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Now that I have the heat sword, and in another 12 hours when I should have emphasis and fragor, I have no idea which to use. Also, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section; if you know of any other weapons I should be aware of, please let me know.

Excalibur now employs a different set of mods on Exalted Blade, as mentioned above, and he passively bestows bonuses ( 10% damage and 10% attack speed) upon sword weapons. Using Longswords, Rapiers, Dual Swords, or Nikanas with him is recommended if you don’t want to rely on Exalted Blade constantly.

For maximum effectiveness when wielding Excalibur, equip a sword, dual swords, sword and shield, rapier, sword and whip, or nikana (possibly greatsword).

or Skana Skana, Cronus Kama Kama, Zoren Zoren, Gram Heat Sword Heat Sword, or Gram Heat Sword Heat Sword Dragon Nikana, Galtine, Krohkur, Nikana, and Dual Ether Swords

Skana, Cronus, Heat sword, Ether sword, their dual variants Silva and Aegis, and Gram are all considered low-level weapons.

Best Melee Weapons & Bows in Warframe 2023 | Warframe School

In addition to machetes, axes, and spears, some common alternative weapons include the Nikondi, Bo, Anku, all Amphis, and Furax.

Among the arsenal of decent weapons are the Dual zoren, Galtine, Nikana, Ack and Brunt, and Krokhur.

Additional examples of such weapons include the Ankyros, Kokage, Fragor, and Tipedo.

Dragon Nikana, Destreza, Spoiler weapons, Mios, and Lacera are all good targets.

There are also the Scindo prime, Jat Kittag, Redeemer (whose charge attack is a shotgun blast), Sarpa (which functions similarly but employs a gun), Guandao, Lesion, Serro, and Hurido.

Best Weapons For Excalibur

Excaliburis correct in any context, and his system should reflect that. You can accomplish that with Tigris, Epitaph, or Nikana; prime versions of these three would be ideal. Apply as much Forma to them as you feel necessary to achieve the desired form, and you’ll be good to go.

Tigris: Primary Weapon

Supplemental Weapon: the Epitaph

Nikana, a Japanese shortsword used for close combat.

Excalibur Best Builds

One-Stop Shop Excalibur Construction

Mods List
Modification to the Aura: Steel Charge
It’s the Power Drift Exilus Mod!

  • Adaptation
  • Vitality
  • Flow
  • Stretch
  • Fibre Reinforced Steel
  • Intensify
  • Streamline
  • Continuity

How to Get Excalibur warframe

You must travel to Mars and fight Lieutenant Lech Kril, the planet’s boss, if you want to obtain Excalibur. Possibly at the War hub. Exciting fights across multiple phases define Lech Kril’s thrilling combat. As he lacks any weaknesses at the outset, you should aim your attacks at the coolant tank strapped to his back.


You can win the pieces to Excalibur by completing the War challenge on Mars and defeating Lieutenant Lech Kril. It costs 35,000 Credits to purchase his blueprint from the in-orbiter In-Game market. In addition to the 75 Platinum that can be obtained from selling Excalibur on the In-Game Market, it can also be obtained by farming for his components.

Excalibur Umbra

Excalibur Umbra is a variant of Excalibur that combines the Umbra’s enhanced defenses with the Warframe’s ability to independently pass and engage in combat while its owner is in operator mode. After completing “The Sacrifice,” the legendary hunt for Excalibur Umbra, the winner receives the blueprints necessary to create the weapon.

Excalibur can kill multiple foes with a single dash, blind them with an excessive flash of his weapon, have his allies launch javelins at them, and release the full power of his true exalted blade. With a sword, twin sword, nikana, two-surpassed nikana, or rapier, his passive ability increases his damage dealt and attack speed. While in operator mode, Excalibur Umbra is capable of autonomous transportation and combat, using any equipped guns and motel for melee attacks if it is close to its foes.

  • Cut and Run
  • Howling Radiation/Focal Ignorance
  • Spiral Javelin
  • Sword of Supreme Honor

Strength Range Build

This construction gives more weight to power and variety but sacrifices efficiency and length in order to achieve its goals. The range and damage of abilities cast with Excalibur are increased by this design, but the power cost is also higher. This construct is useful for dealing with damage on the spot and keeping the crowd under control, and it also helps his other abilities function adequately. Slash Dash travels at the same speed as normal but deals more damage, making it ideal for clearing out large groups of enemies or traversing long distances. The Radial Howl and Radial Javelin abilities cost more but have the potential to take up a lot of real estate because of the additional power they provide.

Range Build

This structure is effective at manipulating crowds because the talents can take on a wide variety of forms. Since more area is affected, the radius of both Radial Howl and Radial Javelin can be significantly larger. Your Exalted Blade attacks will now cross at a greater rate, and the results of your spin attack, Radial Blind, may also be enhanced thanks to Slash Dash. This build is perfect for taking advantage of your opponents as a team, providing moderate support, or playing the role of a team player.

Efficiency Build

This design sacrifices size and strength for speed and versatility. The ability to use Slash Dash over and over again to kill foes or cover ground is a talent of his that deserves this treatment. Lesser amounts of strength can be used to forge Radial Howl, resulting in a shorter but still respectable duration for the ability. Radial Javelin has a wide range of applications and could prove particularly useful for those who enjoy engaging in melee and making use of abilities like these. With the extra energy they’re able to harvest, the Radial Howl and Radial Javelin talents will not only feel stronger, but they may also cover a much larger area.

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Best melee weapons for warframe in 202?

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