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Quinns: I’m assuming you’ve all watched Matt’s fantastic video by now, which recommends some truly epic games for you and your loved ones to enjoy this holiday season. You must admit, he did a fine job, right? You had to admit, 30 seconds in, he looked pretty hot for a reindeer costume.

There’s no time to daydream about petting Matt’s fluffy fur or hefty antlers. As promised, here is the second and final installment of our holiday-themed list series: There are ten excellent gifts you can buy for the board game enthusiast in your life.

“ang xem:”Ignore him and take a seat, this is the best game ever

Many of this year’s most popular games, such as Root, Brass: Birmingham, and Welcome To, sold out in minutes. However, that is not the case with this list. We’ve ensured that all of these books are readily available for purchase in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our Shopping Guide to the Best Cheap Board Games!


Paul The hottest of the summer berries! Midway through August, the sun is (sometimes) out (here it’s mostly just windy), and this is the time of year when you begin to really enjoy playing board games. It’s scary to think about spending all your money on a hobby, especially after seeing those huge boxes with prices that would make a banker blush.

Wait! Who or what is making that noise? Sound of an approaching siren? What is that, an ice cream truck?! Here I come, whizzing toward you on the pedals of the Shut Up & Sit Down Budget Bus, with a slew of unexpectedly low prices for the sequel to our seminal piece, How to Construct an Outstanding Collection of Board Games for Ten Dollars. COME ON BOARD.

Our Holiday Gift Guide, 2017!

Quinns: The holiday season is almost here! That wonderful period of time where board games are as popular as mashed potatoes and Jesus Christ combined.

Considering picking up a new game for the family reunion? Or maybe you want to know what game to get the person in your life who has everything when it comes to board games.

Whatever the case may be, the following holiday game guide has you covered. Everyone, have fun!

RPG Review: Blades in the Dark


Quinns Tales from the Loop, the charming science fiction role-playing game featuring bicycles, bottle rockets, and 1980s theme songs, was reviewed by us last month. Today we’ll examine the other new role-playing game that has people talking among my social circle, and it’s going to be every bit as evil as Tales from the Loop was nice.

Those of you who enjoyed Cynthia’s review of the excellent free RPG Lady Blackbird may recall John Harper, the game’s creator, from Blades in the Dark. Blades is 336 pages long, whereas the aforementioned game was an improbable 15 pages long. In contrast, it is his magnum opus.

Blades is a game in which players assume the roles of criminals operating in the Regency period, which is great news if you enjoy the heist genre or (like me) enjoy Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora novels. Oh, yes.As the player, you’ll be presented with a million fun choices in this scoundrel simulator, the first of which is whether to lead a crew of refined drug dealers, rough and tumble street fighters, or a terrifying cult.

Anyone who has found solace in gloompunk games like Thief, Dishonored, Sunless Sea, or Fallen London will recognize the haunted city of Doskvol, which serves as a vast, alluring backdrop to your exploits in Blades in the Dark.

This is going to be a lengthy review for more than just one reason: the book is enormous. In fact, not only have my friends and I never had more fun playing an RPG than we have with Blades, but it’s also unlike any other game I’ve ever played.

How to build an amazing board game collection for $10!


Quinns Please stop forcing me to spend money, ladies and gents and nonbinary people and everyone else who has commented on this site in the last six years. This day in age, SU&SD makes restitution for its capitalist sins.

We talk a lot about how we want board games to be “for everyone” on this site, but the games we recommend are out of reach for a lot of people. To be fair, though, assembling a fantastic library of board games is no easy feat.canspend as little as possible. You’ll find a list of the best games that, depending on your budget, could cost you less than $10 total below.

In contrast to other sampler platters, this one actually delivers. What’s awaiting you below is a movable feast of some of the best games ever created. If you were to collect all of these games, I would choose your collection over those that retail for over a thousand dollars.

If you like this function, please spread the word! It’s a lot of effort on the part of Team SU&SD and our donors, who we bugged about cheap games we might have missed (shout out to subscribers Amanda and Jeff, who were particularly awesome).

Take a look at this: Xem thêmHumane Society of Texas’ Best Animal Rescue Option Best Options Animal Rescue is located in Quinlan, Texas.

Okay, so let’s get going.

SU&SD Take on The Board Game Geek Top 100: 10-1



Matt Despite what many may think, I do not live a life of limitless opulence. Paul has a whole closet dedicated to his video game collection, while Quintin has a spacious attic to explore. Many people have climbed that ladder only to vanish into the shadows and dust, adding their bodies to the jumble of cardboard and bones. Those young men essentially have their own private playground. Contrarily, I have a shelf.

It’s a large shelf, though. Oh my. The rest of my apartment is spacious, but my wife is a happy dictator when it comes to decor, so I have to clean up after myself. Sometimes it’s a pain, but at least I get to live in such a lovely, orderly home. It’s a compromise game full of ups and downs.

Feature: A Day in the Life of Quinns’ Game Collection!

Quinns Please, all the ladies and gentlemen, stand by! Starting now, we’ll be examining the various board games owned by the SU&SD staff. Here, take a look! Astonishment is in store for you. Shock yourself. Consider yourself envious. Leave insightful comments such as “why do you have that game it is bad?”

Most of you have probably seen my collection in the background of SU&SD videos, but I highly doubt you have seen the effort that goes into maintaining it. Join me today as I carry out… a CULL.

But first, I’ll show you my current collection. Irrational and absurd in equal measuredefinitely not as absurd as you might imagine.

How to Get Started with Roleplaying!

Hilary Okay, so you’re interested in role-playing games.

You’ve checked out the reviews of Fiasco and The Burning Wheel on Shut Up & Sit Down. In your mind, you’re planning an Apocalypse World invasion. Ryuutama’s baker role is so endearing that just thinking about it makes you happy.

You’ve got the game, you’ve read the rules, you’ve got your friends, and you’ve got your pencils sharpened, and now the magic can happen. Ok, so you figure this is where everything magical takes place. You see, it wasn’t entirely clear how you were supposed to “roleplay” from the rules. In other words, “then you play out the scene,” “make choices as your character,” “someone decides when the scene ends,” or… hmm.


It turns out that there are always blanks between the lines of any set of rules that you, the players, get to fill in. Which is great and all, but what if you have no clue what to do and are nervous that you might mess up the whole thing and oh my god maybe you’re not cool enough or nerdy enough or experienced enough or what if you forget which die is which or…

Please don’t worry about it! You’re safe with me. Take a few slow, deep sighs. We can handle this.

It’s not uncommon for magic to require a little assistance.

On Playmats: A Netrunner Story

This time last year, Leigh and Quinns were working together on Life Hacks, a deeply introspective piece about picking up the game of Netrunner. In this article about the 2015 UK Netrunner Nationals, they make a return appearance.

QuinnsI’ve just passed out on the floor of the Birmingham Hilton. With my chin almost touching my knees, I press my fingers into an orange until the skin splits. Here we go, I start chowing down. Depending on where in my mouth I put the meat, it’s either dry or watery.

To be honest with Leigh, I’m not sure if I’ll survive. Then there was a moment of silence while I considered my next words while weighing the pulp in my mouth. “And I’m not sure I even want to play,” she added.