts its physical attack to 160 and gives it S-tier scaling in Dexterity. Repeatedly pressing the heavy attack input will cause the wielder to unleash successive stabs, which can quickly deplete an opponent’s health. However, it is important to only use the follow-up stabs if the initial poke is successful in order to conserve stamina.

4 Spider”s Silk

Those looking for the quickest way to poke their enemies to death can benefit from acquiring this boss weapon by trading the Soul of the Duke’s Dear Freja to Weaponsmith Ornifex. The Spider Silk’s excellent reach (second only to the Estoc), shield-piercing power, and excellent scaling more than make up for its average base attack.

This one-of-a-kind weapon gains 195 physical attack and exceptional S-tier scaling based on Dexterity when upgraded to the Regular path’s maximum level of 5.

3 Chaos Rapier

disorder in theDark Heartsuniverse, and for good reason: the original demon, the Bed of Chaos, burns eternally, giving birth to all items and spells that deal fire damage. With its unique fire attack, the Chaos Rapier is the only Thrusting Sword capable of penetrating even the most sturdy of defenses.

The minor increase in fire attack is not worth the loss of physical attack and scaling, so players shouldn’t infuse it with Fire. On the best upgrade path (Regular), at 5 the Chaos Rapier has a base attack of 110, a fire attack of 110, A-tier scaling in Dexterity, and B-tier scaling in fire damage.

2 Ice Rapier

Even though the frost status effect wasn’t available in this game, that doesn’t make ice-based weapons any less effective. If you’ve purchased the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, you now have access to the Ice Rapier, one of the game’s most potent Thrusting Swords and a likely inspiration for the game’s frost weapons.The Third Part of Dark Souls.

The long, spiked lance has great range, reasonable scaling, and a devastating special attack that fires a projectile like the Soul Spear spell’s strong attack. Players should take the Magic infusion because, unlike other weapons, the Ice Rapier’s physical attack is not significantly reduced when gaining elemental attack. When upgraded to 5 Magic, it gains 191 physical attack, 145 magic attack, and three-scaling (E-tier with Strength, C-tier with Dexterity, and B-tier with magic damage).

1 Black Scorpion Stinger

The Ring of Whispers is a difficult item to obtain, as it is either dropped by a mimic (near the Doors of Pharos bonfire in the original game) or given to the player by Manscorpion Tark (after defeating The Duke’s Dear Freja in the remake) when speaking to him while wearing the ring.Expert on Human FallibilityThe Black Scorpion Stinger has the highest poison potential of any Thrusting Sword and arguably the highest base attack as well.

Since it has no inherent scaling and doesn’t lose out on any stat-related boosts from the Raw infusion, this special weapon is ideal for a more direct damage-focused build. A 5 Raw infusion boosts the Black Scorpion Stinger’s physical attack to 345, and it maintains a respectable 115 poison points per poke. Those who are rocking a poison build, however, should take the Poison upgrade path, as at 5 on this path, this Thrusting Sword achieves 287 physical attack along with a massive 143 points of poison build-up, making it an extremely effective status-inflicting weapon.