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The novel Child of Light,Oculiis the practice of making new gems by fusing together existing ones. These precious stones can be equipped on your Timeline, weapon, and armor to produce a variety of effects.

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Child Of Light Oculi: child of light best oculi crafting

Gemstones can be found in Rough, Tumbled, Faceted, or Brilliant forms.

Tumbled = Rough Rough Rough. Multiple Reductions of Size Multiple Reductions of Size Multiple Reductions of Size = Faceted Facets plus Facets plus Facets equals a dazzling gem

The maximum possible increase in overall statistics from these gems is dependent on their quality.

Every conceivable gemstone-making recipe is listed below. Here is how my improved statistics will look in terms of quality:

Brilliant, Gritty, Polished, and Cut to Perfection

Sapphire This gem is plentiful in the game’s setting.

Water damage is added to the weapon, and attack speed is increased by 0%, 8%, 12%, or 16%. Armor: It raises resistance to water damage by 8%-14%-18%-24%. During the casting phase, it raises the target’s chance of successfully avoiding harm by 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20%.

Ruby Everywhere you go in the game, you’ll stumble across this precious stone.

Fire damage is added to the weapon and attack speed is increased by 0%, 8%, 12%, or 16%. Body Armor: Increases Fire Resistance by 8%-14%-18%-24% Maximal health is increased by 4 over the course of the timeline, 8 over the course of the next 4, 12 over the next 16, and 16 over the following 4.

Emerald The in-game version of this gem is equally common.

Lightning Damage is added to the weapon, and the attack speed is increased by 0%, 8%, 12%, or 16%. As protection, it raises one’s resistance to Earth Damage by 8%, 14%, 18%, or 24 Max health is increased by 2 over the course of the timeline, 4 over the course of the next 6, and 8 after that.

Tourmaline Tourmaline = Emerald Sapphire.

Effects on the weapon temporarily paralyze the enemy. Armor reduces your vulnerability to magic by 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20%. Temporal Analysis: It boosts magic for a brief period of timeAmethystThe Amethyst is the product of the addition of Sapphire and Ruby.

When your health is low, this weapon significantly increases the Physical Damage it deals. Putting on armor drastically lowers your protection from magical attacks. From a historical perspective, when your health drops below 20%, magical damage is significantly increased.

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Citrine Diamonds Sapphires = Garnets

Light damage is added to the weapon and its attack power is increased. To better defend your turn, armor improves your ability to dodge attacks. Timeline: Once your health has dropped to less than 20%, the effect will increase the amount of magic damage you take.

Diamond The formula for diamond is: sapphire ruby emerald

The weapon has a faster attack speed. Increases experience gain after combat by 5%, 10%, 15%, or 20%, depending on the type of armor worn. Timeline: It speeds up your character’s spellcasting.

Onyx Onyx is composed of Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Citrine.

Weapon: It greatly improves your character’s spellcasting ability. When your health drops below 20%, your physical and magical damage will be increased by the armor you wear. In this timeline, your chances of dodging spells will improve while your health is below 20%.

Spinal Combining Diamond and Onyx to Create a Spinal

Weapon: It boosts your character’s attack strength. When your character is interrupted, the armor will increase their speed by a couple of turns. This effect will allow you to begin each turn at least 5% ahead of schedule on the Timeline.

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Child of light oculi build

French-born artist Thierry Cohen’s photographic and artistic output is collected in the child of light oculi series. Perception and the human condition are among the topics investigated in this project. The resulting body of work is a collection of photographs inspired by reminiscences of the past, the desire to learn the truth, and the sentimental value of childhood tales.

Child of light oculi farming

To farm is to always be a building; to start constructing something new, one must first repair what already exists. These pieces were created after an extensive “de-construction” of the conventional landscape in an effort to reclaim the essence of memory’s visual representations. The wall then becomes the arena in which the fight for clarity takes place.

Child of Light oculi cheat

The term “cheating” is given its full, liberating meaning in this work, as it refers to allowing oneself and others to mature through the lens of individual experience. This is essential to our very definition of life. There is a spiritual dimension to these procedures, as well as a genuine allusion to the limits of our capacity to understand everything at once, which ultimately leads us back to the beginning, to the meaning of creation.

Child of Light level grinding

The term “level grinding” describes a necessary but tedious aspect of the game, and the artwork alludes to this while expressing a yearning for liberation from formula, routine, and repetition. The rotation, the varying speeds and movements, all of which reflect the nature of time, are all attempts to express this yearning for human freedom and inspiration.

FAQs about child of light oculi

1. What are oculi in Child of Light?

It could be said that the oculi in Child of Light serve as “guardian angels” for the Fairies. Each fairy has their own oculi and can use it to call one to accompany them on their travels or to aid them in combat.

2. How to make oculi in child of Light?

Only by utilizing Ember’s skills can oculi be created. Start by giving your character a glove, then use Ember’s ability to lay an egg on the floor. As expected, it will be a tiny purple sphere. Once you have it, you can spark it with a finger to create an oculi egg by pressing the corresponding button.

3. What does the princess stone Do Child of Light?

A new fairy power is unlocked throughout Child of Light. Milla, the fairy, grants you access to the princess stone, which when worn, allows you to call upon your oculi at will. The fairy lives in the sewers, which can be reached through a hidden door in the bedroom.

4. What are oculi?

Milla can call upon the help of the cute little creatures known as Oculi to assist you in battle. You can make oculi that fly, look like humans, or even be several stories tall. In addition to hurting foes, they can also be used to create access points.

Ubisoft has blown the doors off the RPG genre with the release of Child of Light. Child of Light’s poetic and entrancing narrative makes it a must-play for any fan of stunning visuals and polished action.