Updated at: 26-06-2023 - By: Craig Huey

Review of Episode 22 of Season 3 of “Elementary”: “The Best Way Out is Always Through”


In this episode, we saw into Detective Bell’s personal life. He was involved with Seana Scott, a police officer. They hadn’t broken their silence yet, but Joan had realized they were more than just coworkers.

His joy in his new relationship with Detective Scott didn’t last long. While talking to Joan, Sherlock revealed that Scott was MIA. She debated telling Bell, but she wasn’t sure if she should. Sherlock, surprisingly, wasn’t sure if she should.

We didn’t understand his reluctance at first, but now we see why he felt the need to.

The news that Scott was IA was too much for Bell, and the two eventually broke up. They worked together, and during that time, Sherlock expressed regret for having to apologize. I had just gotten up off the ground after Sherlock had apologized, and he promptly knocked me back down with his explanation.

You could say I have a strong personality, Sherlock. Neither, Bell said.

Fearing that his introversion was contagious, he tried to distance himself from others. Joan had become much less sociable. The marriage to Captain Gregson had ended, and Bell was once again on her own.

To believe one could have that much influence over others requires a certain amount of ego, but Sherlock wasn’t being egotistical. The fact that he was concerned about how his actions might make other people feel exhibited remarkable development.

Do you really believe you were able to mentally break up with us?


And Bell strongly disagreed with you. He ended things with Detective Scott, a girlfriend he had dated, because she was intersex. It wasn’t the end of the world, in Sherlock’s opinion.

My true love is a psychotic killer. To put it bluntly, no one is faultless.


Being a member of the rat squad probably wasn’t so bad when you put it that way.thata very big deal

It interested me that even after all this time, Moriarty/Irene Adler was still his one true love and not his worst enemy. She could be either, but the truth is probably somewhere in between.

But I digress; Sherlock was worried about more than Bell withdrawing into himself. To him, Bell seemed even more isolated than he was. He had Joan to fall back on.

In spite of my best efforts to keep Sherlock and Joan as friends and colleagues, I must confess that a small part of me couldn’t help but feel a little swoony. However, I still prefer they not develop romantic feelings for one another. I’m happy, though, that they have each other.

That’s correct, Sherlock. Bell is deserving of a partner, too.

Tonight’s case involved the death of a judge who was apparently stabbed by an escaped convict named Nikki Moreno. This piqued Sherlock’s interest because I reckon that plotting jailbreaks is one of his favorite pastimes. Finding her means of egress was proving more difficult than he had anticipated.

You feel like a failure because an average inmate was able to figure out an escape plan while you were stuck behind bars.


Sure enough, Joan is spot-on with that assessment. In jail, Nikki Moreno didn’t stand out as a particularly notable inmate. There was no reason to believe she would be capable of a prison break, and she didn’t try.

She was murdered and used as a patsy for the murder of Judge Vaughn, a brilliant plot that involved never letting her out of prison. There would be no need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the prison break or the possible motives of the escaped inmate because everyone would automatically assume the inmate was guilty. Poor real killer, they didn’t know Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson would be called in to help.

As with most murders, this one was motivated by greed. It’s ironic that the bad guy, who ran a prison, ended up there. Basically, he shouldn’t find any surprises there.

Bell heeded Sherlock’s advice and made an effort to patch things up with Detective Scott. She heeded his advice and came out of the shadows to work for IAB full-time. Policing other police officers is a difficult job. Nobody knows when we’ll see Detective Scott again, but I sure hope Bell doesn’t stop looking.

It came as a bit of a surprise when Bell turned to Sherlock for solace. In most cases, he is not someone I’d seek solace from. He’s not as cuddly as a teddy bear, but he does care about hockey and for the time being, he gets to keep the Stanley Cup.

Please see this page for further information:This is the Dorcas Carey Public Library’s Historical Collection.

Which is stranger,…? that either you or the Stanley Cup will be the recipient of my Friday night.


Both, in my opinion. Then, because it’s terrifying to think of Sherlock as a matchmaker, he offers to introduce him to one of his “friends” who may be looking for a romantic partner.

How did you feel about the episode tonight? Do you share Sherlock”s opinion that Bell is even more lonely than he is, or do you disagree with his assessment? Is it possible that Watson and the others have been influenced by Sherlock’s introversion? Don’t forget that you can watch Elementary anytime, anywhere on TV Fanatic.